Strictly ballroom scott and frans relationship goals

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strictly ballroom scott and frans relationship goals

Strictly Ballroom is a Australian ballroom dance film. Fran only seems to falter when she isn't looking at Scott, so taking off her glasses forces her to pay. The first in Luhrmann's “red curtain trilogy”, Strictly Ballroom became the seventh most successful film of all Scott and Fran are asked to leave the dance floor. We hope to pass our goal by early January . A couple of years later I was starting competition dance and understood the "scene" better. The film, Strictly Ballroom, was released in This makes Scott and Fran even more determined to dance and to win the competition. . When he meets Fran their relationship flourishes through their strong dancing partnership. Obviously, it was his parents who decided on this goal for him. Part of.

Fairy-Tale motif In the dressing room scene, we are expected to be able to make the connection between what is happening here and our knowledge of fairy-tales.

We are expected to be able to recognize the Evil Stepmother and the Ugly Sisters and we are reminded of an earlier scene of Fran working, sprinkling the floor of the studio, as everyone else dances around the floor. She is represented here as a Cinderella figure who does all the work.

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Costume Items of dress, spectacles, hairpieces and hair styles all form part of the imagery of the film and take on symbolic meaning to back up the characterisation and themes of the film. Cinematic Props Various props assume symbolic significance as we get more familiar with the film. This hints that Doug himself is somehow locked into the past.

All the photographs and trophies take on symbolic significance in the building up of character and theme. The only thing Shirley lives for is to win trophies.

strictly ballroom scott and frans relationship goals

These are knocked over and cast down at the end of the film, an image of the way Scott and Fran have brought about a revolution in the world of the Australian Dance Federation. Prominent themes in Strictly Ballroom include: Many of the relationships treated in this film centre on the dancing world.

Scott is at odds with Barry Fife and his mother because of his refusal to conform to the particular style of dancing required by the Pan Pacific Competition.

strictly ballroom scott and frans relationship goals

When he meets Fran their relationship flourishes through their strong dancing partnership. However, the main relationship, the one that gives the film its romantic thrust, is the one between Fran and Scott. She is in love with Scott from the start but he is blind to her true worth.

She lacks confidence in herself. There is also the added dimension that the parents in this tale are using their children to achieve what they themselves have failed to achieve. Scott tells us that he has been training to win the Pan Pacific competitions since he was six years old. Obviously, it was his parents who decided on this goal for him.

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Fran too has to challenge her father and the control he tries to exert on her life. On another level we have a conflict of cultural as well as group identity against which the individual characters must seek to define themselves.

Initially, identity is defined in terms of insider and outsider. As the film opens, the world of ballroom dancing is a closed and competitive world. They are known in terms of their success and expertise as dancers. They have reputations and are looked up to by other people.

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Doug and Fran, on the other hand, are the outsiders and are generally ignored by everyone else. Fran has been a beginner for two years and still has no partner. It is obvious from the way Fran is treated that this is a difficult world to break into. He had tried to dance his own steps, thereby breaking the rules, and was ostracised by the rest of the ballroom dancing world. This detail establishes how strong the group identity is and how ruthless it can be to those who challenge the established order.

In the beginning Scott was unaware of the fact that his father had already tried to cultivate an individual style of dance and self-expression.

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This is a world of outsiders in a cultural sense. Wayne is a mechanic, Ken sells spa baths, and Shirley Hastings sells makeup! Maybe not that funny. It's not too easy to imagine there'd be a real market for ballroom dancers unless you're a paid instructor, so they'd likely only take it really seriously when they're on the floor.

Fran starts out this way. A doozy of one from Scott: Where do you think we'd be if everyone went around making up their own steps? Out of a job. Played straight and totally awesomely.

strictly ballroom scott and frans relationship goals

This happens because a now-defeated Barry tells Scott and Fran to leave the stage. They man up and refuse, and Doug starts it in solidarity.

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With its themes of artistic repression and underdogs battling against the odds, the play was a success at the festival, winning both the best director and best production awards. The group work-shopped the expanded version of play, which had a trial season at the Brisbane Expo in before opening at the Wharf Studios on 24 September Ted Albert was a leading record producer and music publisher, best known in Australia as the discoverer and original producer of s pop sensations The Easybeats.

By the time he saw Strictly Ballroom, Albert was the managing director of his family-owned music publishing company Albert Music formerly J. Albert's wife Antoinette known as "Popsy" took him to see the play after seeing a newspaper ad; they loved the energy, colour and musicality of the play and Ted Albert immediately saw the potential to develop the play into a film using the musical resources available to him through Alberts' publishing and recording enterprises. Luhrmann balked at the move towards naturalism and eventually, with Albert's agreement, the director brought in his old friend Craig Pearce, who was able to translate Luhrmann's theatrical vision into a workable screenplay.

The only "bankable names" in the cast were Barry Otto and screen veteran Bill Hunterand although co-star Paul Mercurio was well known as a dancer through his work with the Sydney Dance CompanyStrictly Ballroom was his first acting role. With the original budget set at over AUD 5 million, government film funding bodies were reluctant to back such a left-field project with few major names in the credits.