Balban through his theory of kingship endeavored to prove that he had not taken the throne by the poisoned cup or by the dagger of the murderer. K. A. Nizami. The Maliks in grief at Balban’s death, remarks Barni, threw dust on th heads He based his claim to kingship not on a human compromise but on Divi. Right. An Assignment on Theories of Kingship in Delhi Sultanate Submitted by- of the forty minsters, Gias-al-Din balban seized the throne in grim splendor and amid.

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After assuming power he realised that it was important to restore the dignity of a ruler and stabilise his position in the eyes of the masses. His frowning look9 displayed an awe- inspiring personality. Balban could not tolerate the defeat of his Governor; he hanged him at the gate of Ayodhya.

A lack of recognition of fundamental ambiguities in the Delhi Sultanate authority has led to a polarized understanding of the relationship between religious authority and political power in a variety of historical contexts.

He prescribed the court dress. December 31, Economic direction? Balban displayed his autocratic power and grandeur by framing certain rules for the court behaviour and forced the courtiers to act accordingly.

Essay on the Balban’s Theory of Kingship

He exploited the religious feelings of the people in order to strengthen his position. He always implemented rules which were in favour of common people in one way or the other. Therefore, it was necessary for the rulers to create fear by showing their power and glory among common people as well as the nobles.


Several followers of Tughril were killed and many of them were arrested.

Balban’s Theory Of Kingship – CSS Forums

He appointed black, tall and fearsome guards around him. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. On a fundamental level they were the architects of the rhetoric of the Islamic empire. In order to give his kingship a religious touch, he continued to inscribe the name of the deceased Khalifa on coins. Thus he tried to enhance the power and prestige of the crown.

Essay on the Balban’s Theory of Kingship

Balban believed in despotism. This gang was formed during the reign of Iltutmish. None of the beholders had ever seen a spectacle so terrible and many swooned with terror and disgust. Balban, in order to prove his claim to divine origin of the sovereign, made a complete change in his dress, behaviour and manner.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Conclusion In that era of decay and reform of Islam, a new kingdom which would last for over years grasping for legitimization, is a fascinating topic to talk about. No one was allowed to indulge in humour or loose talk.


Idea of Kingship and State Organization in Delhi Sultanate

The political party landscape remains wracked with judicial complications and ongoing accountability pressures. A complete legal dress was prescribed for the courtesans.

With this policy, he ensured internal peace and external security to his state. Saturday, December 16, To overcome the internal and external problems and to restore the glory of the kingship, Balban decided to act upon a comprehensive and long-term policy. Balban adopted a stern view towards the members of the Forty. What was the conceptual basis of political power at the inception of Islamic empire in India?

Balban accordingly adopted this policy. Balban always maintained an external dignity. Friday, December 08, And if people did not obey his orders and ignored laws, he took stern kijgship against them because his main concern was to maintain peace and order for the welfare of people.

Another important point arose that Balban did not introduce any important reform in administration.