Supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship

Supernatural: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Dean And Sam’s Relationship

supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship

We've heard from Sam, Crowley, and Castiel, and now it's Dean's turn to shed a little light on what's ahead in “Supernatural” Season 9. I fell in love in Season 2 with the complicated relationship between Sam and Dean because it's unlike any real life relationship I've ever. There are many things about Dean and Sam's relationship that don't add up. Supernatural has grown quite a bit since it was first aired back in While it was once a simple show . All the way back in season six, Sam is pulled from Hell without his soul. His entire 9 Dean Treats Sam Like a Kid.

Sam and Dean

Although the Winchesters did everything they could to prevent the child from being born, it was, and that child was Jack. Jack, who is half angel and half mortal, though, is one of the best new characters of the series.

Castiel and Daphne One of the many tropes of Supernatural that it often falls into is letting the characters have "normal" lives so that they can see what they're missing out on by being who they are, whether they are hunters or angels.

Sam and Dean already had their experience, so naturally it was time for Castiel's attempt. In season 7, Castiel wakes up in a forest of no memory who he is.

supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship

Believing that it's a sign from god, a woman finds him and takes him into her home and bed. They eventually grow to love each other and get married. Eventually, Castiel does remember who he is, and of course, breaks her heart in the process. Not only did they get the interesting character of Jack, but two old characters got to return to help the Winchesters build a portal to the alternate world where their mother ended up after the season 12 finale.

What was even better, though, was in the episode where everyone in the bunker is trying to make plans to meet up with Mary in the alternate world and Gabriel and Rowena are left alone together.

It all starts out with innocent flirting, but then Sam and Dean catch them, quite literally, in the act. It's such an odd pairing that it's almost perfect and it is part of what made season 13 so great.

supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship

Charlie and Dorothy Supernatural has a bad history of mistreating many of its female characters. One of those characters is Charlie Bradbury. She was a refreshing addition to the Supernatural cast and someone that fans really wanted to see stick around. Except that Supernatural's writers didn't see it that way, so they had her fall in love with Dorothy from Oz yes, that Dorothy.

Then the writers had her run off with Dorothy seemingly forever only to come back and perish very quickly. This made Charlie's entire storyline feel almost pointless, as this is a series that seems to not know what to do with the strong women of its cast. Jesse and Cesar In season 11, Supernatural introduced its fans to two hunters, Jesse and Cesar Cuevas, a happily-married gay couple.

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Although they only appeared in one episode to date, it was a huge change to a show that had previously been mostly straight. The married couple shared the knowledge of Bisaan with the Winchesters and ultimately, helped the brothers defeat it.

supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship

They found all the bodies of those slain by the beast, including that of Jesse's brother, and gave them a proper hunter's funeral. In the end, Jesse and Cesar retired from hunting and returned home. Dean and Jo As the daughter of hunters, Jo has seen some things, so it's no wonder that she ends up getting to know the Winchesters, particularly Dean. She was really young, so when the two started making romantic overtures at each other, it just felt really weird.

It never went beyond flirting, but why was that even necessary in the first place? They worked well together as hunters, so it's odd that the writers thought that Dean couldn't be friends with a woman hunter without having to flirt with her.

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And, of course, she lost her life trying to save Sam and Dean. The result was an episode that was often funny, sometimes scar,y and a lot more amazing than fans had ever imagined. Daphne responded to that flirting in kind. Sam and Madison One romance that makes less sense with each passing season of Supernatural is that of Sam and Madison. Madison was a werewolf, although Sam and Dean didn't know about her true nature until later. Dean watched his own brother take the life of his daughter but neither brother speaks of it again and they never address any trauma associated with it.

They are brothers, and that bond trumps everything else in their lives. However, it seems that concept only applies to the two of them, considering they left their other brother in Hell.

However, once Dean gets Sam back, neither of them worry about getting Adam out, too. From the first episode of the show, Dean clearly is upset with Sam for choosing to leave the family and attend college.

supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship

Throughout the rest of the seasons, they each judge each other for leaving and coming back to the hunting life. Despite the two being adult men, Dean still treats Sam like a kid a lot of the time.

Especially in the earlier seasons, Dean would order Sam around and would still try to protect him. Even when Sam tries to make his own decisions, like when he insisted on continuing the trials in season eight, Dean will try to have the final call.

This starts a debate among the brothers about the existence of God. Dean scoffs at the concept of angels, while Sam says faith is important to him. When they first meet Castiel, Sam is once again excited about the existence of angels, while Dean is more skeptical.

Neither of them truly accepted the happiness the other had found with each woman. While he eventually grows out of this, he and Sam used to have arguments about that concept. Later on, Dean is the one who softens up a bit when Sam takes no-nonsense approach. Sam and Dean have both taken the lives of someone important to the other brother without major consequences.

While they both had reasoning behind their actions, each one should have caused more conflict than it did.

supernatural season 9 sam and dean relationship