Veigar and lulu relationship problems

veigar and lulu relationship problems

Read My First Love from the story The 2 Third wheels (Lulu X Veigar And Ugh that's the problem with my friend sometimes, he doesn't remember what I say. + . "Well our relationship is complicated and he still considers me as a friend. Veigar and Lulu were nowhere to be seen, and it was hours past the time .. not real, and thus, so far as I'm concerned, Lulu's relationship with him is invalid." Losing a single champion could cause problems in the delicate. LoL forum thread "The Mysterious Relationship Between Lulu and. noticed the mutual interest on the internet to hook Lulu up with Veigar?.

Pix, desperate, bolted in the direction of the High Council of Equity's tower to find Veigar. Lulu was going to need help with this. Meanwhile, Veigar had finally made it to the top of the seemingly endless staircase and shoved the doors open. Two hooded heads turned toward him with interest. It wasn't typical for any yordle to venture into their domain.

This called for even greater attention. Never before had any champion asked to speak to all of the available Councilors at once. Usually, the champion who came before them only asked to see whoever was available. Maybe they'd ask to speak to the High Councilor if they felt the matter was deeply urgent. But to simply demand to speak to all of them at once… such a thing was not done, even by the most audacious of champions.

She scoffed, but the High Councilor, Vessaria Kolminye, remained silent. But I will no longer battle against her. Clearly, some of the champions who'd come here considered each other good friends or horrid adversaries. To allow such "favors" of who one would and would not fight would sow the seeds of chaos…. Losing a single champion could cause problems in the delicate political nature that their Institute was built upon. Losing two champions, and both yordles, could be enough to start a small-scale war.

Even if Lulu and Veigar weren't exactly favored by the yordle community, the yordles were well-known to be extremely clannish. If Yordleland perceived that the two had been slighted by the Councilors without good reason, Yordleland might turn against the Institute as a whole, sparking an uproar throughout Valoran.

Mated yordles cannot and will not fight each other. It would be worse than asking human families to kill each other. Such a thing is not and psychologically cannot be done by yordles; it matters not that any death would be temporary.

The Councilors huddled together, discussing the tidings of which Veigar spoke. Yes, some of the human champions had "hooked up" in the past, but none besides Ashe and Tryndamere had married. Besides, Ashe and Tryndamere's marriage was based on little more than political alliance.

There was little love there, only deep respect and a sense of duty. What Veigar claimed for himself and Lulu was the yordle equivalent of a marriage for love, meaning that his situation was hereto unprecedented. They discussed together for the better part of an hour, considering how to address the matter.

Finally, they separated and turned to look at Veigar. Veigar stood his ground, waiting to hear their demands. Sure, they were mated, and mates could and did produce offspring, but he hadn't begun to think that far ahead yet.

After taking a minute to process that condition, he agreed to it. After all, if Lulu did, against all logic in Veigar's mind, become pregnant, the last thing he wanted was for her to be placed in danger while she was in such a vulnerable state.

Vessaria then issued the second condition, "In the event that you and Lulu do produce offspring, the League reserves the right to offer them a position within the Institute. The decision to accept or decline entrance to the League as a champion will be reserved by the summoners and your child. Neither you nor Lulu will have any say in whether a child will or will not join the League.

Of course the Councilors didn't really care that much about whether or not Lulu would be in danger while she was pregnant. They just hoped that they could get a second generation of champions out of this union.

It was dangerous to play games with the High Council, but Veigar agreed to the second condition anyway, despite knowing that one day he might have to break it. He didn't think he'd truly mind if one of his cubs wanted to join as a champion, but only if he thought they'd survive.

He would not allow any of his offspring to be used as fodder just because the High Council of Equity hoped for a new champion. Satisfied with Veigar's agreement, the Councilors bid him go and resumed discussing their next important matter of business namely, the "What the heck was that purple moon? Veigar exited the room, feeling greatly irked by the summoners casual usurping of what he felt was part of his parental responsibility, but nonetheless grateful that the Councilors had agreed that he would never again have to fight Lulu on their behalf.

