Yoshimori and tokine relationship poems

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yoshimori and tokine relationship poems

[Archive] Interview with Tokine and Yoshimori Anime Fan Fiction. (Laughs) Actually, even when his relationships lasted only a date or two. Ishikawa no Myobu's poem collected in the Man'yōshū is all that records on In , she entered a marriage arranged by her parents, but their relationship was .. Kekkaishi is about teenagers Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura. Yoshimori's pretty neighbor, childhood friend and rival, Tokine Yukimura, is also a . Eatrip explores the interpersonal relationships that food nurtures. Shange's play is a collection of 20 poems, into a feature length film.

It's left ambiguous if Yami would have won otherwise. Regular Yugi becomes this for the Pharaoh at the end of the series. R had a card that turned into a copy of the strongest monster on the field, with both stats being one point higher. Being literally undefeatable, it was only removed via New Powers as the Plot Demands.

In Great MazingerTetsuya is pictured to be much more superior than Koji in many ways during his introduction, being a same character with their only difference was Tetsuya being better, more mature but more arrogant than Koji. When Koji returns after being Put on a Busit become apparent that Tetsuya has a weakness which was none, on the flipside, Tetsuya himself don't even know that he is better than Koji and accepted by the others in the same way as Koji, and at the same time have a massive Inferiority complex.

This caused a huge amount of problem. In BleachRenji Abarai trained for decades to defeat Byakuya Kutchiki to reclaim his old relationship with his childhood friend Rukia whom he views as having been stolen from him when Byakuya adopted her into his clan. Not only does he completely fail to defeat Byakuya despite achieving bankai because a new bankai is nowhere near the level required to fight a captain, but some punk human kid who's been a Soul Reaper for all of two months shows up, kicks his ass, kicks Byakuya's ass, saves Rukia from being executed by Soul Society all despite having a brand new bankai himself.

The only way it could possibly suck worse for Renji is if this upstart kid was the main character. A more appropriate example would be Ichigo himself. In record time, he becomes a shinigami capable of fighting and defeating captains to save Rukia and change Soul Society enough to ensure Rukia won't be executed once he's gone home.

It seems as though he's achieved his goal when the real villain puts in his appearance, able to stop Ichigo's unstoppable blade with a single finger. The significance of this moment is lampshaded in the anime by having Aizen not only stop Ichigo's blade with his finger, but actually bring Ichigo's theme music to crashing halt mid-note. In Mahou Sensei Negima! Lost Memories exists to make protagonist Akiyuki feel terribly inadequate both as a Xam'd and as a crewmember of the Zanbani Postal Ship.

The point is stressed further by the fact that Akiyuki is stuck mostly wearing Raigyo's hand-me-downs which, with Raikyo being a good head taller and utterly ripped, are almost comically oversized on the poor kid — meaning that he has big shirts to fill both figuratively and literally.

Furuichi's resentment towards Akiyuki, who has everything Furuichi wants — mainly, the affections of their love interest Haru. And when Furuichi puts the matter in his own hands to get what he wants in Episode 14, things don't end well for the guy. Though Yzak tries his hardest he never quite manages to get within Athrun's range and ends up being the No.

It does not really make things better that Athrun seems to be mostly oblivious to the fact that he is causing Yzak in fact a lot of Tsundere moments. It's shown in a manga chapter, that Athrun did notice his rivalry with Yzak, and is as upset and serious about it then the other one, not wanting to lose by any means. Though this time, Athrun was just trying to set a good example for Shinn to follow. The Steel 7, Giri former Ace Pilot for the Jupiter Empire initially refuses to help the Crossbone Vanguard fight a revived Empire because he says it's not his concern anymore.

Then he learns that the Empire's new leader is his own personal Someone Better, who twists the knife further when he shows up to kill the heroes by mocking Giri as the Empire's second best pilot. After that things are a mite more personal and Giri readily joins up.

Sai to Touya Akira. Also, Touya Akira to Hikaru. Deconstructed in Medaka Box.


The titular character can and does copy any physical ability she sees and any other character's "abnormal" power she comes in contact with.

This means she can copy, say, Akune's "superhuman" abnormality, or Maguro's "perfection" abnormality Master Hiko Seijuro of Rurouni Kenshin. Hiko chose Kenshin as his successor because of his spirit, but because Kenshin doesn't have the physique he will never reach Hiko's level.

Kenshin does defeat him once with the final succession move, but it's completely unblockable, even by someone like Hiko. Saitou also serves as this for Sanosuke; Sanosuke had considered himself Kenshin's strongest ally prior to Saitou's arrival, yet Saitou proves to be just as skilled as Kenshin in swordsmanship, and far more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than Sanosuke.

