Rwanda and uganda relationship

Uganda-Rwanda relations near breaking point amid deportations, rebel activity claims – PML Daily

rwanda and uganda relationship

Exclusive: Uganda Responds to Rwanda on 'Complicated' Relations Rwanda's Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Richard Sezibera speaking at a. KAMPALA/KIGALI – Relations between Rwanda and Uganda have broken down further following continuous arrests of each other's citizens. Uganda and Rwanda enjoy a very close, strategic relationship. Many of RPF's founders had their start in NRA and the bush war in

RWANDA – UGANDA : Failure in Relations

On various fronts, tensions have arisen between the two countries. It is widely believed that Kigali favours regime change, with Rwanda being accused of arming and supporting Burundian rebels. They deny these allegations.

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  • Exclusive: Uganda Responds to Rwanda on ‘Complicated’ Relations
  • Uganda-Rwanda relations near breaking point amid deportations, rebel activity claims

By contrast, Kampala has stood firmly by the Burundian government, with Museveni extending a hand to President Pierre Nkurunziza. There have also been numerous disputes regarding regional integration and cooperation. Uganda has shifted some of its regional infrastructure priorities towards South Sudan at the expense of Rwanda.

It has also been perceived to snub a frustrated Kigali on several occasions, such as over its failure to construct an electricity transmission line to its southern border despite Rwanda committing to the project. Internally meanwhile, Uganda has conducted numerous reshuffles that have reportedly elevated figures sceptical of Rwanda. Particularly in security and intelligence agencies, individuals thought to be sympathetic to Rwanda have been retired or transferred, while more hostile officials have been promoted.

Kagame is a close friend of Kayihura and was the best man on his wedding day. In security circles, many believe that Kigali wants Kayihura to one day take over as president.

rwanda and uganda relationship

On 21 November, the police counter-terrorism unit raided the offices of Red Pepper and arrested eight of its senior managers and editors. At the center of the relationship is the very important and sensitive question of protection of refugees and those who flee from persecution. Uganda has been a home to Rwandan refugees from way back in to date. And these refugees as of necessity are interested in what is happening in Rwanda.

Why Uganda is important to Rwanda

The failure by President Museveni to attend the African Union extraordinary summit in Kigali last week and the refusal of President Paul Kagame to attend the East Africa Community summit in Kampala earlier are telling of whence the relationship between the two countries has gone. So, there has been some disquiet between Kampala and Kigali for some time now.

Kigali has been unhappy ever since a group of about 40 young men were intercepted intending to travel through Tanzania and Burundi using Ugandan passports with intentions of going over to Democratic Republic of Congo, where there are simmering tensions over the security of Rwanda.

Uganda, on the other hand, has its own version of what it considers irrevocable things that Rwanda has done on a number of individuals who have sought asylum in Uganda.

Uganda: A police chief on trial and deepening suspicions with Rwanda - African Arguments

Because of the proximity of the two countries and their geographical and social relations, it is easy to know what happens over the border. So, when I saw the aura and seemingly easy meeting between President Museveni and Paul Kagame over the weekend, it dawned on me that it was diplomacy at its best.

But behind the curtain are very serious unresolved matters and given time and space, the same matters will raise their ugly faces once more. This followed his surprise firing this March and arrest in June. In the run-up to his recent court date, there had been much speculation about the charges he might face. The government-owned New Vision newspaper suggested Kayihura would be charged with crimes related to the assassination of former Police Spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi in March A network of operatives The charge sheet is revealing on both sets of allegations.

rwanda and uganda relationship

To begin with, it accuses the former police chief of failing to manage the arms and ammunition used by the independent police units — the Flying Squad, Specialised Operations, Witness Protection, and the Crime Intelligence Directorate — under his direct supervision. It also accuses Kayihura of illegally supplying guns to members of Boda Bodaa vigilante group infamous for brutally attacking protestors.

rwanda and uganda relationship

Kayihura enjoyed the loyalty of both senior and junior officers in the security forces and had influential associates inside and outside the government. However, this may have contributed to his downfall.