Sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

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sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

Aug 15, Lazy Town ❤ STEPHANIE - Coloring game - YouTube. pinterest ⭐ || @MRooten14 Couple Goals, Relationship Pictures, Couple Relationship. "Hi Sportacus," Stephanie smiled, waving enthusiastically as she went to stand It took everyone a couple of minutes for Pixel to convince him that, over Stingy's opening mouth and dragged him off towards the goal posts. Read A New Relationship from the story Robbie Rotten x Sportacus by MLP_SilverSayaka (ThatThottie) with 40 reads. stingy, lazytown, stephanie. Robbie sexy daddy stepped into the LazyTown department store, with one goal in mind.

sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

She could always tell Bessie, but that was too risky, considering she was somewhat of a gossip. That left her friends. Trixie probably wasn't a good idea; she had a habit of spilling any secrets she was told, and sometimes she'd even make fun of the person in question. She ruled out Pixel as well. His crush on Stephanie had grown more and more apparent, almost to the point of obsession. As a result, their friendship was more strained, and they'd grown a little distant.

Stephanie couldn't bear to think of Sportacus distancing himself from her. Stingy and Ziggy were probably her best bets. Ziggy was incredibly loyal, and Stingy always kept secrets, which he viewed as 'his'.

Of course, the person she really wanted to tell was Sportacus himself, but she couldn't see that happening in a hurry. Sighing sadly, she tried to fight off mental images of her pouring out her heart to Sportacus, only to have him throw it all back in her face.

A familiar ache tore open inside her, and she began to cry.

sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

Sorry for the short first chapter! I'll post more in a few reviews' time.

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Sportacus goes to leave but Stephanie stopped him and hugged him. Stephanie nodded her head and blushed. Sportacus ran off to save Ziggy. Susanna took Stephanie's hand and lead her out of earshot of her uncle.

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Stephanie ran out of the house. Sportacus saw Stephanie running. Stephanie sat down on the bench outside the wall of the sportsfield. Sportacus backflipped over and sat down next to Stephanie. Sportacus smiled than backflipped to Mayor Meanswells's house.

Sportacus knocked on the door. Milford opened the door. Susanna walked into the hallway. Sportacus smiled than backflipped to where Stephanie is. Sportacus sat down next to Stephanie. Sportacus grinned than put his arm around Stephanie's shoulder. Stephanie looked in Sportacus's Icelandic blue eyes.

sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

Stephanie looked at Sportacus. Stephanie smiled as Sportacus started to sing. Sportacus moved closer to Stephanie and put his arm around her.

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Sportagirl is watching from a distance and she just smiled. Sportacus backflipped over them.

sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

Sportacus sighed than took the basketball and threw into the hoop. Sportacus started doing some cool sport moves with the basketball.

Stephanie watched him in wonder. Wait hold on here I can't be thinking because he's way too old for me. Sportacus looked over at Stephanie and smiled at her.

sportacus and stephanie relationship goals

Stephanie felt her checks go flushed with heat. Sportacus laughed a little. Stephanie smiled back at Sportacus. Sportacus pulled Stephanie up into his lap and wrapped his arms around to keep her warm.

Sportagirl walked over them.