The need for personal space in a relationship

the need for personal space in a relationship

Although there is a great need for honesty in an intimate relationship, there is Personal space is the emotional and physical room you need to be comfortable. Personal space is extremely important in a relationship. I don't need a lot of personal space because our interests, hobbies and lives just seem to mesh. It sounds like you may need some space from your partner. You don’t have to feel bad about wanting some alone time, it is completely natural and necessary for a healthy relationship. For starters, you should talk with your partner about having alone time so that you both are on.

I knew climbing this mountain was a challenge he had always wanted to try.

the need for personal space in a relationship

As well as making him happy, I was certain I would also enjoy the space and challenge of fending for myself for a while. I also believed one of the reasons we had stayed together was because we always gave each other the time and space to do the things we loved. Having enough space or privacy in a relationship is more important for a couple's happiness than having a good sex life, according to Dr Terri Orbuch a psychologist, research professor at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research and author of Finding Love Again: Advertisement Orbuch is an authority on marriage and divorce.

Since she has been involved in a long-term US study of marriage called The Early Years of Marriage Projectwhich has been following the same married couples for over 25 years. During her research, Orbuch found that 29 per cent of spouses said they did not have enough "privacy or time for self" in their relationship, with more wives than husbands reporting not having enough space 31 per cent versus 26 per cent.

Of those who reported being unhappy, This was a greater percentage than the 6 per cent who said they were unhappy with their sex lives. So why is space so important in a relationship?

Why Every Relationship Needs A Little Personal Space

Having time apart is extremely healthy and keeps a freshness in their relationship. It encourages each person to maintain their own sense of identity while still being a couple, and it fosters independence and strength rather than neediness and clinginess.

If they were consistently warm and nurturing towards you, then you have a 'secure attachment' and you can generally cope with being together and being apart from you partner. If on the other hand, you were raised with parents that were either anxious or rejecting, then this will mean you can have problems with being too clingy or needing space from your partner.

In the end, how well you attach to your parents as an infant will influence how much space you need with your romantic partners as you move through life. With the liberalization and increasing, consciousness of personal rights more and more people are seeking personal space in relationships.

the need for personal space in a relationship

There can several other reasons for personal space as different as the individuals themselves. But how about people who have no time for personal space There are people— and mind! In fact, they are often encouraged by their partners and family members to get some time off for themselves, but they just ignore. These are the people who almost drown themselves in discharging their duties towards their families, spouses, and kids. Some partners especially wives are so devoted to their families and kids that they just live for them and for no other purpose, as it were.

Why You Should Make Room for Personal Space in Your Relationships — Purpose Fairy

They hardly get time to think of their personal needs and wear themselves out physically and emotionally. Thinking of creating a personal space away for such people is nothing short of sin.


Beautiful men and women with majestic features, once the envy of those who looked upon them, do not even know when they have withered away. How to create space for such people? We should provide reasons, situations, and opportunities for them to find time to create some space for themselves.

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We should prod them to explore their heart and soul to know if they love to do anything besides just working for their families. Observe what they could love to do if given a chance and coax them to do the same.

the need for personal space in a relationship

Allow differences of opinion as a matter of right of your partner. That is an index of our love.

Forget sex, the secret to a long-lasting relationship is space

If we do not do that it means we do not genuinely love them. Who else will allow them to think and act differently if we, who profess our love, do not? This is the privilege we owe to those we love. But here is a thought which, honestly speaking, often keeps nagging me whenever I think of the issue of personal space.