Skye and ward relationship help

[Spoilers][4x18] So does Skye love Lincoln? Or Ward? : shield

skye and ward relationship help

Grant Douglas Ward was a S.H.I.E.L.D. specialist, who was secretly a tried to help him, which he refused and instead began a sexual relationship with May. In fics with this storyline, Skye and Ward often help each other recover. Skyeward are canonically in a relationship and Ward is actually one. Especially given that Hydra is in control, Fitz is evil, and Grant Ward is background from his perspective and how he sees the relationship.

skye and ward relationship help

But Agents of S. D quickly turned that dynamic on its head by what was probably the most dramatic reveal of the first season when Ward shot Agent Victoria Hand, freed John Garrett and turned against his team in support of HYDRA. This development radically changed the relationship between Daisy and Ward, making them players on opposing teams though only on of them knew that at that point in timebut more importantly, it also changed the lens through which their previous interactions were seen by the audience.

Daisy is supposed to go to processing center to hack it, but there are several armed agents in the corridor which Ward plans to take out. When Daisy alerts him to the fact that this will likely be suicide, Ward says: And if I do… maybe I deserve to.

Grant Ward

I killed an innocent man, Skye. According to him, Thomas Nash threatening to hurt and kill Daisy — who had already been shot on his orders before — got Ward so angry that he killed an unarmed, wheelchair bound and defenseless man.

However, as we later learn, the Clairvoyant is John Garret, a level 8 S.

skye and ward relationship help

Regret and remorse are emotions he only portrays later on and only around Daisy, who reacted with horrified disbelief to Ward killing someone. This is what he does: Ward manipulates people to his advantage again and again and not just Daisy: And by telling Daisy about the abuse his parents and older brother inflicted on him and telling her that he is not a good person who believes he may not deserves happiness, he is again preying on her compassion and support to get her to trust him.

In season 2, he tries the exact same thing again to elicit compassion from Daisy, who is interrogating him about HYDRA while he is a captive of S. He also manipulates and abuses Kara Palamas, an ex — Agent of S.


D who was captured and brainwashed by HYDRA, by promising to help her rediscover herself and enact revenge on the people responsible for her captivity and torture, but ultimately using her, making her torture others and then killing her accidentally.

And in season 3, Ward recruits the son of an ex — high ranking HYDRA member with the promise of money and power, but is after the secret family vault all along and quickly discards him.

Ward submits to cooperating with S. The first half of the second season is peppered with conversations between them that have higher stakes and more tension than almost anything else in the show.

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On one hand, Skye is perfectly justified for wanting nothing to do with Ward—and wanting him dead, too—even if she did like him, quite a bit, before learning about his past. The way that Ward and Skye are filmed is almost always done with the intensity of a romance scene; their action sequences read more like sex scenes.

Where the dialogue between the two of them could be close-up, to their faces, the camera occasionally delivers a zoomed-out shot that showcases their torsos, not just their faces.

skye and ward relationship help

And then as the fight turns more emotional—tears well up in both of their eyes—the music, and the scene, take on the texture of a breakup. The two are being overtly linked to each other.

skye and ward relationship help

And in his bitterness, Ward delivers a line worthy of Christian Grey, one that flirts with torture and humiliation as a form of affection: For the first time in a while, I wanted something for myself. Both love and violence are intimate acts. The rest of this season might set up Ward for some kind of redemption—or it might let him wither on the vine.