As Anotsu from Blade of the Immortal so poetically expressed himself concerning Makie as she effortlessly slaughtered a dozen shingyoutou-ryuu samurai: When I was a child, afraid of a single wild dog And that girl appeared, no more than ten, slicing it in half.

Only now, remembering my emotion It wasn't fear of her. That she'd walk ahead of me the rest of my life. Accepting that, I felt no fear. Only familiar, comfortable despair. I remember it now What I felt then Keith overshadows Kotetsu by the virtue of being comically amazing in every way. Barnaby, on the other hand, gets to make Kotetsu feel inadequate by having the exact same powers while being younger, better lookingmore competent, and more loved by fans and sponsors alike.

Later on in the series, however, Kotetsu's relation sort of flips around in a way, as Barnaby starts seeing him as someone he can't ever hope to compare to. There's no one I particularly aspire to be like, but there is someone I'm no match for I just aspire to be someone who's worthy of his trust.

This leads to Specklerex developing Fantastic Racism towards white lions. A Certain Magical Index: Comes up a lot in this series, though mostly in the minds of the Unknown Rival.

Touma Kamijou to Accelerator. Despite Accelerator's genius intellect and Superpower LotteryTouma can kick his ass. Touma can easily solve problems without resorting to deadly force, Accelerator struggles with this.

Touma can easily make connections with people and befriend defeated foesAccelerator struggles to even open up to his adoptive family, etc. Accelerator is jealous, but awkwardly looks up to him. Touma Kamijou and Accelerator to Shiage Hamazura. Touma is a Butt-Monkeybut Shiage's luck is even worse. Shiage doesn't hate them, instead seeing them as role models. Accelerator to Kakine Teitoku. Kakine's power and intellect rivals Accelerator's, but in the end, Accelerator is the 1 Esper and Kakine is the 2 Esper for a reason.

Kakine hates him and desperately wants to kill him and prove his superiority. Kaori Kanzaki to Itsuwa. Kaori is stronger, the more skilled fighter, has bigger boobs, and in Itsuwa's mind is more beautiful. Itsuwa looks up to her, but worries that Kaori is more likely to win Touma's heart.

Yoshimori Sumimura

Touma freely admits without shame that Othinus is his superior in every way. Even when he has a feel of her fighting style through Save Scummingit is ultimately not enough to beat her. Awaki Musujime has teleportation powers superior to Koroko Shirai's in every way except speed. Touma is an experienced street fighter, but Motoharu Tsuchimikado is an elite martial artist and can casually beat him into the ground without breaking a sweat.

On one occasion where Touma managed to beat him, it was only because he was utterly exhausted from scaling a building and fighting other people, and he was unbalanced from hearing a report that his little sister had just died. Touma immediately realized something was wrong as he should not have been able to even touch him. In Glass MaskAyumi Himekawa, is the product of two successful and famous actors.

She was born and raised to follow in their footsteps. She seemed like the obvious choice to play the iconic Crimson Goddess role. Along comes Maya Kitajima ; a daughter of a restaurant worker. A girl who dreams of becoming an actress and can memorize every line, action, and scene from her favorite films. After Chigusa Tsukikage discovered her, she would turn out to be a natural actress and would always seem to out-do Ayumi without even trying.

In Super Dimension Fortress MacrossHikaru Ichijo comes to eagerly concede that his wingman and friend, Maximilian Jenius, is far and away a better fighter pilot than himself. Max also serves as this for Milia, who can't even beat him in a video game. Bizarrely enough, after Max beats her a third time when she tries to kill him in a park, they end up getting married in that same episode. In Narutothis frequently flip-flops between Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto is envious of Sasuke's skills while Sasuke himself is jealous of Naruto's quick progression.

He decides to take the notoriously strict Hunter Exam—and winds up as the second examinee eliminated out of That being said, he may not be as deficient as it seems, as a subsequent chat between fellow examinees Tonpa and the Amori Brothers imply that they sabotaged him.

yoshimori and tokine relationship poems

Nevertheless, the psychological damage was done, and he did not attend the following year's Hunter Exam. Anything that any ace of the team do, including his sister, he'll do better despite the fact that he can't cast magic. Anaru and Tsuruko in Ano Hana The Flower We Saw That Day feel like they cannot match up to the extremely high standards set by the perfect Menma since her death and feel that the guys who they like won't ever love them the way they had loved Menma.

