Rogers and astaire relationship

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rogers and astaire relationship

Who they are: Born Virginia McMath, Ginger Rogers was already an the next time they met, Astaire was married and their relationship was purely professional. Their unique on-screen and offscreen relationship. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers don't just dance in Top Hat's famous “Cheek to Cheek”. POETRY IN MOTION Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Off screen, as a new book reveals, it was a stormy relationship, beginning with a.

In fact, the time has come to say that they didn't want to be a regular act at all. More than that, they didn't actually like each other very much, and needed a great deal of persuasion to work together time after time. Fred once told me in an aside while I was working on what would be his authorised biography - but in a statement distinctly not for publication at the time - "Oh Ginger!

rogers and astaire relationship

She always wanted to be boss. I didn't use the statement in the book. Fred was still alive at the time and it would have been churlish to go against his wishes, but it was difficult not to read between the lines and from the expression of exasperation on his face - almost 30 years after they had last worked together.

It was a fact underlined by Miss Rogers herself a few years later. We were having lunch - scrambled eggs for her - at London's Dorchester Hotel.

At first, she wanted to talk only about herself, and preferably not at all about Astaire. It was difficult territory to navigate.

rogers and astaire relationship

Related Articles 26 April It was as if I had asked her if she had ever thought of taking dancing lessons. I think she must have realised the impact that stare was having and decided that some explanation was required.

Fred and Ginger: The truth

The lady had to come first, and she felt it perfectly reasonable that "Mr Astaire", as Ginger referred to him throughout our chat, gave way to her demands. Needless to say, that was not how Fred saw it. He was the one in charge. He worked on the routines as though he were planning a military operation. Every step that he intended to take was mapped out on paper by him in advance, and then on a blackboard.

The battle was won when he swept her into his arms in a final triumphant surrender. Indeed, that was the way their films were, too - he stalks her out, she runs away, he runs after her, she ultimately melts. The truth was, she resented it.

What she wanted to do, she told me, was her own thing - and preferably in high dramas, such as Kitty Foyle, in which she played to the horror of her fans, more used to seeing her in those flowing white dresses an unmarried mother - and won an Oscar for her trouble. When the time came to separate, Fred was as delighted as she was. It would help, he thought, to remove from the popular image the notion of their togetherness.

But by then, everyone thought of them as that partnership, or even worse a "team". His first regular partner had been his sister Adele, with whom he went to dancing classes.

She was a year older. Together, they became the toast of both Broadway and London's West End. Then during "The Carioca," Fred and Ginger step on to a nightclub dance floor and link foreheads while dancing. Their wholesome charm had unmistakably sexual undertones, and turned an otherwise minor number into the highlight of the film.

Flying Down to Rio managed just under half a million dollars in profit -- which, with the Great Depression at its worst, was enough to get the attention of RKO executives. Rio had a surprising impact on viewers. Decades later, director Stanley Donen described his reaction this way -- "I was nine, and I'd never seen anything like it in my life.

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I'm not sure I have since. It was as if something had exploded inside me.

rogers and astaire relationship

I could not stop watching Fred Astaire dance. I went back to the theatre every day while the picture was playing. I must've seen it at least twenty times. Fred Astaire was so graceful. It was as if he were connected to the music.

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He led it and he interpreted it, and he made it look so effortless. He performed as though he were absolutely without gravity.

rogers and astaire relationship

Silverman in Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and His Movies. Knopf,pp. Berman persuaded the studio to showcase Astaire and Rogers in a star vehicle of their own. This film was based on the stage musical Gay Divorce, but the Hays office demanded a change of title.

rogers and astaire relationship

Under Hollywood's new Production Code, it was acceptable to suggest a divorced person was "gay" meaning "happy"but a film couldn't say that a divorce was happy!

Lavishly produced, Gay Divorcee managed to make a slightly larger profit than it predecessor. There is a a variation of the "mistaken identities" plot with stylish comic support from Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore and Helen Broderick, and a solid-gold score by Irving Berlin.

The dialogue is breezy and clever, and the atmosphere one of elegant delight. It is still hard to resist this cinematic cocktail. A popular quote usually attributed to actress Katherine Hepburn claims that "Fred gave Ginger class, while she gave him sex appeal. It was the indefinable connection between their screen personas that made their class and sex appeal so powerful and so irresistible.

Now remembered as a dramatic actress, Dunne had a fine soprano voice and starred in numerous screen musicals.