Steiner sports meet and greet

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steiner sports meet and greet

Send In Your Stuff. If you're looking to get a personal memento, collectible or. Collectors in the New York / New Jersey area can visit the Steiner Sports Store and actually meet and greet these heroes, but being able to. Join us for "An Evening with Mariano Rivera," an intimate meet-and-greet and Q&A event with the greatest closer of all-time, New York Yankees.

The guy from the bleachers and the guy who HIT them to the bleachers I was only two years old when Reggie belted those three home runs on a chilly October night in the Bronx, but like most fans around my age, I was properly schooled on his place in Yankees history.

steiner sports meet and greet

Think what you would like about the man, but I found him to be incredibly personable and even a bit chatty. He makes no bones about who he is or what his reputation says about him, and he is brutally honest when it comes to the game we all love. It truly was an honor to spend a few hours with him during his time here. My final event this week was the biggest.

On Saturday, the Steiner Sports office played host to guests as we welcomed various members of the Yankees Championship teams.

steiner sports meet and greet

Athletes started to arrive at our offices as early as 10am. Private signings were held downstairs, with legends like Willie Randolph, Bucky Dent and Chris Chambliss working their way through the team items. One by one, another former stars would arrive: Each was whisked away to the signing room to complete their allotment of autographs while our main office location began to fill with Yankee fans. The most unique aspect of this event was the interaction between players and fans.

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Stations were set up in conference rooms and cubicles to host the athletes and the attendees. I also had to set up each signed item for him, and then get it ready for the next person to sign.

While going through his materials, other legends were making their way into the signing room. It was like being right in the middle of an old high school reunion. Almost on cue, that evenings starting pitcher, Ron Guidry walked into the signing room accompanied by recently retired skipper Lou Piniella. The Yanks rallied in the 7th inning, and when Thurman Munson stepped to the plate and delivered an RBI, and the two men howled with laughter.

It was easy to see that they loved Big Thurm, and conversation quickly turned to stories about the former Captain. Bald Vinny and Louisiana Lightning My favorite of the anecdotes came from Guidry, who recalled a sequence of pitches from the very game we were watching.

Munson put down a signal, and Guidry shook him off. Munson called for another pitch, and once again Guidry shook him off. Prior to the event starting, I had posed an inquiry on FaceBook and Twitter soliciting questions from some of my readers. It was at this time that I got to ask my favorite questions from those that were sent in.

The first person I had a chance to speak to was Sparky Lyle. There were a lot of things I wanted to ask about, but the first question that came out of my mouth was about his reputation for sitting naked on top of birthday cakes that were brought in for players.

I asked him who got the most upset over that prank, and he said it was former Pitching Coach Art Fowler. Sparky said that contrary to what was custom at the time, he actually knew he was going to be traded. He said that at the end of the 71 season Ralph Houk had mentioned to him that they were going to go after him and try to put a trade together.

The next question I chose to ask was one that I had always been curious to know the answer to. Dave Cohen, of FaceBook fame and also winner of my second autographed ball give awayhad asked of Lou Piniella: His defensive play caused the runner on first to only advance one base, thus preventing him from scoring the tying run when Red Sox legend Jim Rice followed with his own fly ball to the outfield.

Not only was I in the room with several Yankee legends, I was able to listen to their stories and relive their memories. You're not buying dirt you're buying a piece of paper that says the dirt is from Yankee stadium. Anyone can scoop up dirt but then it's only worth something to you and no one else.

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I heard this also, I guess it wasn't true. My brother and I sat in the upper deck one night I believe it wasbefore the construction or the ground breaking.

A screw was loose in my brother's seat, so he unscrewed it all the way and kept it. Now it sits on my desk as my part of the OYS. Louis Cardinals also had an auction of items following the closure of Busch Stadium.

steiner sports meet and greet

Of the many items in that auction conducted by Lelands, a players' urinal went for 1, Here is the link to the auction results as I am not making it up! They estimate that it weighs a ton, a real surprise for reinforced concrete 12'x36'. Steiner sells an auto'd picture of him after that walkoff, and probably confused it. Here's a complete list of Yankees walkoffs going back to!!!

And it still amazes me how they have to package items with the stadium seats in order to sell them. Yankee Stadium seats should be able to sell by themself. You should not need a thrown in Melky Cabrera or Yogi Berra autograph to motivate you to buy the seats. Its disgusting, it really is. I think it is a waiting game with all of this stuff. Steiner already tried to sell a lot of the stuff at a big discount on gilt. Hard to blame Steiner, though.

Blame people who pay those ridiculous prices, as without them, prices would be lower. From what I saw, only two lockers hit their reserve prices, the others went unsold. RI Dawg Based on those prices - I would much rather have the Steinbrenner seats than the turnstiles. They would if they were priced right - like half of what they are selling for. You could say that again!! Ever since Steiner took its monopoly on the business, my enthusiasm is gone to collect autographs that I wouldn't even sell.

The extent of my interest at this point is to hang a signed picture of Jim Abbott in the therapy clinic When they change the bases every inning just to sell as game used merchandise, it gets a bit ridiculous. Memorabilia is not supposed to be created to be memorabilia. D superyan I remember the day that they announced the partnership.

They had a 30 minute special on YES about it and I said to my friend I remember years ago, when a friend of mine wrote a letter to Billy Martin and asked for a line up card and got one in return.

We were all in shock when it came. Now, every base has those stickers on it so it can be a collectible one day. The problem is they are so way out of a normal fans price range, they must have a trailer full of bases. If thats the case, which it probably is maybe lighting will hit their storage building and it will burn to the ground and steiner will lose everything, without anyone getting hurt ofcourse Lucci I have 'won' about 40 auctions on the Steiner site over the last three or four years, and all of my winning bids ended up being cheaper than the retail price Steiner normally charges.

I imagine they stick some items on the auction site if the items are not moving at retail price. You just have to keep an eye on the auction site, and eventually, you will find something at a reasonable price. D Now thats memorabilia! If you're interested in a Steiner product, call one of their reps and work something out. There's significant discounts to be had. And I have to disagree with some of you saying their stuff isn't selling.

steiner sports meet and greet

If it wasn't, they'd have to lower prices. Im sure their stuff is selling at a steady enough pace, so there's no need for them to drop prices just for the sake of selling everything within a few months.

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If it takes them 2 years to sell out at the current prices, so be it. You'll also be gettin a free Mark McGwire Rookie card!! The genius of Steiner is precisely that none of the stuff they sell rots ever see a brick rot?

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It'll sit, very nicely thank you, till somebody comes along that wants it. They usually have about 7 to 10 pages of stuff but they are always adding things.

steiner sports meet and greet

Obviously you took me way to serious. All the Mets Shea stuff is in a warehouse out in Jersey I believe. People have told me you can just drop by and make an offer on anything you want superyan The rep became a lot less nice on the phone when I told him I was using a coupon.