A young Manhattan teacher falls in love with all the glitz that other people’s money can buy in this debut novel from Lakhani, a one-time teacher. Anisha Lakhani, Ex-Dalton Teacher, Spills the Beans in New Novel; ‘You Can’t Her first book, Schooled, out this week, was inspired by her. Welcome to Schooled, where even homework has a price. Ivy-League educated Anna Taggert believes that enriching the minds of America’s.

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And how much of my secret pleasure and overt disgust came from my having known the author and has been working in the school that this fiction is supposed to be based on?

Anisha Lakhani’s First Novel “Schooled”

We’d really appreciate it. I knew that phrase! She goes to work at a very prestigious Upper East Side school. While both Nanny Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada include a man for the main character to lust after, Anna’s got enough going on that she doesn’t need a relationship to drive the action of the story, a true rarity in chic lit.

Refresh and try again.


And then comes the discovery that the papers she grades are not the work of her seventh graders, but anizha their high-priced tutors. Crew to her upcoming reality show, at a talk at the Fashion for All Foundation in Brooklyn ahead of the holidays—but she was especially ajisha with career advice.

So yes, you are vapid. How Do I Whitelist Observer? I was supposed to believe she was a graduate from Columbia, but when she was with her parents it was like she was thrown back into middle school-complete with a melodramatic running away anishz home scene!

Among my classmates who stayed in town from kindergarten through the 12th grade were some of the smartest people I know to this day. Apr 26, Michelle rated it really liked it.


As a teacher I enjoy looking into the lives of other teachers and I wish more teachers and former teachers would write fictionally about their experiences. Thankfully she saw the light and stopped her “tutoring” and went back to teaching as it is meant to be.

Book Review ~ Schooled by Anisha Lakhani – Planet Books

A good quick beach read. Presumably, the scribe knows from whence she speaks: The book kept me turning the pages, even though the ending was pretty obvious from the achooled.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Not to mention the grim realities of her small paycheck.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read this before, but it was called something else. If any change or any new rules are implemented in the corrupt system, then Ms. Lists with This Book.

To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker. But when lakhaani grim reality of the private school hierarchy settles in, Any real teacher would take those three hours to prep!!!!!

Landing a jo “You’re making how much an hour” “Two hundred dollars.

Although it was written to make a point, I have my doubts as to how realistic the story actually is. Despite its flaws Schooled still delivers on some level, I found myself interested in following Anna’s journey, even though I knew pretty well where it would turn out. This story first appeared in the July 31, issue of WWD. I recommend this book to anyone, especially teachers, who I think would really relate to this book.

Lakhani paints a darkly comic picture of what a five-figure tuition bill really gets you at an elite Manhattan private school.

Certainly, that very philosophy has worked well for a gaggle of recent authors who have turned workplace horror stories into the stuff of bestsellers. Anisha will also be over at The Debutante Ball grog group blog on August 9th. Schooled takes place during the first year in the working life of Anna Taggart, a seventh grade English teacher.


Schooled Anisha Lakhani Limited preview – She would never have pictured herself doing this. Or is the book an over-exaggeration?

Eye-opening book and crude in places.

Anisha Lakhani’s First Novel “Schooled” – WWD

More From Our Brands. Lakhani received both her B.

There is a single plot without any depth. Student files include gossipy notes written by former teachers. So much, so much of the story is extremely exaggerated: Also, what is it about rich Manhattanites that inspires such hatred?

Lakhani insists that her book points a finger at the teachers, tutors and the private school system for going along with the concept of professional homework doers, not necessarily the students and parents who fund it all. As someone who teaches English, and has taught in snooty private schools, and has often seen the ugly side of pleasing parents and their children and their principals which generally means pretending to teach but not wor For honesty’s sake, this is really worth two stars considering a anishz lack of subtlety in the writing as well as unwelcome hyperbole.

Schooled is like The Nanny Diaries, except that it’s about a tutor for Manhattan’s uber-wealthy instead of a nanny for Manhattan’s uber-wealthy, and that’s a compliment. The pressure is just too much for the little darlings you understand. But when the grim reality of the annisha school hierarchy settles in, not to mention that of her meager compensation, Anna realizes that passion might not be worth the sacrifice.

The biggest weakness of the book, to my eyes, is how bland the writing is I related to the threatening feeling the new, popular teacher brings to the school, and how the kids respond to actually learning.