Giroro's brother, Lieutenant Garuru. In Brave10Saizou was famous for his skills and was considered to be unbeaten until he met Hattori Hanzowho frustratingly proved to be more than his match, such that Hanzo was foiled by his own arrogance at the climax instead of bested in a fight. Asuka Langley Soryu spent years firmly convinced she's the best Evangelion pilot everand she's indeed very skilled and arguably the one with the most training under her belt among the three recurring pilots.

Kekkaishi, Vol. 01

Yet she finds her status and sense of superiority challenged and then gradually and decisively destroyed: She's shocked to learn that Shinji managed a surprisingly high synch score on his first try, despite having zero training or preparation. Rei effortlessly aces the pilot synchronization training with Shinji in Episode 9, where Asuka herself had failed to do until then which she had insisted that it's all Shinji's fault. She suffers several humiliating defeats at the hands of the last few Angels: Zeruel basically slaughtered her the same way he did with almost everything else, Arael raped her mind and she couldn't do anything; and against Armisael, she wasn't even able to move her Eva let alone fight.

Each time, it's either Shinji vs. Zeruel or Rei vs. Arael and Armisael that gets the kill. And to rub salt in the wound, she has to be rescued from Arael by Rei of all people, whom she utterly despises for being essentially the antithesis of everything that Asuka had worked hard to be.

Gendo refused to allow Shinji to take to the field and pull Asuka out of Arael's Mind Rape range due to it risking Eva getting caught as wellonly for him to send the boy out to save Rei when Armisael began to physically invade Eva even though it risked Eva getting infected as well. This basically gives Asuka the impression that her life and well-being are worth less than those of a mechanical and doll-like person like Rei, despite the fact that Asuka is the better-skilled and generally better-performing pilot between the two.

And finally, in End of Evangelion, Asuka makes her long-overdue comeback by going up against the eight Mass-Produced Evas and doing quite well In the very end, it's Shinji in whose the decision is left and Rei who more or less holds the key to the required power to do so who are instrumental in averting Instrumentality. The problem is that he is the Unknown Rival of Saitama, the most overpowered being in existence.

When Sonic tries to leap around unnoticed, Saitama easily watches him go. When he revels in his ability to create ten 'speed clones' in a fight against Saitama and considers it his best chance to kill the hero, Saitama effortlessly creates hundreds of speed clones. There's just no winning for Sonic, and the audience is expected to have a good laugh at his expense. Comic Books In the G. Joe Marvel comic series, before the actual events of the comic, Snake-Eyes became this for Storm Shadow, with some judicious manipulation from Firefly.

In many ways, Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic is better than his arch-nemesis Doctor Doomwith regards to science at least; one of Doom's key driving motivations is to prove himself superior to Richards, who has always demonstrated that he's just that little bit smarter and better than Doom. In this case, the rivalry is far from unnoticed, although it's always Doom who actively plans and attempts to humiliate and subdue Reed, who is less interested in proving himself superior to Doom and in fact considers it a waste that Doom expends his still-impressive intellect on what amounts to little more than petty jealousy.

It is worth noting, however, that Doom is an equally-powerful sorcerer, and is in fact more powerful than Richards in this respect. However, he still meets the basic nature of the trope, as he is obsessed with besting Richards entirely on his own terms, i. In Secret WarsReed finally gets Doom to admit that Reed can do something better than him — saving the multiverse.

This convinces the Molecule Man to take away Doom's powers and give them to Reed so he can do just that. Doctor Strange is this to Doom in magic, proving that Doom just can't win. You think he'd be happy being second in two fields to the world's best, but no. It has been stated in "Unthinkable" that if Doom had chosen sorcery over science, he would be Doctor Strange's superior.

Strange also had the advantage of being tutored by the world's Sorcerer Supreme, while Doom had only a monastery of mystic monks to teach him. Reed is this to The Wizard, who has actually given up on beating him with science and just wants him dead so he can be the best, resulting in a whole lot of Frightful Fours, one of which had five members.

Reed is surprisingly calm about this, except when it's actually happening; he never sits around worrying about what the Wizard's going to do next. The Mad Thinker is similarly jealous of Reed's accomplishments, but when Reed actually called on the Thinker to check his math during Civil Warthe Thinker was bowled over by what Reed had accomplished and finally conceded that Reed was simply smarter than he was; but then he needled Reed that for all his intellectual accomplishments, Reed lacked the common sense to see that his chosen course in the Civil War would cost him everything he loved.

