Biefeld-Brown effect is not understood. The order of magnitude of the net force on the asymmetric capacitor is estimated assuming two different mechanisms of. PDF | The Biefeld-Brown is a fascinating effect with which levitation can be reached without moving or rotating elements. Static voltage is. Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter. «on: 03/15/ AM». Has anyone heard of (or even built) one of these asymmetrical capacitor “Lifters”. I just saw a story on it.

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Quantitative data, such as, baseline weight and the response to the browh field will be presented. The test masses are spheres of equal sizes but different density hence different masses.

Biefeld–Brown effect – Wikipedia

Patent 3, — was granted to Broen. Below the glow discharge region, the breakdown voltage increases again, whilst the number of potential ions decreases, and the chance of impact lowers. Hagen infor apparatus more or less identical to the later so-called ‘ lifter ‘ devices. As for the maser lightcraft, I’d never heard of it, sounds interesting, do you have any more info on this?

I don’t know that it would work or be even usefulbut it is theoretically possible Archived from the original on 27 August This effect may provide new tools for investigation of the quantum nature of our world. So, with abalative laser propulsion, you can get a SSTO LV and your major vehicle costs is the laser system on the ground which, unlike most reusable LV systems, dosn’t have to be fished out the ocean To reach that conclusion, Feigel began by addressing a long-standing controversy in electrodynamics: Unfortunatly, being a shock-driven process, the structural integraty of vehicle degrades quickly, in addition to only being useful in the lower atmosphere.

These lifters use the air as their working fluid, take away the air and they don’t work. Briwn Berlitz devoted an entire chapter of his book The Philadelphia Experiment to a retelling of Brown’s early work with the effect, implying he had discovered a new electrogravity effecf and that it was being used by UFOs.


The basic Biefeld-Brown biefekd is quite simple. This produces an equally scaled opposing force in the lower electrode. Though the applied voltage and current will propagate at nearly the speed of light, the movement of the conductors themselves is almost negligible.

Notes from the Rabbit Hole 3: It might be useful as a thruster in LEO, where there is still some atmosphere, but less effective the higher in the thermosphere you get. Unlike the Casimir effect, which is insensitive to the ultraviolet cut-off needed to make summations and integrals converge, this new effect depends critically upon high-frequency and is, in this sense, more like the Lamb shift.

I’m not talking about something for launch. Based on an analysis of experimental data taken on the Biefeld-Brown effect, a case is made for describing this effect as a secondary electrostatic effect related to the global electric field.

But at one g in a near vacuum there won’t be he mass flow for one of these to fly, that’s what I was complaning about AS for the magnetoplasma sail I think it’s a great idea but is there a superconductor with a high enough H c avaiable? Retrieved from ” https: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Leik Myrabo has done some real engineering work on an air ionisation drive with the power supplied by ground-based lasers. There is even a limit to its thrust effectiveness: The reduction in force is also a product of the reducing breakdown voltage of air, as a lower potential must be applied between the electrodes, thereby reducing the force dictated by Coulomb’s Law. Today, the Internet is filled with sites devoted to this interpretation of the effect. Brown filed another patent in that detailed the physics of the Biefeld—Brown effect, bron the following claims: The number of air molecules around the ionizing electrode is reduced, decreasing the quantity of ionized particles.


This leaves a cloud of positively charged ions in the medium, which are attracted to the negative smooth electrode by Coulomb’s Lawwhere they are neutralized again.

Retrieved 27 August From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Most current laser propulsion research, is thus focused on using laser pulses to drive a propellant in the opposite direction you want to go a.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: TT Brown used between 40kk volts for his own experiments, which would obviously produce much larger and denser electrostatic fields for the same size capacitors. If absorbed, the pressure is the energy flux density divided by the speed of light.

Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter

Paul Schatzkin, Defying Gravity: Air Force Systems Command. If the electric field pointed up and the magnetic field pointed north, then virtual photons of a given energy traveling east would have a different momentum from those traveling west. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Built the HV power supply from plans and parts from Information Unlimited, and rigged it up with a joystick so it was maneuverable around the room though it had an umbilical for the power.

I can’t believe something like this hasn’t been known or throughly studied by some propulsion type brwon. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Initial analyses favor a direct correlation between the sample masses and the differential signals.

Biefeld-Brown effect

The back-action follows from buefeld in momentum of quantum vacuum fluctuations zero-point energygenerated in magneto-electric materials. InBrown filed a patent that claimed that a net force on the asymmetric capacitor can exist even in a vacuum.

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