Sav and jay relationship goals meme

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sav and jay relationship goals meme

RelationshipGoals” is a hashtag used to share pictures on social media that the poster believes exhibits the type of romantic relationship worth striving to. Sav it and l'm yours it and @girlsthinkimfunny Want to day drink? You had me at drink relationshipgoals from Instagram tagged as Funny Meme. Funny Meme Meme .. Friends, Funny, and Jay: If you don't get this we can't be friends TIM O, THEE DEE NICE AY AY RON BALAK AYE JAY QUELLIN. Discover ideas about Relationship Goals. Sav and jay. Relationship GoalsCute RelationshipsHalloween Même si l'être. More information. More information.

An Open Letter to Bobby Shmurda – New Culture Vibes

It is their testimony that the mentality of the black race is emblematic of disaster. Essentially, the circumstances of what you considered your stage in that conference room looked oddly familiar to an auction block: They sat at a table listening to you rap about killing people and they gave you a petty clap.

Please realize what you are depicting.

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In essence, you are representative of a slave. Though financial freedom is something we all strive for, your freedom is at the cost of you, as well as the race you represent. We only held value when we represented money for our owner.

We were only property that produced cash.

Portmanteau Couple Name

Right now, you Bobby, are representative of property, rapping about everything that criminalizes you, like killing your kind. They must be tamed.

sav and jay relationship goals meme

They depend on you to remain at the top of their Eurocentric hierarchy. Perpetuating this hierarchy does absolutely nothing for you. They say shootin is my hobby bitch.

Savannah and Jared- I'll be your man

This is how it translates: Moving on, the cover of your EP shows you wearing a ski mask with wide eyes and tongue out, looking wild, disheveled and suspicious: Your cover is reminiscent of a minstrel show. There are young black men who die because white society deems them to be uncontrollable nuisances.

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Bobby, you need to be freed. When slaves sought freedom, they taught themselves how to read. I understand that you represent Brooklyn, well, Brooklyn has plenty of public libraries.

sav and jay relationship goals meme

This part of the letter is dedicated to racist police and the American government: Please do not shoot this young man. As time went on, fans began speculating that they were spending a little TOO much time together for them to be just friends.

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She seemed heartbroken about it at the time, but that only lasted for a few weeks, because they got back together at the end of the same month. Thank goodness — we couldn't stand to see the blonde beauties apart any longer!

sav and jay relationship goals meme

He took longtime girlfriend Morgan Duffin to senior prom back inbut decided to start living the single life soon after. That didn't last long, however, because the year-old quickly started posting pictures with other girls and began sating fellow YouTuber, Claudia Sulewski.

sav and jay relationship goals meme

No one is really sure what happening between the vlogging pair, but they suddenly stopped appearing in each other's videos and the blond was hanging out with his non-famous ex a LOT more. Logan even recently posted a video of the two smooching by a campfire, so it's safe to say that they're back together for real.

These two gorgeous, Tumblr-turned-Youtube-turned-Instagram stars usually have everyone drooling on their keyboards. But for a while, they just couldn't make their relationship work Sav deleted all traces of her former bae from her Instagram page in Augustwhich basically confirmed their breakup. Luckily, despite a lengthy eight months apart, the two rekindled their love and got back together in April