CORYDON. by Andre Gide With a comment on the second dialogue in. CORYDON by FRANK BEACH, Department of Psychology, Yale University. NEW YORK. The famous dialogues, in which Gide defends homosexuality to the point of making it a civic virtue, now appearing in English for the first time. My friends insist that this little book is of the kind which will do me the greatest harm, Gide wrote of his Corydon. In these pages, contemporary readers will find a.

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The first dialogue was interesting because the arguments were so like modern arguments about homosexuality. This is in France, which until just a few years ago had no such thing as a legal age of consent, and men were free to diddle 12 year girls all day long. Ultimately, Corydon is a brave attempt by a gay man to defend being gay.

Published July 18th by University of Illinois Press first published Mar 29, Yannis Thomadakis rated it it was amazing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It doesn’t have the same meaning as our word andrr, which denotes an attraction to very young children who have not coryvon puberty.

This very small volume makes you see Andd and Love in general with a more mature, down-to -earth perspective, as a natural selection of the living species on Earth.

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I think I paid 50 cents or a dollar for each book. I am trying to explain why they exist. References to this book Homosexual behavior among males: Considered by Gide to be the most important of his gidr, this slim, exquisitely crafted volume consists of four dialogues on the subject of homosexuality and its place in society.


In spirited dialogue with his bigoted, boorish interviewer, Corydon marshals evidence from naturalists, historians, poets, and philosophers to support his contention that homosexuality pervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations, from Greece in the age of Pericles to Renaissance Italy and England in the age of Shakespeare.


Misguided even detestable though some of his views are, hapless as some of his evidence is, he has an important point and he makes it. Please provide an email address. Gide was born in Paris, the only child of a law professor and a strict Calvinist mother.

S… on Jean-Paul Sartre: Gide’s sympathies with communism prompted him to travel to Russia, where he found the realities of Soviet life less attractive than he had imagined. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. To ask other readers questions about Corydonplease sign up.

Corydon by André Gide

Gide himself classified his fiction into three categories: Poderia passar sem misoginia e antissemitismo. Always preoccupied with freedom, a champion of the oppressed and a skeptic, he remained an incredibly youthful spirit. The dialogues use evidence from naturalistshistorianspoetsand philosophers in order to back up Gide’s argument that homosexuality is natural, or better not unnatural, and that it pervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations such as Periclean Greece, Renaissance Italy and Elizabethan England.

Dialogue Two is again between the two friends, but this time focuses on explaining nature, and in particular animals. The present edition features the impeccable translation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Howard. Joe Nava rated it it was ok Sep 12, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

His great works, “The Immoralist” and “The Counterfeiters” puts that accusation immediately to rest. His self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, even to the point of owning one’s sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one’s values.

The cultural argument fails because numerous historians have shown that women were not valued, respected, or given honors in ancient Greece. Return to Book Page. I did like the counterfeiters a lot. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Andre Gide’s Corydon: Defending who you are… | The New Southern Gentleman

Add to all that its beautiful French, and it’s a true classic. I had been curious about reading Corydon for a while, due to its fame. I bought it from my local public library who was reducing inventory. Gide is known, as I have noted, as a provocateur.


His accounts of his disillusionment were published as Return from the U. The result is four dialogues, which not only defend gay men, but also condemn gay men from hiding and refusing to be open about their homosexuality.

Anyone who reads my book essays knows that I like picking up books from used book shops, antique stores, and other such places. What he’s talking about is a relationship between a man in his twenties or thirties and a boy in his teens.

The name of the book comes from Virgil ‘s pederastic character Corydon. My friends insist that this little book is of the kind which will do me the greatest harm, Gide wrote of his Corydon. Corydon is somewhat dated, but it is nevertheless interesting, especially because I think it is the first time in modern literature that someone talked about homosexuality as something natural, not as a vice or as a peculiar proclivity.

I am glad that I read this. The famous dialogues, in which Gide defends homosexuality to the point of making it a civic virtue, now appearing in English for the first time. Published in French xorydonthe book is divided adr four “dialogs” on homosexuality and its place in the world. Although obscured by later critics, literature and art from Homer to Titian proclaim the true nature of relationships between such lovers as Achilles and Patrocles—not to mention Virgil’s mythical Corydon and his shepherd, Alexis, constructed union, while the more andrr, natural relation is the homosexual one.