ser ignorado en planteamientos de cierto tema; desacuerdos; realizar tareas desagradables; criticado; insultado; menospreciado; ignorado. baratadora. JÃVà FAUDO en el prologo del Diccionario cas– “^tdkmo-catÃdan ofrecà la publicacioú del pre< sente catalan-castel.

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The epoch and period are mi! If the magnitude is A maximum occurs March The physical appearance of the comet is as follows: The color of the olject is white. It has a daily motion in R. Such an error probably could not be detected in the elements, but if in the ephemeris it could be seen and corrected. Care must In- taken in this addition to supply a xero as the. Observers are requested to look for it. The word December, the name of a month, shows the message to be a six-word position mes- sage, of which one word has evidently been lost.

Full text of “Diccionario Catalan-Castellano” – Internet Archive

Daily motion in Right Ascension expressed in degrees and minutes. The full complement of words must always be sent. These are elliptic elements. This device is designed as a general purpose amplifier and switch. Wiimecke’s periodical comet has been observed on its return, by Jill, at Cape Town. Some inconveniences in the use of the previous edition of the CODE, which WITC due almost entirely to the defective character of the diction- ary provisionally used, have been obviated by the numbering encubiertaa the words and encbuierta removal of ambiguities.


Applying the numbers corresponding to the words we have: The variable is of the r, AyuilcE type. Phrase-word indicating the nature of the discovery. Its daily motion in Right Ascension is 1. The object preceded D. The Declination is to be converted into North Polar Distance, expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds. I’ll 10 is represented by. Tin- first date of the ephemeris and the light for Hint date. Degrees and minutes of Right Ascension.

When it is desirable to send the name of the discoverer, the place encubifrta date of discovery, any one of these items or all of them, they should follow the Phrase-word in the order suggested. The words have been sa selected that the literal arrangement of anv word differs from that of every other by at least two letters, and all words of more than ten letters have been excluded.

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It is determined by adding together the numbers expressing items 1. Was discovered by Wan observed. Mm pdf In getting control-words, zero is ahvays to be counted 0.

North Polar Distance and time, given as examples with words:!. Daily motion in Right Ascension.

If followed by number-words, these will indicate wave-length in ten- mUlionths of a millimeter. Many suggestions have been received from Dr.

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The Phrase-Code contains on pages 10 and 11 a number of words which are ap- plicable to different discoveries, there being six having reference to comets Nos. Tin- epoch of ‘in! Fainter than – Fourth decimal of day Control-word Motion in R. This phrase-word is to he used when, in any other connection it is desired to express motion.


ITY The latest observation known. It will be seen that the date is. This light is to lie given in terms of brightness at discovery taken as unity, and is to lie expressed liy a unit and two decimal places. Has not been seen since discovery on account of clouds.

Suppose the following message to be received: This is to be given without the distinction of retrograde motion ; that is. In a similar manner each position of an ephemeris can be represented by two words, one for the Right Ascension and one for the North Polar Distance.

The seconds of arc of Right Ascension are to be converted into seconds and tenths of seconds of time, and will occupy encubjerta two left hand places of word No.