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•Roslin had to hide Hera to protect her from cylon agents within the but this is not the American revolution and those conventions and Quotes do not Rorlins, considering the relationship between Adama and Roslin I. This list of BSG memes isn't for the casual fan (especially if you haven't Six revealed that she'd been using her relationship with Baltar to gain access to by that knowledge, as well as dodging Laura Roslin's suspicions. Relationship Advice from 8 Battlestar Galactica Power Couples . the one enjoyed between Commander Adama and President Laura Roslin.

No matter what happened to Athena and Helo, they had the good sense to stick it out.

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And wow, that last shot, the three of them in that field together — what else do you need to know? Know when to fold em Oh, Baltar and Caprica Six and sometimes D'Annayou might have just had too many people and versions of yourself to know how to navigate this. To some extent, these two absolutely saw a vision of the other that was downright Of-the-Gods. It's cool to build that fantasy. It's probably super necessary to falling in love. The third time they tried to make it work, they realized it was a lost cause and their last interaction on Earth summed this up.

Theirs was a transcendent friendship -- deeper on some level than most of the show's pairings. Yes, they had sex every once in a while, and yes, sometimes they thought they should be more than they were.

They were who they were, and they existed for each other exactly as long as they were supposed to. And he loved her back. He was a good and honest man until And then, a while later, he apologized, she forgave him, and she took him back. To be fair, Chief was reformed.

Which we wanted to believe. From that point on, we worried about Callie with good reason. It remains one of the more desperately sad relationships the show had. You deserved better than Galen Tyrol. No matter the treachery.

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And now that we think about it, maybe they are a special case. Okay, if you know that you have endless lives to live together There are a lot of great moments to learn from, but none more than the two of them on Kobol: I didn't come here for this. I didn't come here to lay blame or to catalog our mistakes. We made a decision to leave the Colonies after the attack.

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We made the decision. It was the right one then and it's the right one now. Because every moment of every day since then is a gift. No, from you, for convincing me that I should go. The writers behind the series truly did a fantastic job of crafting this romance, and it is worth picking up the series to learn from these writers, even when they stumble in other aspects not the AdamaxRoslin coupling, they never stumbled with that in my eyes.

And while novelists have to write differently for their medium, there are plenty of nuggets to be gleaned—but I digress.

The writers take these two characters from not really liking each—she was the teacher parading as president and he was the technologically impair, domineering, military tight-ass—to that tear-jerking final scene between the two at the end of season four.

The dynamic nature of this relationship and the history that develops between Adama and Roslin are what make this coupling so great—and the writers nail it. How did they do? They first created believable characters whose goals were to live and safeguard what remained of the human race. For most this would pretty much sink any pairing; however, being mature adults, they were able to rebuild their relationship. This progression all made sense: Both had also experience several hardships in their lives, which allowed them to further connect.

And while there were tons of major events that plunged their working and personal relationship to different levels, the Battlestar Galactica writers also gave Adama and Roslin plenty of small, everyday moments: Gradually small romantic gestures—sharing a dance, hugging, and of course, that kiss—begin to surface as their relationship slowly progressed.