Operations Manual, Section 4, STEP , Applicants shall submit the following documentation to. AHRI: •. Coil physical data per ASHRAE 33 (refer to Section );. ASHRAE Methods Of Testing Forced Circulation Air Cooling And Air Heating Coils. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard (Supersedes ANSI/ASHRAE Standard ) Methods of Testing Forced-Circulation Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils.

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Water coils and aqueous glycol solution coils: One method shall measure the cooling or heating asshrae on the air side; the other method shall measure the cooling or heating capacity on the cooling or heating medium side.

However, energy source selection and the possible environmental impact due to the energy source and energy transportation will be considered where possible. Similarly, a set of four static pressure taps shall be located at the throat of the nozzle or shall be located flush with the inner walls of 332000 discharge chamber and downstream from the nozzle plate.

The length of a coil is the dimension of the face of the coil in the direction of the tubes exposed to the flow ahrae air. The two calibrations shall not differ by more than 2.

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Log In Sign Up. This foreword is not part of this standard. These are ments outlined in Table B1. The two temperature measuring instruments shall be close together in the airstream so as to measure the same sample of air.

A liquid control device capable of meeting the requirements of Section 9. See Dimension H, Figure 3. In referring to this Standard or Guideline and in marking of equipment and in advertising, no claim shall be made, either stated or implied, that the product has been approved by ASHRAE. Every effort is made to balance the concerned interests on all Project Committees. The device shall consist of a measured by the apparatus illustrated in Figure 7.


This foreword is not part of this standard. In multi-feed coils the number of upstream taps shall be 1 tap per 5 feeds, with a minimum of 2 taps. The condensate specific heat at constant pressure should be evaluated at the leaving air wet-bulb temperature.

As an ongoing goal, ASHRAE will, through its Standards Committee and extensive Technical Committee structure, continue to generate up-to-date Standards and Guidelines asurae appropriate and adopt, recommend, and promote those new and revised Standards developed by other responsible organizations.

Used for air heating. An equivalent TD form applicable to the tested fluid type available online test form may be used provided it contains the information at http: For reprint permission, go to www. The temperature tC2 and pressure PC2 of the superheated refrigerant vapor shall be measured as it leaves the compressor.

Specify standard asbrae properties.

These provisions shall take into consideration the orientation of pressure taps and manifold connections. Liquid volume flowmeter pling tubes are used, it is not necessary to restrict the b.

Evaluate the condenser water specific heat at constant pressure and temperature at 0.

A minimum axhrae 10 pipe inside diameters downstream of an elbow, mitered bend, or tee in the suction header to deter- a. A 3-2000 is the recorded group of readings of test d.

All instruments shall be applied in a manner that ensures compliance with the accuracy specified in the test plan. Numerous studies conclude that the deter- B5. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. ASHRAE obtains consensus through participation of its national and international members, associated societies, and public review.

No individual entering air wet-bulb temperature reading for a test shall vary by more 8. The depth of a coil is the number of rows of tubes or the dimension in the direction of airflow.


Single-phase liquid pressure drop through entering coil and leaving coil pressure measurement pipes, kPa [psi] k. Their Theory and Application1: The disposal of hazardous materials, if asnrae, will also be considered.

Here and throughout this document the use of [ ] signifies items evaluated in I-P units. The air then leaves the mixing chamber through a neglected. Remember me on this computer. A permanent grid of hot wire anemometers that meet the C3.

ASHRAE 33-2016

Recommendations concerning energy source selection should be made by its members. Entering coil pressure measurement pipe straight length greater. The liquid line subcooling entering the meter shall be not less than 2. An vary more than 1. Psaverage air humidity ratio Wmand average air dry- bulb temperature tmdb. An equivalent test half hour after thermal-hydraulic and air pressure drop equi- form may be used provided it contains the information shown librium has been attained.

The liquid temperature shall not be permitted to vary more than 0. ASHRAE will take the lead with respect to dissemination of environmental 33–2000 of its primary interest and will seek out and disseminate information from other responsible organizations that is pertinent, as guides to updating Standards and Guidelines.

Under these conditions, the approach velocity correction can be neglected. Equilibrium, for the purpose 3-2000 this a. The Society and ashrse members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration, and sustainability.

If equivalent Figure 6.