Two of cups and ace wands relationship

Which Tarot Cards Indicate Marriage.

two of cups and ace wands relationship

Did you know that there are Tarot Cards that indicate Marriage? Yes, it's true! In this post, we will explore the many tarot cards that relate to weddings, marriage. Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meaning. The Ace of Wands is about unbridled attraction and the magnetism that brings two people together. It's the absolute Ace of Wands as Feelings. You are feeling alive, Ace of Wands and Two of Cups: a. For a relationship cards like: 2 Cups; Lovers; 4 Wands; 5 Pentacles; For a passionate love affair: Ace of Wands; 2 of Cups; Lovers; Knight of.

Card Position Three Will he marry me? However, whether he will marry you or not is an entirely different matter.

two of cups and ace wands relationship

At least this tarot card position shows his exact intentions towards you. If you receive the Hierophant tarot cardthen its a positive indication.

However, the reversed Ten of Cups is a not good sign. This tarot card position is showing you what to look out for in the union. If you get the Devil tarot cardthen you need to look out for the red flags in the relationship and not be so starry-eyed at your potential spouse.

Ace of Wands

Card Position Five Strengths — What are the factors that will work out in your favour? What is the glue of the relationship, the elements that will hold the two of you together in your union? This tarot card position will allow you to understand what will work for the two of you.

By knowing your strength as a couple, you are able to handle challenges in a more dignified manner. Card Position Six Outcome — How will the marriage turn out? What will be the outcome of the union? Receiving the Six of Wands is indicating success and victory. Whereas, the Tower tarot card is not a good signal for the marriage.

It can mean that things will fall apart suddenly. So in other words, the relationship will take a turn for the worst and may end in a separation or divorce.

It is a simple tarot spread that will allow you to know the core qualities that your spouse will have in their character.

This will allow you to narrow down potential suitors.

In Focus: Ace of Wands – Tiferet Tarot

It can also be helpful for individuals that are trying to figure out whether to pick option one or two. Sometimes, a few lucky ladies will have more than one choice. Card Position One Appearance — The answer will come from the court cards. Although it is not set in stone, in my experience court cards show the general appearance of the person. Look out for the court cards, the King of Cupsthis can mean that your future spouse will be light in complexion.

This partnership, however short, is usually a lot of fun! I have noticed that many students misjudge the significance of the horse in this card.

But the horse is rearing, and that is expressive of the symbolism of this card in particular and the suit of Wands in general. Although there can be a variety of reasons for a horse to rear, one common healthy example of rearing is to playfully challenge another horse, symbolic of close combat considering wands as cudgels or quarterstaffs.

Also, rearing can be associated with getting ready to bolt or change directions. In this case, the significance is that this horse and rider are starting to move—not already in full gallop like the Knight of Swords, but on the verge of beginning their run.

two of cups and ace wands relationship

The idea of beginnings are important to the suit of Wands, associated with the element of fire. The salamanders on his tunic are an esoteric symbol of fire. And the desert background with pyramids indicates a hot, dry climate.

The budding wand and the delicate leaf motif on the bridle are symbolic of spring.

two of cups and ace wands relationship

In the tarot, the Wands are associated with the heat that germinates new growth in the spring. Not the exhausting heat of summer summer is associated with the cool and verdant abundance of water and the suit of Cupsbut the warmth that melts away winter and brings blossoms and baby animals.

Look for such symbolism in the deck you use to determine which suit is aligned with which element. If the querent is asking about love, the Knight of Wands can represent someone new and exciting, passionate and charismatic, someone who loves adventure and is eager to experiment.

If this is a good match for the personality of the querent, then it has the potential to be a lasting relationship. But because this knight loves to keep it fresh, he has a tendency not to be able to settle down. This horseman is the most thrilling and passionate, but he might be too hot to handle. The Aces represent new beginnings. Wands as fire offers meanings such as an exciting new adventure, embarking on a journey, initiating a project, taking the first action.

Because one of the traditional meanings of Wands is business and enterprise, this is a great card for a new job, business promotion, or entrepreneurial endeavor. In questions of romance, the suit of Wands most often focuses on passion and physical chemistry. Watch the suits that come up in a love reading—in addition to the suit of Wands just mentioned, Cups show love and affection as well as wining and dining; and Pentacles represent security, stability, and commitment.

Although Swords can represent conflict, they also indicate long philosophical talks and a meeting of the minds. They can also show an ability to have healthy, productive arguments.

Tarot Card Combinations: Ace of Cups plus wands

The more negative cards in the suit swerve these meanings accordingly. For feelings, it shows the beginnings of an attraction, even if the person hasn't shown it yet. Because the Ace is a potential, look to other cards to see if the feelings will turn into action.

It is very auspicious to draw this card in a love reading, as the energy of this card confirms the attraction between two human souls. It is the card of committed love.

two of cups and ace wands relationship

Don't let the tribe family, society or religion control your choice of partner. The two of you will combine in an alchemical way to become something larger together than when you are apart. Some people may be surprised to see the Devil card listed as a love card, but in an otherwise positive reading it can be a great bonding energy. The Devil isn't afraid of sexuality, he embraces it. This card brings a primal energy to a love reading and adds another layer of connection through physical contact, sex and pleasure!

Like the Two of Cups and the Lovers cardthe two people in this image are facing each other. There can be an addictive element here, but as I say Love is just another word for Obsession!

The issue here is balance. Be happy you have found 'the one' but continue to have your own outside life too.