Veigar turned and saw Pix flying toward him at full speed. I need to talk with her," Veigar stated. In an instant, Veigar's mood changed from irritation to full-on fury. Pix held onto Veigar's hat for dear life as the yordle charged down the stairs, Pix calling out directions toward where he'd last seen Lulu in the process.

Lulu didn't really know where she was running; she just knew she needed to get away from Kennen, far, far away. His voice was getting closer, and Lulu was feeling desperate. I've just never confessed to a girl before. She needed to lose him, and soon. She came upon the Institute's courtyard, a large area filled with blossoming trees and flowers.

Utterly exhausted, she clambered up one of the trees and tried to hide there from Kennen's gaze. Kennen came into view not more than a second after she'd climbed the cherry tree. Unfortunately, the ninja had very good hearing, and Lulu was still panting pretty hard. He looked up and, spotting Lulu, immediately began climbing after her.

Lulu climbed higher and higher in the tree, trying to escape. When she'd gone as high as she could, she traveled out, moving further and further from the tree's trunk. Lulu closed her eyes and braced for an impact with the hard ground, but instead found herself saved by a pair of warm, smooth arms. Utterly spent, she fainted in his arms.

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Veigar snarled and tightened his grip on her limp body. Your little mad chase completely exhausted her. I'm certainly not going to drop her. Haven't you caused enough damage here? That's more than you can say. Kennen growled back, "It's not like you care one way or another. Just put her down; you have no connection with her. Kennen finally noticed the glint of fire in his eyes and realized who he was speaking to. You've been lying to Lulu from the start, Veigar.

Stop playing with her heart. For once in your life, just do the right thing. She came to me of her own free will, and I don't intend to be without her again. I told you before, and I'll tell you again. We should get her somewhere safe. Pix, don't you realize who he is?

Veigar arrived with the others in his bedroom and quietly carried Lulu over to his bed and tucked her in gently. He kissed her forehead gently, and whispered, "I'm so sorry, Lu.

I should've been there… I should have protected you. Kennen is a problem, but he'd never do anything to hurt Lulu just to get at you. It's better to keep them in the dark as long as you can.

He sighed once Veigar was out of earshot and admitted, "I'm sorry too, Lulu. I know I've given Veigar a hard time, but it's only because I want what's best for you. I can see that he really cares about you now, much more than I ever gave him credit for. He's a good yordle, and he'll take good care of you. He carried two small acorns with him as well, one for Pix and one for Ariadne. Pix took them gratefully and said, "I need to go back to be with my sister… Take care of Lulu for me.

If there was one issue they could agree on, it was the lavender-skinned yordle who'd wriggled her way into both of their hearts. After a little while, Lulu stirred.

veigar and lulu relationship problems

It's nothing extravagant, but you should eat something. She spooned a little out and blew on it carefully before taking a bite and smiling. After the two finished eating, Veigar carried their dishes downstairs and let Lulu prepare for bed. She had only just lied down when Veigar returned and prepared for bed as well. Lulu snuggled up next to him and wept into his chest.

Instead of chastising her, Veigar just held her close, letting her hide in his embrace. His hold on her tightened as he replied, "I'm so sorry, Lu. I didn't want him to, and I tried to get away, but I just couldn't. I'm not angry or disappointed in you, not in any way," he stressed. What happened to my magic? You were so frightened even your magic failed you," he kissed her forehead gently before he went on. If anything, I should be to blame for not being there for you.

I won't make that mistake again. From now on, whatever we face, we'll face it together; okay, Lu? A thought occurred to her and she asked, "Veigar… what did you talk to the Councilors about? For now, just sleep, little Lulu.

The Mysterious Relationship Between Lulu and.....

You've had a long day. Before she drifted off, she whispered, "I love you, Veigar. Thanks for making me your mate. That felt right, Veigar's lips, not Kennen's. On a weekend night, half the city tended to turn up there, which ironically made it the perfect spot to discuss secret operations.

The company was always loud enough that no one could tell what anyone else's business was, and besides, Maggie, the bar keeper, always saved a few rooms in the back for private parties. Kennen and Teemo sat in one such room now, pondering over Kennen's perceptions of the day's events. The usually chipper yordle's demeanor had changed radically. It was clear to all who knew him that Teemo was in scout-mode. He'd adopted all the seriousness that came with a high priority mission.

