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Tadase asked, concern in his voice. Nagi forced a Nagi had been thinking about what Ikuto had told him, trying to decide if it held any merit. Read Ikuto vs Tadase from the story Your Daily Dose of Shugo Chara!! by fewercries (Xii) with 6 reads. shugochara, tadase, rima. Who should Amu end up with?. 0_0 You all REALLY love Ikuto, apparently, because Tadase got if I won, he wouldn't bother us about our relationship, and if he won, I would have had to-" . I became Black Lynx through an experiment to test the infusion of.

So how exactly did Amu Hinamori and Ikuto Tsukiyomi end up on a blind date together? Rated T, may become M later on. XD I even finished up this chapter in a week So here I am, uploading a whole week earlier. Tadase, in contrast, was infuriated. Ikuto bowed a bit to the crowd.

About fifteen seconds had passed before he looked up to Tadase and smirked. I hope you two are very happy together. W-What does he mean by that? That is just plain low! How do you think THAT would influence my overall decision?

I brought you and Tadase here together in order to decide, and now I choose to be alone! Amu had managed to free herself from Ikuto's grip, whose cat eyes now gleamed within the dark restaurant as he scanned the area. He noticed a group of men storming the area, flashlights in hand. Then he heard a scream in the distance, along with more frantic yells from Rima and persistent snapping from Kukai. Then he smirked, ramming the guard that was holding the now unconscious Amu.

He reached down, lifting her up and holding her in his arms.

Tadase Hotori

Then don't involve all of these innocent people, let alone the person I'm in love with! Ikuto glanced back at her, almost urging and persuading her that everything would turn out for the best.

Then he was taken away. Kukai balled his hand into a fist, emerald eyes blaring.

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I can rescue Amu and Tsukiyomi. I have to help somehow! She knew just as well as Ikuto did. We have to be rational about this situation and support them, no matter what happens or who we're dealing with. Tadase looked to Utau once more, who nodded in response. Then he sighed, appearing defeated. Amu was still unconscious, lying on the only bed in the room. Thankfully, she hadn't been mortally wounded by Tadase's accidental attack, but it's been a few hours… I unconsciously reached out a hand, placing it on top of hers.

I cradled her hand, caressed my cheek with her hand… kissed it a few times There was so much I wanted to do with her—to say to her. And I decided to tell my story… even if she wouldn't hear it. He married into EASTER before I was born, and once the current heirs were killed in an accident, he was supposed to take over the company. His thoughts were broken by his 'said' girlfriend knocking on the classroom door.

Ikuto stood from the desk and waited for Amu to walk over to him.

Tadase doesn't know

Having Ikuto as my teacher is actually brilliant Amu thought with a smirk on her face as she walked up to him. She pulled herself up to sit on his desk in front of him; he moved to stand between her legs and gently pulled her in for a chaste kiss.

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Which ending too soon for both of their liking, but neither wanted to push it too far. As they pulled apart and she looked up and met his eyes "So how's my girl? Both of the habitants of the classroom were unaware of the jealous eyes watching their every move. The group of girls who call themselves the Ikuto fan club was stood at the door, each of the girls had arrived to school early to try and talk to Ikuto.

At the scene of him and Hinamori Amu kiss, one of the girls called Miaka whispered "Oh my god, he is kiss her, out of everyone it's her" When the unbeknownst couple pulled away from each other, the fan club listened intently to what Ikuto was saying.

The age difference between Amu and Ikuto, your thoughts.

Saaya the leader of the fan club waved her hand to the rest of the girls; so they backed off and they walked back to the next corridor over. They all has dark grin of their faces.

Back in the classroom Ikuto Kept Amu sat on his desk as he sorted his day of lessons, they talked about everything and nothing in the little time they had before Amu's phone went off… 'Beep beep' Where are you we are all outside waiting for you? You left quickly yesterday Rima x Crap she cursed silently as she remembered that she ran out yesterday, she forgot. I am sat inside I will meet you in the class room I am on my way there now Amu x "Lying to your best friends" Ikuto whispered over her shoulder with a smirk on his face as he placed his arms round her.

He pulled a face before replying "Fine, you better behave in my class Miss Hinamori" He then kissed her on the cheek before letting her go.

She walked to her desk while Ikuto cleaned the white-board and wrote the objective of the day's lesson. The Bell went off and she waved bye to Yaya as she left to go to her class.

Amu felt a pair of eyes on her, she turned to the source and noticed that Saaya was sending her a menacing glare, I wonder why she thought. The last class of the day went by fast in Amu's opinion. He started to clean the blackboard; while the class started to pack up all their work.

She walked back to her seat but felt a pair of eyes on her once again, she noticed that Saaya was watching her every move, did she see Ikuto wink at me? Amu thought in a panic but her panic was cut short by Ikuto "Ok class, the Hiking trip has been cancelled; the person who was supposed to show you all around is not available; so the school has decided to let you go on the Italy trip with the year above in a couple of week; we know it's short notice, so take these letters home and fetch them in before this week ends; also since it's short notice the school has put some funding in for you, so it is cheaper, it's going to be fun so please come" Ikuto Started handing out the paper, once Ikuto got to Amu she glanced at the paper; She read through it.

Then her pulled her close and planted a quick kiss on her lips.