Vata and pitta relationship

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vata and pitta relationship

Vata, pitta, and kapha—collectively known as the doshas—are one of the most As a result, cultivating a relationship with each of the three doshas can have a. This might be because you are a different relationship type. The three main types are Vata, related to the element air, Pitta, related to the. Being a vata-pitta type means that two doshas are predominant in your constitution If you can develop a gentle faith in—or relationship with—a divine power or.

Give your relationship a few weeks to cool down. One of you will simply have to give up and in. Let the other be right. Pick the appropriate times to have civil discussions and use boundaries around language. Pitta needs to work. You may think they are working too much and sometimes that is true.

What Each Dosha Needs in a Relationship

Mostly, they find great reward in working though. They love providing a home for their family. They love paying for college and the pride that goes with that. They love that their family looks nice and is taken care of. Work is an expression of love.

vata and pitta relationship

They love to give back to the community and volunteer. Find activities that the entire family can do together in this regards.

Pittas loves hugs, praise and thank you. Pittas are passionate in the bedroom and like to have their needs met. Know that you are in for some fire in the bedroom! They tend to think they are very good in that department, but may frustrate their partner with their impatience and demanding nature.

Help your Pitta to get heart centered in the bedroom before activities begin. Once the flood of love comes flowing, the real passion begins. Let the Pitta lead.

vata and pitta relationship

When it comes to the day to day decision making and choices, just let them go. Chances are, they are making the right decisions.

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Responsible with money and disciplined with routine, they make wonderful head of households. When conflict does arise, find a non-ego, non-judgmental way to point out differences. Split the roles and responsibilities and never look over each others shoulders. The truth of the matter is that anyone, when in a state of balance and consciousness, may succeed in a relationship with anyone else.

vata and pitta relationship

The doshic types are simply one way that we may determine what challenges are likely to arise over the course of time.

Once one recognizes and understands the basic nature of the partner, opportunities arise to respond to any situation with compassion. To further this understanding, it is helpful to gain the Ayurvedic perspective on the potential challenges of the different doshic types. People of Vata nature, when balanced, are playful, innovative, adaptable, gregarious and fun. They are lively and, often bring a sense of enthusiasm and vitality to the relationship. When imbalanced, these people become anxious, fearful, overwhelmed, scattered and undependable.

Overdoing disturbs Vata nature; unfortunately, this is what Vatas often love best. Irregularity in sleeping, eating and activities create the scenario for Vata overload and the Vata nature will soon begin to show the signs of imbalance.

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As the partner of a person with Vata nature, when one sees the patterns and warning signs, one may assist with putting into place any calming and grounding practices to slow the person down and encourage finding the peaceful center where Vata can rest.

Physical and mental rest, time in nature, yoga asana practice and meditation are all highly beneficial in revitalizing people of Vata nature.

Taking a look at trimming down the activity overload is another important component. Then they can resume their joyful zest for life. People of Pitta nature, when balanced, are articulate, brilliant, insightful, organized and compassionate. They are efficient and often see the best way to approach and right any situation. When imbalanced, these people may become critical, judgmental, angry, controlling and hurtful.

Heat, intensity, competition and excessive drive both attract and disturb Pitta nature.