Check out this new article White Wolf posted on Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition Character Sheet White Wolf and. personal copies of the character sheet, or brief quotes for use in reviews. . So when I knew we needed to develop BESM 3e, the question was obvious: how do . White Wolf and Arthaus post free download of BESM3 character sheet. Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition released to stores today (Wednesday.

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It works pretty well, except for Items and Companions, which can just as easily be put on their own sheets anyway. Much charadter we’ve done for other games.

Anyhow, self-service aside, I find the “official” sheet characher be quite useful in most cases, and Eheet am glad we ended up with the beautiful artistic theme used throughout the book reaching even to the character sheet in the back. I even went to the trouble of setting it up to support all the various Skill Costs for each genre in the book you select which genre your character is being designed for and it recalculates the Skills’ CP usage charxcter, as well as a “Custom” genre where the user can fill in GM-specified values for each Skill.

Having the derived calculations is probably the most helpful aspect, since new players charactwr games such as these can use it to figure out values without monopolising the book. Although the books were usually well put-together and almost always featured many full-color pages with stills from the series involved, many fans believed the information provided in certain guides was incomplete and unreliable.


Thread started by Anonymous. And one of them doesn’t count as a complaint, since it happens with virtually every character sheet published and I understand why.

I’ve noticed a trend the past few years chwracter RPGs to offer a lot of options to the players that, in some cases, includes extra things to keep a track of. First, watch behind you. Company president Mark C. It’s been my experience that this means that people who write large will then write really 3r and bitch even more about how there isn’t enough space.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a tabletop role-playing game that was designed to simulate the action of anime and manga. BESM uses a point-based character creation system.

Gaming Discussion

We and most game companies hear it about every book they publish. So thank chqracter, repeatedly and profusely. MacKinnonwas released by Guardians of Order in I -think- I got the jist of what he was saying.

Log in No account? That would be pretty awesome. Another company will be publishing it and providing future support.

Due to licensing consideration, the three-volume set of fan guides for Slayers does not include any information from the movies and OVAs distributed by ADV Films. Retrieved from ” https: Characters are evaluated based on three “Stats”, against which all action checks are made. Finally a behind the scenes look at why character sheets never get any love. The creation of a chatacter sheet for an RPG is a lost art form. Any time my character sheet gets any longer than 2 pages it’s time to come up with a better way to organise the information.


Use pretty colours on 1 page. On the other hand, if you put lines in, most people will try and conform to the lines, thus maximizing the use of space. The title alludes to the common anime drawing style of characters with bem, expressive eyes and comparatively small mouths. The third edition was at that time planned to come in three forms: I think more game companies should take cues from Posthuman Studios and some of the independent character sheet makers out there.

Centauri Knights and Uresia: You and Adam pretty much nailed it with the “They are all going to create their own anyway” thought. Help me get my gaming fix, if you want. There are a few names that stick out a lot in that circle of gamers who make their own character sheets and distribute them.

Sales were good but the critical response was mixed.

Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd Edition Character Sheet – Myth-Weavers

I even find that with several players creating their character for a campaign all in the same ‘game world’ will end up with wildly different needs. The more confusing the rules, the more confusing the sheet.

Comment by Michael R.

They seem to take the challenge of both making the sheet nice looking and having all the information present very seriously and do pretty damn good work.