Sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

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sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy. His name is Sasha and he is a Qwaser, a being that draws power. Mafuyu and Tomo first meet Sasha when they see him lying unconscious on the . Back in school, Mafuyu gets the usual persecution by Miyuri and Hana but So much so Sasha got traumatized and quotes he hates boobs!. Oribe Mafuyu (left) and Sasha Hell (right) from The Qwaser of Stigmata .. I'll protect you Seikon no qwaser anime Sasha and mafuyu Alexander Hell & Oribe.

Seems like a good and nice guy but eventually he has to escape when Sasha and Mafuyu returns after their stalemate battle. Episode 11 The Adepts set loose another one of their members.

Back in school, Mafuyu gets the usual persecution by Miyuri and Hana but Mitarai stands up for her. We learn Mitarai has always had a secret crush on Sasha because she watched him showing kindness to a cat at their school. The loli pair show up in school and get into their weird fetish with Mitarai. Sasha and Teresa take on them but their attack have no effect and must destroy the main body which is Eva Silver.

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I can think of a few horny classroom teachers but this one is very bold and even got physical, targeting Mitarai. Eventually he arrives and prepares for a showdown. In the aftermath though the incident is covered up, Sasha has become popular among the girls. However Eva Silver is still alive she was able to repair herself and takes Mafuyu hostage.

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She is going to get her revenge and her powers upgraded including new loli slaves. During the battle, Sasha powers up to new heights by using the iron in his blood and with the indirect help of Katja and Otori, Eva Silver is killed off. But the strain on Sasha is too much as he collapses. Episode 13 Due to that, Sasha has lost his memories and thinks he is a girl courtesy of Katja! This hotspring episode is the funniest though filled with fanservice. As part of their plan to have Sasha recover his memories, the girls take him to the iron-filled hotspring except for Miyuri who feels left out and went on her own hotspring trip with Lizzie.

Not even Katja can stand up to this towering fraulein! Squirting and drinking her Souma directly into her mouth?! Then they have everyone smother Sasha in their boobs. However the plan backfires as an earthquake occurs and causes geysers to spout. So much so Sasha got traumatized and quotes he hates boobs! Episode 14 Miyuri becomes some sort of magical girl called LiliKamen to save Sasha from molesters.

Then Hana and Katja take her under their wing and undergo weird training to save an airplane. Her killing intent is so powerful that she even surprised Katja and got blown away in the end. Miyuri collapses and when she comes to, finds herself tied up by an Athos Qwaser, Tasuku Fujiomi who proceeds to do perverted stuff on her body. But he got whacked and taken away by his Maria, Mutsumi Sendou. What the heck is this filler episode for?

Some cosplaying girl finds them cute and has them cosplay in front of excited girls alike. Then in the changing room, an Adept sniper Qwaser of Plumbum starts sniping at them. During the attack, when Lizzie pulls out her weapon, Sasha regains his memories and both sides realize that they fought each other that time.

Mafuyu comes in to see both of them preparing to face each other off. The sniping Qwaser is going to take this chance to snipe Sasha but was killed by Otori. Then they find unconscious Tomo in his hands and Teresa siding by his side. Then they escaped but it was short lived as Aurum, the Gold Qwaser found them, killed her and gave Sasha that scar and challenged him to become stronger and go after him. I guess Mafuyu felt pity so she lets him suck her Souma before their trip to rescue Tomo.

Sasha fights Lizzie once more and then Teresa while Mafuyu goes ahead. Episode 17 I supposed having boobs so big that you can even suck it yourself! Sasha spares Teresa who got herself controlled by Otori so that she could be killed by him and Lizzie to go face Otori. She is devastated by his death. Katja uses her long range attack what hentai pose is that for Hana?

Episode 18 Tasuku and Mutsumi become new transfer students at St Mihailov. Tomo then meets a little girl, Astarte one of the many candidates and the highest ranking Maria. We are introduced to the other Adepts: Then some dispute between Jita and Georg so Wang Chen is going to punish Jita as she was the one responsible for starting the fight.

