Shylock and jessicas relationship problems

shylock and jessicas relationship problems

The strained relationship of Venetian moneylender Shylock and his daughter Jessica, While love consumes Jessica, clouding her judgement and eventually He realizes his daughter may encounter problems separating. 1) What forms the foundation of the relationship between the two characters your group has been assigned? (Think about the ties they have with one another. This relates to the theme of happiness vs. suffering because for Jessica to be happy with Lorenzo she has to take away what her father values.

shylock and jessicas relationship problems

He has lost gold, jewels, his daughter, and finally, the ability to continue the family name in the form of a grandchild. As we see later in the play, this decision, perhaps unavoidable, will have a great affect on Shylock and the entire story. At first glance, it appears Jessica and Portia are in similar situations, two women in love, their desires being withheld because of the demands of their fathers.

However, after closer examination, there are glaring differences between both the situations and the two characters themselves. Portia is a wealthy heiress, left in charge of Belmont by her deceased father, the former king. The caskets, bearing three separate inscriptions, are meant to separate the gold diggers from the true suitors, a final helpful measure taken by the king to ensure that neither his daughter nor his fortune is taken advantage of.

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Of course, Portia cannot understand the precaution, instead desiring freedom from her deceased father. Shylock sees Jessica more as valued property, a collectable that will one-day produce a grandchild, thus carrying on the family name. He realizes his daughter may encounter problems separating well-meaning suitors from greedy con men. Therefore, he devises a test, a way in which Portia will be sure the man she marries is noble and good intentioned. A set of three caskets, one gold, one silver and one lead are set before any potential suitor.

The perspective husband and future king of Belmont must choose one of the three caskets. If the correct one is chosen, the man will receive all that accompanies the title of king.

The Relationship between Father and Daughter and Their Portrayal in The Merchant of Venice

However, an incorrect choice means the man must go the rest of his days unmarried, a punishment for making the wrong decision. The Prince of Morocco and the Prince of Argon go first, selecting the gold and silver caskets, respectively. The Prince of Morocco sees the scull of death in the gold casket, while the Prince of Argon, an old and decrepit man, sees the picture of a fool in the silver casket.

shylock and jessicas relationship problems

However, Bassanio, ever the gambler, insists on selecting immediately. He chooses the dull lead casket, a decision, which wins him the hand of Portia. As the play concludes, the reader begins to see how intrinsically different Jessica and Portia really are. In turn, this makes the tyranny of the two fathers different as well.

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Shylock holds Jessica hostage, a mere possession to be counted amongst the rest of his fortune. Shakespeare makes this point in Act V, when Jessica and Lorenzo discuss their relationship in terms of three love stories, each of which ends in tragedy and heartbreak.

Jessica and Shylock

Clearly, treating women as objects of exchange between men is not limited to non-Christians. This is the test of the three caskets — gold, silver, and lead — which has been set out for anyone who wants to marry Portia. We are told that her father has her best interests at heart, but again the choice of a woman is circumscribed restricted by the will of a man.

When Bassiano comes to woo Portia, he too must attempt to pass the test set out by her dead father. We have already seen two others fail by choosing the gold and silver caskets — does this mean that wealth is not the only way to choose a wife?

On opening the casket, he reads the words: You that choose not by the view Chance as fair and choose as true.

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The message suggests that appearances are not everything, and by choosing the casket that is least highly valued, he wins the highest prize of all, Portia for his wife.

How would you have arranged things if you had a daughter? While other characters do not say it so bluntly, Shakespeare asks us to think about how people are related to one another. Is it through commonly held beliefs, or ties of affection, or is it simply that people are indebted to others and must go along with what they say? Dependence comes in many forms, both positive and negative, and Shakespeare challenges us to examine our own connections with other people for less admirable motives.

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The Merchant of Venice is a play that demonstrates what a huge role money plays in all our lives.