Ves and roche relationship quotes

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ves and roche relationship quotes

If I remember correctly from W2, Roche rescued Ves from the Scoiatel when she . I see their relationship as a good mirror too Geralt and Ciri's. For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Roche and Ves question Spoilers.". The outcome of this stormy relationship and Roche's path may assign Ves was Vernon Roche's right hand, Blue Stripes' first officer, and the.

Come out and fight, bitch! If Geralt attempts to romance both Yennefer and Triss, they give him some well-deserved payback by inviting him for a threesome, only to walk out on him once he's cuffed to the bed. To add insult to injury, Dandelion is the one who comes to the rescue. During the flashback to Ciri's time with the Baron and his men, if she shares that she's a witcher or sort of one, at leastthe one that asked immediately inquires if she knows of a potion that can help with a pinched behind.

ves and roche relationship quotes

Judging by the reaction of his comrades, it's not the first time he's asked. In Ciri's first encounter with the Baron, she meets a little girl called Gretka, whom she protects from getting killed, and tries to protect her from from seeing the brutality that surrounds them. Unfortunately for Ciri's maternal streak, Gretka is clearly more curious and excited than horrified; when Ciri talks out loud about a dismembered horse and tells Gretka to stand back, Gretka dances on the spot in her enthusiasm to see it for herself, and when Ciri enters her big fight with a werewolf, she tells Gretka to hide.

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The next shot shows Gretka standing out in the open, waving her arms and cheering as Ciri advances on the monster. Though the circumstances are ominous as hell, some children asked about Ciri will only help once Geralt plays hide-and-seek with them. The Comically Serious counting to twenty The entire quest to find Dandelion in Novigrad. It brings new justification to Dandelion's status as a ladies' man.


First, you find out Dandelion inherited a brothel. Then you are forced to find him by tracking down his ex-lovers to ask. Zoltan and you have to split up two pages of names.

ves and roche relationship quotes

What follows is a visitation to a washer woman, maid to a Baroness, a schoolteacher, the Nilfgaardian ambassador's twin daughters, and his crossdressing elven tailor.

With few exceptions, they all want him back, despite knowing his ways, and they point you to yet another lover in the bard Priscilla. The cross dressing tailor, when he comes out in full make-up and dress, will mark the only time you will ever see Geralt gape like a fish. When hunting down Dandelion in Novigrad, Geralt can ask about Marabella, a former apprentice listed in Dandelion's little black book, yielding this gem.

Ye dinnae ken the half of it! Called 'im her stallion, once - 'course the fool took it as a compliment Poor bastard fled out the window. Upon meeting her himself, it's painfully clear that she's somewhat Not to mention she demanded Dandelion calls her Anastasia, while she was to refer to him as Christian. When talking to Vespula another name on the listshe mentions that Dandelion claims Geralt and Zoltan were the corrupting influences on him. The lies keep coming when you visit Molly, to whom Dandelion had bragged about his various daring rescues of Geralt over the years.

In a bit of Black ComedyGeralt learns from Elihal - Dandelion's cross-dressing elven tailor - that Kalkstein, the alchemist from the first game was burned at the stake, but managed to get the last laugh.

He had magical flares hidden in his clothes and as he was burned they spelled to the sky: One side-quest has Geralt encounter a fat Sylvan basically a Satyr who has convinced the local villagers he's a god. They give excessive sacrifices of food to placate him, and as a result the "Allgod" has a corporeal form that is also, as Geralt notes, corpulent.

In the side quest "Eye for an Eye", Roche enlists Geralt's help in tracking down Ves, who's about to impulsively ambush a squad of Nilfgaardians. When they get to her, Roche's What the Hell, Hero?

Have you gone completely mental!? You ignore my orders, go off on a suicide mission, and instead of donning a breastplate, you dash into battle, shirt opened, navel and whatnot exposed!

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You're not my father, Roche. You've no right to tell me what to wear. Pretty much anytime Geralt encounters any oddity or behavior considered strange by general population, he keeps his calm and isn't surprised in the slightest. Then again, the man is nearly a hundred years old. He's seen quite a few things. They say he's ploughing his goat.

I just want to ask him some questions. While leading Princess the goat back to the Pellar, Geralt suddenly starts talking to the thing. You're no Roach, but in time you and I could become friends. You have a quality every good Roach should have: The goat gets distracted by patches of wild berries, meaning Geralt has to ring the most adorable tinkly bell to get its attention again.

And then there's the other obstacle it faces Run, you stupid piece of shit! When the pellar hands Geralt the bell, he warns him to beware of wild strawberries and raspberries foreshadowing the bearto which Geralt reacts with this: Yeah, treacherous as beasts go. His mother, pushed by poverty to extreme measures, became a prostitute, which eventually gave Roche his deeply loathed nickname: The fate of his parents is unknown, while Vernon in his cups tells Geralt that if not for Foltest, he would have wasted his life on streets, just as many others raised in poverty.

ves and roche relationship quotes

In Temerian Majesty's service After being pulled from the gutter, Vernon eagerly devotes his life to King Foltest of Temeria and joins or establishes the Temerian special forces called The Blue Stripes, acting as Captain himself. While leading his squad in Temerian assault on La Valette castle, he encounters Geralt, at present acting as Foltest's bodyguard. In the following moments of the game, he interrogates the Witcher for the purpose of finding out the truth about a certain murder, quite important to both of them.

Throughout the following months Vernon and his Blue Stripes travel alongside Geralt and Triss in the Witcher's journey for his lost memories. The Witcher's plot allows the player to experience several paths Roche's story may develop in.

But in all of them The Blue Stripes commander eventually saves the future of his beloved realm, one way or another, with or without Geralt's help. I personally think that the most touching and breathtaking part of their story involves the Kaedweni King, Henselt, and his puppet mage — Dethmold.

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The outcome of this stormy relationship and Roche's path may assign Vernon to rather noble and respected company of The Witcher 2: Blue Stripes Commando Blue Stripes: Temerian Spec Ops, a special unit created mainly for fighting Scoia'tael on their own ground, are some of the most talented swordsmen and arbalists crossbowmen throughout the Northern Realms.

Certainly most ferocious and aweless. They have no other love nor authority other than their commander and King Foltest. Each member has been personally selected by Vernon, and is an undisputed master in his own field. The Blue Stripes squad is made of light footed scouts, dauntless swordsmen and deadly shooters armed with crossbows. Yes, that's the one with physics. Yes, we all love her. Ves was Vernon Roche's right hand, Blue Stripes' first officer, and the only woman under Roche's command.

Ves had a tough past with Elves when her village was sacked by a Scoia'tael guerilla band, and was abducted by the commando's leader for her beauty.