Yenicall and zampano ending a relationship

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yenicall and zampano ending a relationship

are Yenicall (Jeon Ji-hyun / Gianna Jun) and Zampano (Kim Soo-hyun), .. grow a bit dull, predictable at points and Macao's story at the end felt a bit . characters whose interactions and past relationship I found irritating. Happy Ending Is mine #TheThieves #Yenicall #Tattos Relationships are one of the best things to happen in your life and the most painful way to say . #Yenicall #Zampano#KimSooHyun #김수현 #Junjihyun#Thethieves Soohyun Xi ✌. Yenicall was broke after having spent all her money and she had been staying at a luxurious hotel for a month only to realize she had no way of.

Still with bigger things in mind i. She is on the characters that get away relatively unharmed and in possession of the real necklace. The ending is hilarious… you have to watch it to know: Her feelings for Marko cause the jealous Popie to cut the wire on their last stint, which resulted in Marko falling and injuring his leg.

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But with Marko missing, so did the gold that they stole that night. As Pepsee had been caught on the CCTV, coupled with the loss of Marko and their budding relationship, and the goldshe decided to turn in herself to the police the day after.

After her time in prison, Pepsee is out for revenge on Marko and joins the gang on their expedition to steal the necklace.

yenicall and zampano ending a relationship

Chewing Gum [Kim Hae-sook] A middle-aged alcoholic mast con-woman who gives al her hard earned money to her daughter, never saving a penny for herself and one of the reasons why she drowns her sorrows away in alchol. She and Yennicall have a pseudo mother-daughter relationship and are pretty close. Marko Park[Kim Yoon-seok] After being betrayed by Popie and mistaken about Pepsee, Marko recruits his former team on this big heist to be coordinated with a Hong Kong team unbeknownst to them there is a police spy - Julie, daughter of a famous safecracker.

yenicall and zampano ending a relationship

He is the mastermind behind this heist and he literally plays out his team as he uses them as a distraction and steals the necklace himself. He gets away scoot-free, while the rest are either injured while in their attempt to escape, captured, or dead.

He soon learns that it was a misunderstanding with Pepsee and towards the end of the movie there are hints that they might get back together. Because of this revelation he risks his life to save a drowning and trapped Pepsee cuffed inside a police van heading into the sea.

yenicall and zampano ending a relationship

We soon learn of his motivation of stealing back the necklace and selling it back to the same owner, Wei Hong — an enigma underworld figure whose face no one has seen and known for his butterfly tattoo on his left hand. Marko wants to use this as an opportunity to get his revenge and use the police to capture Wei Hong.

yenicall and zampano ending a relationship

In many ways, his filmography kind of resembles that of English director Guy Ritchie as both started with crime caper films and largely built their careers on similar films with a deviation or two. Choi was so successful with The Big Swindle that he was quickly able to make and release his next film, Tazza: If The Big Swindle is to be considered a success, Tazza was a runaway hit incrushing all of its competition that year, including high profile Hollywood blockbusters like Mission Impossible III, save the beast from the Han River, The Host, which went on to become one of the most successful Korean films of all time.

The director took a change of pace for his next film and made the fantasy action film Woochi and made yet another smash hit, again breaking six million admissions. So three years later, inChoi returned with The Thieves.

The Thieves is the most successful Korean film of all time.

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Not only did it knock aside the record previously held by The Host, but it even outraced its fellow record-maker The Masquerade with over half a million more admissions, coming in at a staggering thirteen million admissions.

In fact, there are very few films even from Hollywood that have done better in Korea. And The Thieves does this by returning to what Choi does best: The Thieves is highly entertaining thanks to its mix of character-based comedy, complex plot, excellent performances, especially from the women in the cast, and a dose of adrenaline via action sequences.

The object that the titular thieves want? He calls in his former accomplice Popeye Lee Jung-jaewho then calls in safecracker Pepsi Kim Hye-soothe latter having completed a term in prison.

yenicall and zampano ending a relationship