Star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

Do you think Ezra and Kanan will survive Star Wars Rebels? plan as Feloni ( unlike some fans) does not feel M/F characters must have a romantic relationship . Read Relationships from the story Star Wars Rebels: Sabine Wren by As the two youngest members of the crew of the Ghost, Sabine and Ezra were good. The next episode of Star Wars Rebels season 3 is going to focus on the Sicar also talks about Sabine's relationship with Ezra, dashing out.

From a metacognitive perspective, Star Wars Rebels features characters that Star Wars fans were not familiar with at the onset, so having Ezra as the bridge between the audience and the Ghost makes him that much more important. This journey is not without obstacles, however; on his way to find his mother and father, his surrogate Ghost family is threatened by the Empire. Ezra is enraged, and rushes headlong into battle, aggressively Force-pushing Agent Kallus. He then charges the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother, and if not for the timely nature of Kanan separating them by blasting the blast door, Ezra may have let his anger hold sway.

He has to train himself to let go, but more conflict awaits on the outskirts of Lothal. The loss is greatly felt by the young man.

star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

But to move forward, and resist the dark side tendency to give into anger, Ezra must find peace. This comes to fruition soon after; in a powerful scene, Ezra has a vision of his parents, who tell him never to lose hope. The scene then morphs to Ezra standing side by side with Kanan, his surrogate parent and mentor.

Sabine Wren/Relationships

Ezra, and his ever-evolving journey, truly is the bridge on many levels. Much like the Mandalorian armor she proudly wears, Sabine is captivating and mysterious, and the audience is drawn to her. Much like Ezra above, Sabine relies on the lessons of her adopted family in the present, in order to help her with demons from the past. In this episode, we learn that Sabine and Ketsu Onyo once worked together and broke out of the Imperial Academy.

The ominous Ketsu left Sabine for dead, with little detail provided. The irony here is that when a shadow is cast, there must be light, and that light is shown to be Sabine. They often tease each other and joke around, with Ezra occasionally cracking jokes with her on missions together. Since Ezra doesn't act the way he used to whenever he was around her, he may not have a crush on her anymore.

star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

Since Ezra started becoming more aggressive, Sabine has been shown to be worried and a little bit snippy with him, even arguing against his rather aggressive methods. When Sabine went undercover to find the three pilots Wedge, Rake, and HobbieEzra was extremely concerned about her safety. He hated being unable to do anything to help her.

  • Star Wars Rebels: Tiya Sircar Discusses Sabine & Ezra's Changing Relationship

When Kanan asked Ezra if he trusted her, Ezra told him that he did, to which Kanan then impressed into Ezra that he must learn to accept there are things outside his control, insinuating to Ezra that he had to trust Sabine could handle herself. When Ezra was captured by Saxon, and Rau disagreed with saving him and called him a pawn, Sabine corrected him, saying Ezra wasn't a pawn and she had total confidence he could take care of himself.

After the mission Ezra had a newfound respect for Sabine. Later, during a mission above WynkahthuSabine was relieved when Zeb saved Ezra and himself from a fatal fall, though she seemed somewhat more concerned about Ezra.

Star Wars Rebels: Tiya Sircar Discusses Sabine & Ezra's Changing Relationship

Sabine along with Kanan and the others were concerned about Ezra when he began to hear and see Maul. When Ezra tried to kill a fellow rebel because he thought that he was Maulshe tried unsuccessfully to hold him back.

Once Kanan had helped Ezra realize that the man wasn't Maul, he was scared and confused, prompting Sabine to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. Out concern for Ezra, she placed a tracker on his com link without him knowing. She and Kanan followed Ezra and Maul to Dathomir to help him. Despite Ezra's warning, Sabine and Kanan opened fire on the Nightsister ghosts. Ezra was very concerned when Sabine and Kanan were possessed by the spirits. After fighting her while she was possessed and freeing her, Ezra warned Sabine not to go back into the cave.

star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

Despite Sabine's concern, Ezra ran back in to save Kanan. Ezra was upset with Sabine for going back in, and admonished her for not listening to him. However, Sabine pointed out that she'd never listened to him before, and asked him why she should start now.

When Rau and Kanan proposed that Sabine train in the use of the Darksaber in hopes of using it to rally Mandalorians to join the Rebellion, Ezra expressed skepticism at her ability to master the weapon without the Force.

star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

Despite this, he assisted in her training, going over the basic saber forms with her and then sparring with her. The two bickered during a few of these exchanges, though their relationship remained amicable; Ezra would later go after her when a loss to Kanan prompted her to storm off. Ezra offered his sympathies but was promptly informed that he had no idea what she was going through at the prospect of facing her family; acknowledging this, Ezra pointed out that she was at least fortunate enough to still have her family.

This cooled Sabine's temper and made her apologetic, and she subsequently returned to Kanan and apologized; after she revealed the truth about her past with the Empire, Ezra joined Kanan and Fenn in expressing his support for her.

Besides Kanan, Sabine is the second closest person to Ezra. Garazeb Orrelios Main article: Garazeb Orrelios Sabine treated and thought of Zeb like an older brother, coming to appreciate how he looked out for her and his crewmates. Zeb in turn cares for and respects Sabine, and often follows her lead due to her greater knowledge in how the Empire works, and he trusts her enough to watch his back.

Ahsoka Tano Main article: Ahsoka Tano Sabine didn't know much about Ahsoka since the latter girl went by her codename "Fulcrum". Sabine tried so hard to find out who "Fulcrum" was but Hera told her what she needed to know, which made Sabine feel like they didn't trust her. However, Sabine grew to respect the former Jedi's wisdom and Ahsoka tasked her with many handy work, such as re-activating the clone caller to find help Ezra, Kanan and Zeb find an old friend the Togruta's who can supply the rebel fleet with a list of useful bases.

Lando Calrissian Main article: Lando Calrissian Lando flirted with Sabine by telling her that her painting's were magnificent. Sabine seemed rather flattered by his comments which resulted in Ezra getting jealous and offered to show him some of her more "impressionistic" paintings.

star wars rebels sabine and ezra relationship

Lando later offered to buy some her work, but she replied with a questioning tone, speculating that she may be on to his intentions.