2 out. Mais uma receita: O aquecedor solar de garrafa PET foi desenvolvido pelo aposentado catarinense José Alcino Alano e a ideia ganhou um. Converter a energia do sol em energia elétrica está mais prático e mais fácil. Mais uma inovação sustentável no mercado da construção civil está se. Aquecedor solar de garrafa PET e caixa de leite AM – 14 Aug 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like.

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To explore financial alternatives to implement PV power generation projects based on the provisions of Normative Resolution n. The efficiency optics of V-trough concentrators with cylindrical absorbers is calculated from the adaptation of the methodology used for Fraidenraichproposal for Hollands for V-trough cavities with plain absorbers.

In just one hour, Earth receive from the Sun, the aaquecedor of all current global energy consumption for a year. Tambien se controla la temperatura de entrada y salida a los colectores solaresasi como el analisis de costos que muestra el ahorro de combustible del SSCA con un sistema convencional de calentamiento de agua.

But maybe you can create a a bit more in the way of content so people might connect with it better.

The decrease in beef cattle productivity was estimated using the losses in production due to the increase in air temperature and vulnerability of pasture capacity. Research into the reliability of news reports on ‘global warming’ published by the UOL media group, Folha. La otra parte contiene los procedimientos y las rutinas de calculo para la determinacion de la posicion solar para cualquier fecha del ano desde cualquier punto sobre la tierra, asi como los angulos de sombreado vertical y horizontal.

With this web site it is intended to cover the necessity of having simple and reliable means for architects and civil engineers to support the use of solar energy and the saving of energy in bioclimatic design of buildings.

aquecimento solar para: Topics by

The responses obtained from the control show that it is possible to use vision for a control scheme in closed loop. It is not easy to produce vegetable due to the lack of potable water. Optimization of a computer simulation code to analyse thermal systems for solar energy water heating; Aperfeicoamento de um programa de simulacao computacional para analise de sistemas termicos de aquecimento de agua por energia solar.

Se analizaron factores como funcionalidad, mantenimiento, limitaciones organizativas, espaciales, y costos. Its dimensions are calculated to maximize the radiative transfer efficiency from the aperture of the concentrator to the receiver. Parametric statistical T-student tests had been used to detect the significant difference in the average of total cost to being considered the diameter of the wind, F-Snedecor in the variance analysis to test if the coefficients of the considered model are significantly different of zero and test not-parametric statistical by Friedman, to verify if there is difference in the total cost, by being considered the photovoltaic module powers.


Have you given any kind of consideration at all with translating your web-site in to German? Analysis of the thermal performance of a solar heating system using a collector with absorbing surface in plates coated with PVC; Analise do desempenho termico de um sistema de aquecimento solar utilizando coletor com superficie absorvedora em chapas de forro de PVC.

It is presented a software application for calculating the thickness of the thermal insulation used in various facilities where there are thermal systems using solar energy. The jack fruit almonds were dried whole, half, with pellicle and without it.

Aquecedor solar de baixo custo – PET – Ecolmeia

Have you considered including some social bookmarking links to these sites. Moreover, the report suggests a list of previous data that must be provided and periodically updated by the Administration to guarantee both the objectivity and the transparency of the qualification procedure.

Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Engenharia Agricola], emails: Factors like functionality, maintenance, organizational and space limitations, and costs were analized.

The absorbing surface of the collector is formed by an aluminum plate with eight flaps where they lodge PVC pipes. The person who produced the comment that this was an excellent web site truly needs to have their brain analyzed. The use of solar energy in systems of agricultural residential water heating, can complement the economy of electric energy, base of the Brazilian energy matrix.

Analysis of passive systems as a tool for energy saving in buildings: Measurements are compared with those undertaken in other location where continuous measurements are available. Temperature measurements conducted over a day period gave values which were a few degrees lower than the theoretically calculated water temperatures. Contudo, alguns mecanismos aqueceeor aquecimento para o disco precisam ser examinados. In each scenario, we try to evaluated the effects of reduce the index of energy intensity and CO2.

The energetic consumptions and costs were evaluated for each system, as well as the following zootechnical indexes: It has tree systems: In this work the development of an interactive software, visible over the World Wide Web, is presented to support the basic calculation required to control the solar gain inside buildings and houses.


A design methodology and to perform the simulation of flat plate solar collectors coupled with a water storage tank and operating by natural convection circulation is presented.

In addition, the PR is calculated by Energy savings in heating systems for nursery pigs; Uso racional de energia eletrica em sistema de aquecimento para creches de leitoes.

The equations were solved usinga Visual Basic code with the target to simulate the dynamics performance of the collector when the operating conditions and the design parameters are modified. Willing to reduce heat losses from the unit as well as to prevent thermal hazardous the unit was totally covered with brick’s wall. Full Text Available The objective of this work was to develop neural network models of backpropagation type to estimate solar radiation based on extraterrestrial radiation data, daily temperature range, precipitation, cloudiness and relative sunshine duration.

The heated floor system was considered better than other under the aspect of electrical energy use. Notify me of new posts via email. The system is analyzed as a possibility for the water disinfecting withultraviolet light in tanks or domestic recipients, where it is not feasible the use of flow systems.

Los segundos transforman la energia solar en garrava, el cual puede ser utilizado en una gran variedad de procesos. An insightful blog post right there mate. The concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases, mainly the CO2, has increased in the last decades due to anthropogenic activities. Por otro lado se describe un procedimiento simplificado de diseno, basado en un analisis derivado de la segunda ley de la Termodinamica.

Aquecedor solar feito de garrafas PET

Results are also presented for the ray tracing study, from which the optimal characteristics of the receiver are obtained according to the experimental results.

In the last years several applications, which had the sun as their electric energy resource, were implemented in the rural areas of many countries. Appropriate technology for sustainable family agriculture in the semi-arid: The chimney aqiecedor of a glass surface oriented towards the south.

Se describen los modelos semi-empiricos con los que se caracterizo termicamente un secador solar experimental del tipo indirecto.