Joshua begs for clemency but fell on death ears. Miyuri holds a birthday bash for Katja and invites everyone.

sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

During the party, a monster attacks them. When they subdue it, they learn it is Lizzie. Later Friedrich tries to persuade Katja to come to their side by giving her the Egg and make her their imperial queen. Before you know it, they engage in a battle but since the former duo underestimated their opponents, they lost.

Meanwhile Hana is disheartened to find her beloved Katja missing. Then Friedrich kidnaps Mafuyu to draw out the Sword of Maria in her body. Both matches end in a stalemate. I suppose the brothers got greedy as they start drinking all the Souma. Think of it as becoming poison. Too much of a good thing is bad. Our heroes combine their powers as Sasha delivers the final killing blow. Episode 23 The gang learns this is where Yuudai hid the Icon as they see the painting.

Sasha sees vision of Olja who tells him to go back to his precious ones waiting for him. I guess Mafuyu become so emotional that her circuit got activated and partly revived Sasha.

sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

Yeah, you know what happens when it falls into the wrong hands. Mafuyu and Tomo are happily reunited as the gang heads home. Episode 24 In the aftermath of it all, Mafuyu is disheartened to learn her boobs shrunk! Proud Miyuri takes this chance to have the gang experiment with her breast enlargement products but it ends with disastrous results. Since Yuri gives Sasha a day off, he manages to give her tickets to the movies.

At the end of their fun day, Sasha tells her that this is farewell since his mission in Japan has ended. They both confess to each other she loves him, he loves her boobs?!

He sucks her boobs as final parting gift? And yeah if you have been waiting for this moment because now is the time they both share their first kiss!

Finally a mouth somewhere else other than boobs. After that boobs-filled ending credits oh goshwe see polite Sasha in a new mission infiltrating a school with his new Maria. So what about the plot?

Heck, my blog is so bare and simple that I think I left out lots of details. Not that I care anyway. So after that super final boss fight, it still got me thinking what the heck happened to those other characters. I mean, the remaining Adepts, Mutsumi and Tasuku and the few others. It pretty makes their role much redundant, eh? The final episode seems like it tried to tie things up but that is between Sasha and Mafuyu, not so much the other characters. So is Katja leaving for good after she gave Hana her last sadistic rites?

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So is Lizzie just bumming around seeing that her beloved master is gone for good? Basically I think this entire show is mainly focused on Sasha and Mafuyu. We can see how Sasha turns his attention from Tomo to Mafuyu gradually and that final episode confirmed that they become a pair.

sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

Though Sasha is still that tundra boy but at least he has learned the value of those important to him. He comes to accept those around him as with Mafuyu.

sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

There were probably lots of other things I would love to say or ponder such as the nature and role of Yuri and Teresa and minor supporting ones like Miyuri, Mitarai and Astarte what the heck happened to her anyway? Did Tomo and her become close friends?

An Icon is also The Window of Eternity. We can pass through this icon and see the world of god' he had told them as they gazed upon a painting. XBreakX A few minutes later the two were walking to the main campus "You're so mean Mafuyu-chan" said Tomo rubbing her head while her breast giggled as she rushed forward.

Tomo "Ehhh-ed" in confusion "You've been absent from school for three days. Being the daughter of the headmaster, you shouldn't be late or absent from school" she continued smiling. Thinking about it for a moment Tomo put a big warm smile on her face and waved "Thank you Mafuyu-chan" she said as her friend laughed. However they noticed a young woman around their age in a long black dress that looked as though were part of a religious wear. She had brown hair with two locks of hair sticking out and also had green eyes and a cross around her neck.

She was currently tending to the flower beds but didn't seem to have any kind of expression on her face. Stopping to take a look Mafuyu while Tomo managed to trip sending her flying revealing her panties that had a picture of a tulip on them "Tulip" said the woman holding a pot of tulips. That's right, I'm so happy you finally remembered my name" she said to the now named Teresa "You're not coming to school because of work today right too?

