Stannis and davos relationship quiz

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stannis and davos relationship quiz

When Davos Seaworth smuggled in his Onions, Stannis still punished him for If we ignore the one time Stannis had sex with Melisandre and produced his. From King Robert Baratheon being gored by a wild boar to Lysa Arryn being pushed from the Moon Door, the people, their ultimate marriage was one that helped to keep the Seven Kingdoms from crumbling. Sacrifice Ser Davos Seaworth. The foundation of Stannis and Davos' relationship traces back to Robert's Rebellion, when Davos, then an infamous smuggler, brought onions.

Yet, things changed for her after seeing her daughter being sacrificed and burned alive to appease the Lord of Light.

What did Selyse do after that? Question 17 Who was the next person Lady Melisandre gave her full support to after the death of Stannis? She was always a true believer that Stannis Baratheon was "the one who was promised," and that he really was going to win the final battle.

stannis and davos relationship quiz

Yet, his death showed her that she had made mistakes along the way and then she quickly moved on to someone else whom she proclaimed as "the one who was promised. Question 18 What is Robert Baratheon's older brother's name? Stannis Baratheon Joffrey Baratheon Tommen Baratheon It can seem a bit confusing to think that King Robert Baratheon had an older brother, especially when considering the line of succession. Robert's Rebellion led to House Targaryen being overthrown.

stannis and davos relationship quiz

Yet, Robert's death called the line of succession into question and that is when Robert's older brother began to make his claim towards The Iron Throne. What is Robert Baratheon's older brother's name? Question 19 What was the name of Robert Baratheon's younger brother? He was constantly having private conversations with others within the Small Council and he was often seen close to King Robert's side. Yet, Robert's untimely death caused his younger brother to flee King's Landing and align with another House in order to seize control of The Iron Throne for himself.

He was actually able to garner a huge amount of support, regardless of the fact that he was behind Stannis in age.

What was the name of Robert Baratheon's younger brother? Question 20 King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed. What's the name of the one that survived? Pip Davos Gendry The question of succession is a huge factor in the world of Game of Thrones since it affects the status of an heir. From being the sole owner of a castle stronghold to sitting on The Iron Throne, there's a reason why so much attention is put on the family lineage.

People that have children outside of wedlock can have their bastards legitimized by a royal decree but otherwise, they are somewhat of outcasts in society. King Joffrey Baratheon saw his father's bastards as threats and had the majority of them killed.

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Question 21 What was the name of his bride? Ned Stark seemed to be heeding his advice until he realized that Renly meant to sit on The Iron Throne, himself. He aligned with one of the most powerful Houses in Westeros, who supported his claim to the throne. What was the name of his bride? Question 22 What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover?

Loras Tyrell Davos Seaworth Samwell Tarly During the early part of the series, there were a number of rumors being openly suggested about Renly Baratheon. Even while he was at King's Landing, it seemed like everyone knew about his homosexual tendencies. Renly had a lover that seemed to encourage his claim to the Iron Throne and eventually helped him in achieving alliances. Renly Baratheon married into House Tyrell through Margaery but he still continued to have a romance with a male character in the series.

What is the name of Renly Baratheon's male lover? Dragonsbane Dragonstone Stormlands During Robert's Rebellion, there were a number of different individuals that had their own part to play in ensuring a victory.

While there is often a huge amount of focus on the Lannisters in the way their army was let into King's Landing and then sacked the city. Robert's older brother played a huge part as well. There was a stronghold he needed to hold in order for Robert to triumph.

for you were the one unloved - Stannis Baratheon(/Davos Seaworth)

This was a difficult task and much of the individuals nearly starved to death. What is the name of this affliction? To be killed by a White Walker causes the corpse to rise again as part of the army of the dead, which means that they are lost forever. Yet, there is another affliction in the series that may still have a cure.

The interesting part is that the daughter of Stannis Baratheon also had the affliction but was somehow able to stave it off. Question 25 What was the name of the wife of Stannis Baratheon?

stannis and davos relationship quiz

Melisandre Catelyn Selyse Game of Thrones may be known for its stellar acting, special effects, and amazing fighting scenes, but it's definitely not great at creating happy marriages. Each romantic relationship seems more dysfunctional than the last, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Stannis wasn't in the best marriage. His wife was seen as a cold and distant woman that had come unhinged through a series of still-born children.

It isn't just exceptionally sharp, but it is also strong and free of maintenance. It is also capable of taking down an immortal White Walker.

stannis and davos relationship quiz

The metal can be identified by its rippled pattern. His constant cheating of death comes with a price though. He explains that each time he comes back, he loses some of his memories and he is less himself. Memory Loss Uncontrollable Laughter Blindness After Arya takes a life that wasn't meant for her to kill, she is made blind as punishment. The scene, that appears at the end of Season 5, is a twist on Arya's efforts in becoming a 'faceless' assassin. The appearance of Ser Pounce caused a stir on the internet, and many fans wanted to see Ser Pounce in future episodes.

One of the writers claimed that it most likely won't happen saying, "I will say that cat was a nightmare to work with. The long length and braid of Drogo's hair suggests that he has never lost a battle and hence he is one of the greatest killers in Westeros. One Three Four Davos was a smuggler for most of his life and he was well-known for his ability to slip past sentries.

One day the castle Storm's End was under siege and Stannis Baratheon, who was defending the castle, ran out of his food supplies.

stannis and davos relationship quiz

This was when Davos slipped past the enemy's lines and got into Storm's End with mainly onions. For this, Stannis rewarded Davos with lands and knighthood. Davos chose 'Seaworth' for his house's name. Unfortunately, Stannis also chopped off four of Davos' fingertips as punishment for his smuggling days.

Widow's Wail Northguard Ice 'Ice' was the official sword of the Lord of Winterfell, and it was forged from Valyrian steel and was handed down throughout the ages.

After it was used to behead Ned Stark at the end of Season 1, it was melted down to create two new swords, the Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail.