Vi and caitlyn relationship

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vi and caitlyn relationship

Feb 15, Draven's relationship with Draven is more fleshed out in game than Ashe's Caitlyn and Vi work together, sure, and Graves and Twisted Fate. No one yet knows how Vi came to be working alongside Caitlyn, but whatever secret binds them together can only be guessed at. Given the personal nature of a. Vi's lore actually got me thinking about her relationship with Caitlyn. I know that it's surely not Riot's intention, that is something that got me.

You might expect the universe to turn into an Olympian village sort of situation, but instead, everyone seems largely content to stay to themselves and hunt down their individual nemeses. In fact, conflict, vengeance, war, and other bloody scenarios seems to be the only time when League heroes really get to connect to each other.

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Leona and Diana are at odds, but desperately need each other for an upcoming war. Ekko is dead set on protecting Zaun in its class war against Piltover, Shurima is just full of people at each other's throats, and there are power struggles afoot in Noxus.

vi and caitlyn relationship

Some of these heroes are kind and good hearted, real heroes at their heart. A perfect example is the Heart of the Mountain. Braum will banter with his Freljordian allies, and they just silently listen to him. What are their relationships like?

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Why this matters This matters for storytelling. Have you ever watched the Star Wars prequels and wondered why everyone seems so plastic? If you want a fully fleshed out world of characters, they need to build bonds. Caitlyn and Vi work together, sure, and Graves and Twisted Fate have teamed up.

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Kennen, Akali, and Shen all work together The people want to know more about the way the world interacts. Every champion AMA by the devs usually has a few questions: How does Syndra feel about Annie? Why does Shen treat Akali like an innocent soul in the Jhin story? Wherever there was a scrape to be gotten into or a scam to be run, odds were, Vi was in the thick of it.

Despite her reputation as a troublemaker, she followed a code that meant she never stole from those that couldn't afford to lose what she took and never hurt those that didn't deserve it. As she got older, the capers of childhood became more audacious and daring, with Vi forming a gang of her own.

Brash and quick to anger, she still liked to use her fists a little too much, and though she was usually the last one standing in any dispute, her eyes were frequently black and her lip split from fighting. Over the years, Vi formed a friendship with the owner of a bar on the edges of the Lanes, and he was able to temper some of her more self-destructive tendencies.

He reinforced her code and showed her how to fight with discipline, as well as teaching her ways to better direct her simmering anger. Despite his steadying influence, Vi's gang ran riot across Zaun, with the Chem-Barons tolerating their antics only because they knew she and her crew were sometimes useful.

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Vi became known as someone who got things done, no questions asked. Despite her life as a lawbreaker, Vi's sense of morality began to trouble her ever more frequently as she saw the damage she and other gangs were leaving in their wake. The final straw came when she worked alongside another gang on a smash and grab heist at a chemtech facility that had just struck a rich seam. Listening in on miners' chatter in the bars, Vi learned when payment for the ore was being delivered, and hatched a scheme to relieve the mine's owner of his gold.

The plan required extra bodies to pull off, so Vi reluctantly brought the Factorywood Fiends in on her score.

The job went to plan until the leader of the Fiends used a chem-powered mining golem to kill the owner with its oversized Pulverizer Gauntlets.

vi and caitlyn relationship

His men drove the workers into the mine as he started demolishing the opening, driving the golem into an overload.

This wanton slaughter and destruction infuriated Vi. It had been a perfect score and now these psychotic idiots were ruining it! Grabbing their share of the gold, the Fiends made their escape, but the miners were now trapped below ground and would soon run out of air.

Vi could not leave them to die, and swiftly donned the overloading golem's powered gauntlets before it tore itself apart. The wrist mechanisms clamped down on her arms, but Vi endured the agony long enough to smash a path through to the miners and save them from certain death. With the miners free, Vi and her gang fled with the rest of the gold. And the following day, Vi paid a visit to the Factorywood Fiends.

Still wearing the powered gauntlets, she administered a beating to the entire gang that is still spoken of with awe by the gangs of Zaun to this day. The debacle of the mine robbery was the last straw for Vi, and she swore never to work with anyone she didn't fully trust.