Strange is this to Baron Mordo the other former disciple of the Ancient One rather than Doom; Doom certainly obsesses less about Strange in particular than the not-so-good Baron does. While Richards lends his name to the Reed Richards Is Useless trope for a good reason, Doom actually uses his incredible intellect to make Latveria, the nation he rules, into a high-technology utopia. However, Reed's technology is still usually superior to Doom's efforts.

Doom also gets away with actively using his technological prowess on Latveria because it's a fictional, highly isolationist country and so not subject to the general Status Quo Is God effect that applies to the more "realistic" areas of the Marvel Universe. Ironically, in Ultimate MarvelReed Richards gets to experience it himself, claiming that he feels inferior to his universe's incarnation of Tony Stark. One of Hank Pym 's biggest problems has always been that no matter how good he is in any given area, at least one of his fellow heroes is always better.

When he was Giant-Man, he lacked the raw power of Thor or the Incredible Hulkand as a scientist, he's not as well respected as Iron Man or the above-mentioned Mister Fantastic. A Retcon in Mighty Avengers established that many of his neuroses began after he discovered that Iron Man was actually the genius billionaire Tony Stark, which immediately caused Hank to feel inferior.

I'm not saying you're not a genius, Hank Bruce Banner has been shown to resent Tony Stark because of how beloved and successful Tony's inventions have made him, while Bruce's invention turned him into an out of control freak.

This motivation is attributed to Lex Luthor 's hatred of Supermanstarting with John Byrne 's reboot in the s. Lex Luthor was the most powerful man in Metropolis, with even politicians and law enforcement afraid to cross him, until Superman arrived in town and not only showed Lex up but emboldened the police and mayor to stand up to Lex as well. In John Byrne's version of the first meeting between Lex and Superman, Lex tried to hire Superman as one more obedient employee, and he has never forgiven Superman for being the first person in Metropolis ever to dare to say "no" to him.

This is further compounded by the fact that, over the years, Superman's increasing popularity has drastically overshadowed Lex. The obvious factor that Superman has a whole load of awesome super powers and Lex doesn't, which Lex is rather bitter about.

Luthor has actually justified his hatred of Superman by claiming he is this to the human race, and all human achievement pales when compared to the things "the alien" can do effortlessly. Lex has even gone so far as to tell Superman that as soon as he's out of the picture, he will solve all of humanity's problems himself, thus proving his superiority to all. However, this is proven as a petty lie after the events of 52when Superman was out of commission for a year and Luthor did nothing but be his scheming evil self.

Superman taunts him for this: I could have saved the world if it wasn't for you! You could have saved the world years ago if it mattered to you, Luthor. In Bronze Age Superman comics, this was Vartox's shtick.

yoshimori and tokine relationship poems

Vartox was the superhero protector of a distant planet. He had been superheroing longer than Supes and had an even wider array of powers than he did. Fortunately, Vartox was a hero, and the two were nominally friends. Unfortunately, Vartox frequently showed signs of emotional instability, and seemed to get mind-controlled or otherwise manipulated every time he showed up, so the two always got in a fight. Supes couldn't out-muscle him, so he always had to win by using his head. Clark cannot outfight him and definitely cannot outrun him.

Superman may be weak to magic, but if he can dodge magical attacks, then he can easily defeat even the likes of Skeletor. Babs envied Kara because she was a baseline, non-powered humanwhereas her friend was virtually a Physical God.

Several times Barbara thought that Kara was very lucky because she could do almost anything. However she complained about it loudly once, and Supergirl told her that having powers isn't what defines a hero. Post-Crisis Supergirl is this to her friend Stephanie Brown, who always failed to measure up to other superheroes and was constantly told to stop tryingimproved in almost all areas of crimefighting after she assumed the mantle of Batgirl from Cassandra Cain Who had been this trope to her as well for some time, which resulted in some good-natured teasing between the two.

However, in one issue of her own ongoing series Kara stops by for a night together and outshines Stephanie in every way. Not only does she have natural superpowers, but she is also able to understand the Techno Babble explanation for why they are fighting Draculaand in their civilian identities Supergirl has a much greater zeal for college life than Stephanie did.

Stephanie, however, never resented Supergirl for any of this, and liked her even more because of how awesome she was.

Captain Atom is this for the entire DC Universe. Whenever there is a threat that Superman can't handle for one reason or another, a threat that will spank Green Lantern and utterly humble Captain Marvel Armageddon, he shows up in the Wildstorm universe and plays this role to The Authority.

By which we mean the whole team combined. Captain Atom has more powers but he admits that he's just a C- grade superhero as he always a step too slow or too navel-gazing to be the first to save the day.