He's never been seen since and is presumed to be dead or worse in a Noxian prison. I think Veigar's been lying to Lulu from the start, trying to pretend he's someone else to lure her to his side. The last thing we need in Bandle City is two vengeful sorcerers.

It was preposterous that she was even kicked out in the first place; she would never hurt anyone," Kennen argued. I've actually argued for her to be let back into the city several times, but the Elders won't hear of it. They fear that she may not be an intentional threat, but they aren't sure she wouldn't cause damage unintentionally, especially with the unusual nature of her magic. The sad truth is, no one really knows what Lulu is capable of because no one has seen the full extent of her magic.

Even in the League, it's obvious she tones it down to be safe and 'fun.

veigar and lulu relationship problems

It won't take long for me to find him. My training and my camouflage will hide me from Veigar's magic. I can hide long enough for him to think he's safe. I'll use my most toxic darts. The poison from them will weaken him greatly, and eventually kill him if he doesn't get the antidote. I'll offer him that antidote in exchange for Lulu. If he won't give her up peacefully, then he'll die, and she can come of her own free will.

So sorry, you guys. I personally hate cliffhangers, but that just felt like the right place to end the chapter.

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Don't worry; I'm not about to stop updating this story. I'm glad that you liked it and the chapter as a whole though. As for your point about outside world interference, basically my answer is: Basically, Veigar and Lulu still haven't heard back from the Institute higher-ups since Draven nearly killed Lulu.

In an earlier chapter, the two yordles were informed that they wouldn't be allowed to participate in any more games until the Summoners got the mess sorted out basically until they could make sure that the Noxians wouldn't try to attack them again. While this might not have originally taken much time, the people in charge are now VERY interested in what caused the violet moon, meaning that they've put Veigar and Lulu's status as champions on the back burner, as it were.

veigar and lulu relationship problems

This isn't exactly public knowledge, so very few people know where to find him. Furthermore, of the few people that DO know, unless they have a death wish, they're probably not going to attack Veigar on his home turf. Even if you did manage to find your way to it through the woods, you wouldn't see it unless you had some help from a fairy as Veigar did whenever he first visited the Edge. Since Veigar's mansion and the Edge where Lulu lives are the only two places where the two are welcome outside of the Institute, that's where they've been spending most of their time up until now.

I hope that answers your question. Anyway, thanks for your review, and I hope you'll review again!

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I hope to hear from you again soon, and that you like this new chapter. I'm so glad you like my story! It's sadly only a matter of time before he loses it completely. Tristana is the close friend of Teemo and occasional acquaintance of Rumble. And being in the army, she would know of Corki, perhaps even working with him. I feel it important to note that she is a key relationship for both Rumble and Teemo adn that both of them would suffer negatively without her presence.

Veigar is already crazy and evil. He doesn't really have any positive relationships. Ziggs works at the Yordle College in Piltover with Heimerdinger. It is unstated what his opinion is of Rumble, but I like to think they would get along. Fizz has a working relationship with Miss Fortune and Gangplank, and I assume he and Nami at least are aware of each other, but he's not well explored in the lore.

Nunu is in good relationship with the other big shots in Frejlord like Ashe, Anivia, and Sejuani. Basically, no one wants the yetis angry at them.

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Twitch doesn't really have any relations. He fights for Zaun, as they have promised to help him recreate the process that made him out of a normal rat.

One could then assume that he and Dr. Mundo have worked together before. But it isn't explicitly stated, and even if it were I'm not sure one could call that a healthy relationship Corki, Rumble, Teemo, Tristana, and Fizz mostly work for either their own interests or the diret interests of Yordles in general.

They don't actively seek to help othe people if there is not gain for them. Kennen's purpose is balance, in all things. If he is an alignment, he'd be neutral. Lulu and Twitch fight for selfish reasons, but they don't actively seek to hurt anyone else.

veigar and lulu relationship problems

They just want to have some fun.