I mean Tomo there was nothing there but you still tripped right? That's a talent too" she said winking. Tomo sighed "Mafuyu-chan, you're a meanie" she said bowing her head "oh what will I do with you?

XBreakX In the classroom the two were staring at Tomo's desk that had a bucket of dead flowers on it "Again? The short brown haired girl always seemed to enjoy bullying Tomo and Mafuyu by dumping garbage on her desk and making them pick up trash when she throws the trash bin at them. She wore the same uniform but had a smaller chest than Mafuyu. Come to think about it, those incident began once the former headmaster went missing" she noted "Maybe there's some connection" she suggested knowing what her words would do to Mafuyu who grabbed the girl and held her up against the wall.

She was the daughter of the current headmaster of the academy who was bossy, prideful and seemed to enjoyed bullying Tomo and Mafuyu as much as Hana who she supported. If something did happen you would both have to leave that run-down dormitory" she said in her haughty tone "You should know your place. Mafuyu then felt her hand grabbed by Tomo and squeezed for comfort "It's alright, didn't father always say: God will save those who smile and forgive?

XBreakX The assaulted girls had one thing in common, they were both pure and without lovers. I guess you are worried about your partner, since his status and location are unknown" Teresa nodding wanting to know where her friend and partner was.

She was so cute when we were small" wondered Mafuyu still a little frustrated. Today I'll prepare a great feast to celebrate your return to school, look forward to it" Mafuyu suggested.

Tomo put on a wide smile of pure happiness "I will, I will, I'll eat as much as you can make" she said excited before beginning to spin around "Tomo's belly is in trouble! So I must be the one to protect Tomo' her mind flashed to Tomo reading to note and had started crying over the loss of her father.

Her heart retched remembering that face that should never be on the girls face 'I must protect her'. She called "Catch me it you-" she couldn't finished as she tripped…again.

However when she tripped this time she had fallen on someone "Are you alright? The two saw bright blonde hair that spiked out in a way that most would believe needed hair gel.

sasha and mafuyu meet again quote

XBreakX We now find ourselves at the dorm in which Tomo and Mafuyu lived on their own "Oh Mafuyu-chan…you didn't have to hit him so hard that the shinai broke" said Tomo rubbing the boys head feeling his silk like locks and Mafuyu chuckled nervously. XBreakX Mafuyu had decoded to look for the boy leaving the dorm house with a new shinai ready to crack the boys skull "What's with that kid? Bursting thought the doors when she got there the inside of the church was burning blue flames 'Why…why…why did this happen?

I have to at least save this! Mafuyu managed to dodge the discs as she fell to the floor but the discs flews and began homing in "You can't escape said the cloaked figure as the discs came close to hitting Mafuyu before morphing into metal restraints holding her legs, arms and chest ripping her clothes exposing her yellow bra.

The figure just laughed at her question loudly "Well I just couldn't find it" she said holding Mafuyu's shinai. She held her face tasking a taste of her skin with her tongue "I heard that you were headmaster Yamanode's favourite, so you might know, but maybe I was wrong" she said pushing her thumb into Mafuyu's mouth before taking out as she tried to bite her.

She then felt her restraints change "It got harder" she muttered "Magnesium: She began to tease Mafuyu's breasts with her shinai "Stop it what are you doing stop! Mafuyu cried out and closed her eyes only to feel no pain and looked to see the discs embedded in the walls "Just kidding" she chuckled "Did you wet yourself?

There's nobody who's save trash like you" she said laughing. Mafuyu then realized the truth of those words 'That's right…nobody came to save us…that's why…I wanted to become strong. I thought I had become strong' she thought keeping the fierce look in her eyes.

However the daggers didn't hit their mark as they were blocked by straighten chains "Who's there? The new figure moved his hands through a candle stand and it seemed to melt as his touch before throwing the shard at the other who blocked it with several pieces of magnesium.

The boy then slumped down to one knee "But it looks like you haven't had any soma for a long time.