The Human Torch played this role in early stories. No one character plays the role now. Torch and Spidey eventually switched the roles for awhile. Peter was smart enough that he could keep up with Reed's scientific lectures, developed a friendly rapport with Sue and Ben, and was even good with watching Franklin.

There was a period where Johnny resented the fact that Peter was practically more of a member of his own family than he was. They eventually worked this out, though, and became best buddies, until One More Day caused an identity reset.

While they're friends again, sort of, now that Peter's again revealed his identity to the Four, they aren't near as close as they once were. The symbiotes appear to have this as a biological rule, as each symbiote inherits the powers of it's parent to a greater degree. Venom is outclassed by his spawn, Carnagewho in turn is outclassed by his spawn, Toxin. More than likely, Tokine's serious and strict nature originates both from seeing her father die right in front of her when she was a young girl, and from her grandmother Tokiko, who is also quite strict.

She is frequently exasperated by the great lengths Yoshimori is willing to go to to protect her; when she learns about his plans to seal Karasumori forever, she calls him insane for trying to accomplish such an impossible goal.


She notes that Yoshimori tries to do everything on his own, and tells him she wants to help in any way she can. Unlike Yoshimori, who is typically tired and irritable during the day, Tokine seems to almost never be tired during school and, for the most part, is a capable student.

During school hours, Tokine is fairly isolated; despite her popularity with boys, she rarely speaks to them even going so far as to order Yoshimori not to speak to her at school, though this rule is relaxed when there is Kekkaishi business to discuss. She also has very few school friends, and is even somewhat distant with them, usually because protecting Karasumori is at the forefront of her mind, and any other matter is secondary in importance.

History As children, Tokine and Yoshimori played together, though in secret due to their family rivalry despite this, both of their fathers encouraged their friendship. Tokine often rescued and comforted Yoshimori whenever he found himself in trouble, but as a result, he managed to leave a lasting impression on her as being a crybaby in need of her protection. Both Tokine and Yoshimori began their Kekkaishi training at an early age: Tokine began training seriously as a child so she could one day assist her father, but between his desire for her to wait and his unexpected death in the line of duty, this never happened.

By then, 9 year-old Tokine had already been on active duty for some time Masamori was active at the same time and watched over them, stepping aside once Yoshimori was appointed.

Worried that Yoshimori was too immature and not taking the job seriously, Tokine purposely allowed a small Ayakashi to roam free on Yoshimori's first night of active duty, hoping him catching it would boost his confidence. However, not only did he fail to catch it, but Hanauoa much larger Ayakashi, appeared and devoured it.

Though Yoshimori was able to capture Hanauo with his larger than necessary Kekkai, he had trouble containing it, and it was only with Tokine's help that he was able to destroy it. Tokine then used Tenketsu to clean up the particles, by which time Yoshimori had fallen asleep, exhausted from the night's activities.

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Yoshimori, still unwilling to take his Kekkaishi duties seriously, encountered an Ayakashi that had the appearance of a young, wounded girl. His hesitation allowed the girl to transform into the fearsome Yumiganewhich Tokine protecting Yoshimori from a certain death, with little regard for her own safety.

Tokine pushed him aside, receiving slash wounds on her right arm, but managed to destroy Yumigane. Tokine yelled at Yoshimori for not doing his job, stressing that Ayakashi would do anything to buy the time they need to transform and get stronger, and that being sympathetic would only allow them to kill people.

Tokine then collapsed from her injuries, and Yoshimori carried her back to her home. Tokine developed a fever, likely a reaction to Yumigane's poison, and was bedridden for several days. Yoshimori worried nonstop and blamed himself for her injures, and made a promise that he would never allow Tokine or anyone else to be hurt by Karasumori. Even though Tokine eventually recovered, the visible scars on her right arm remain a constant reminder to them both of Yoshimori's stubborn insistence on protecting her whenever possible.

Tokine carries four kunai in a sectioned holster, attached to a belt that supports three holsters each for a grand total of twelve kunai around her waist, but rarely uses them.

In Her TreasureTokine uses one in an attempt to use Yomi as a hostage, but had no intention on killing or injuring her with it. Another time she used her kunai was when her and Yoshimori were fighting against Hiwatari.

She threw it at him while he was making another large ice particle, successfully stopping him from doing so. While primarily used to perform Tenketsu, it can also serve as a secondary weapon, a cutting tool, or a means of support when fatigued.

Tokine carries several pieces of paper, marked with the Houin, to create Shikigami as needed.