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From the information given by Vincent earlier, Echo knew that Dalia was nineteen . “The number of courtship proposals in hopes of marriage – ahhh, to be thus He had asked Break for advice and had received some plans in return, all of. Over the next couple of weeks, Echo noticed a lot of changes to her life. Oz and his friends Elliot Nightray and Leo Baskerville, music prodigies, . of her back, the tips of these feathers turning darker until they matched the. The Pandora Hearts manga and anime series features an extensive cast of fictional characters . He has some sort of connection with Alice's memories. . Although the Duke Nightray tells Elliot to hate the Vessalius, he and Zai seem to be . Zwei loves Vincent deeply and is the original personality inside Echo's body.

Come and have some fun! I don't know what you were doing here but… but I'll help you with whatever it was. Surprising both of them, she burst into tears, clutching at his front for support. Echo sniffed as the tears ran out, almost as quick as it had begun. You have nothing to be sorry about. That that was why Echo received no invitation for the event. That maybe… maybe Echo is a hindrance, a project, a-" She felt the rumble in his chest as Oz gave out a course laugh.

She saw that there was an odd, twinkling emotion in his eyes as he stared at her. If Alice didn't remark to me just before about how she hadn't seen you prepare for anything…" Echo shook her head bitterly.

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She remarked upon it, but I had been looking for you ever since we returned. I just assumed you were taking your time. But, Echo, know this. You are my good friend, Echo-chan, and don't forget it. I bought this from Ms Sharon just for you… I thought… I mean, I knew it would look great on you and that you wouldn't look strange at all in it and maybe that you would like it?. He pushed the dress into her arms and turned to face the wall. The shirt Oz had picked out for her was white, long and crisp, as if it had been freshly laundered for her.

The strapless dress, on the other hand, was smooth, soft silk, a dark blue-violet colour that Echo found quite fascinating. On both of the left and right sides of the dress, just below the waist, were large, black, bow ties, with two ribbons flowing beneath each bow tie, their colour at first being the same as the bow tie but gradually transforming into a light, electric blue.

Behind her back, feathers of the same electric blue shade were attached to the dress, right over the small of her back, the tips of these feathers turning darker until they matched the dresses colour. Echo looked at herself in the full mirror standing at the corner, noting that Oz had been right. As she was turning her body to try and get a better look of the feathers behind her back, she saw Oz walk behind her and tie her hair up, using what looked like the same feathers as a pin.

He spun her around, his hands resting on her shoulders as he looked her up and down. She still was not accustomed to socializing, and Echo knew it herself that just one night would not be enough to turn her into someone as easygoing as Oz. But it was a start, and it helped that Oz was standing by her side and boosting her confidence. My, Oz was right when bought this. You have an ahoge…" Echo nodded her head, her hand reaching up to try and pat down the stray hair. But Oz-sama says that it looks good and I should not cut it off.

Ah, Oz, come stand beside her! She was about to say something when something caught her attention. Do you want me to go with you? Echo will be fine.

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Noise wore the distinctive, red cloak that signaled her as a Baskerville, a yellow dress underneath that, while Vincent had donned a black jacket over a suit. Echo did not know you would be here.

But, like Noise said, I'm also surprised you're out here. As he turned to receive the person, Echo felt Noise tug at her arm urgently. Only Echo is here. I'm just worried something would happen… which was why I was agitated when you were staying here, since I couldn't help you if anything happened. It must be nice, with Oz Vessalius as your knight.

It's quite rare for him to show attention to this degree to a member of the opposite sex. Most of the lights dimmed, with the exception of one, which brightened as it focused on three figures by a piano on a raised stage.

Echo had watched them as they had rehearsed, and had always wondered how they could play in such a way, where one's crossed over or under the other's. Now was no different, the two in total sync, never fumbling or bumping into each other. The piano's sound mixed with the violin, and Echo focused her attention on Oz, his eyes closed as he played. He was standing on the opposite side of the piano to his friends, facing the crowd and smiling the same smile he always wore.

The guests muttered appreciatively. Haven't you heard his masterpiece, Statice? The one who worked with Glen and created the musical timepieces? Oz opened his eyes, looking straight at Echo, and grinned at her. She allowed a slightly larger smile to break through her face. After the three had bowed and the crowd around them had thinned considerably, Echo gravitated towards the trio.

Did you enjoy it? It was…" She paused, searching for the word. So even Echo feels those sort of emotions," Elliot stated. Leo, what was that for? He had pinched Elliot's arm.

You can't go around pinching people! Echo glanced about and saw, standing almost next to them, Glen Baskerville, with the same eyes and hair as his younger brother Leo. Beside him was his wife, Charlotte, who was busy holding the hand of the child whom Echo had saw with Reim and Break during the party. Leo put a hand over Elliot's fist, trying to calm him down. Long blonde hair that was braided into a single tail, and twinkling green eyes. Makes Vincent look friendly and welcoming for once.

Beside him was his wife, who engaged a conversation with Charlotte. Echo had only exchanged a few words to her in all, but had observed from the quick encounters that Lacie was just like her younger sisters Alice and Alyss.

While Jack was as friendly and kind as Oz, she couldn't help but feel a little… intimidated when he talked to her. He was the son of a successful billionaire, after all, while her immediate family were barely making even each month. Glen, taking pity on the young couple, grabbed Jack by the arm and started pulling him away.

He shook their hands. Want to come over on Sunday for rehearsal? Echo watched them disappear into the crowd. Elliot's mother… Echo had heard of the tragedy that had befallen the Nightray household, when Elliot's four older brothers had been killed overseas in a freak accident. Echo felt someone loop an arm through hers. She remembered the overwhelming feeling she experienced when Oz, Elliot and Leo had played. Of the warm laughs of the people around her. And the way that her heart quickened whenever Oz smiled at her in his special way.

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What's this, is Echo having fun? Echo lurched up, the covers falling around her as she looked about her room. At the moment the grandfather clock struck, signaling that it was the fourth hour. Reim Lunettes Break introducing Reim. Reim and Break have been good friends ever since Break had been released from the Abyss. Along with Sharon and Shelly, Reim helped Break overcome his depression and showed concern for him when he scratched at his wound.

Break constantly teases and harasses Reim, saying that he is too uptight and works too much. Reim responds to this by telling Break that he should work harder and not goof off so much.

Reim often tells Break that he should be more open with Sharon, as shown when he tells Break at the second coming of age ceremony that he should tell Sharon about his sight.

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When Lily "killed" Reim, Break was furious and fought Lily, almost killing her until Fang took the blow from Break's sword. After Reim revealed his alive status, thanked to his Chain March HareBreak was astonished and glad.

Gilbert Nightray Break teasing a young Gilbert There is some strain in their relationship as Break is constantly teasing Gilbert, but there seems to be some respect as well.

Break said they could "use each other;" Gilbert would act as Break's left eye and spy on the Nightrays, and in return Break would help him find a way to bring his master, Oz, back from the Abyss.

Later chapters show Gilbert considers Break a friend, such as in chapter 32, "Snow Dome," when Alice proclaims them all as such. This is solidified in chapter 55, "Back to Back," where Gilbert is shown worrying over Break's status in addition to remembering advice Break gave him during their first meeting. Lastly, this chapter also hints Gilbert may take the role of Break's left eye somewhat seriously.

When the Baskervilles ask who he is, he says he is "his left eye. However, it does not seem th Oz confused with Break's manner after their escaped from Cheshire's Dimension at they completely believe this about each other, because most of the time they seem to be friends. Sometimes it seems that Break and Oz understand each other on a deeper level.