Rick and morty season 1 episode ending relationship

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rick and morty season 1 episode ending relationship

Rick and Morty (season 1) · List of Rick and Morty episodes. "Rick Potion #9" is the sixth episode of Rick and Morty. It premiered on Adult Swim on January As these events transpire, Jerry, feeling insecure about his relationship with Beth, while it wasn't as funny as the previous episode, it had a wonderfully dark ending, . "The ABCs of Beth" ended one a major cliffhanger for Beth, but it did something even better for her relationship with Rick. 'Rick and Morty': Season 3's Penultimate Episode Perfected the Art of the 'Inception'-Style Cliffhanger . Patrick September 26, pm. Beth might be a clone. Rick would never. After an undeniably dark Season 3, “The Rickchurian Mortydate” hit the soft around, we all wanted them to end this toxic, co-dependent relationship. Season 4 might look very familiar to fans of Season 1, but those two key.

Our C heroes barely featured in this episode, only appearing in the pre- and post-credit scenes.

Rick Potion No. 9

Instead we were given lots of parallel plots in The Citadel, a place where infinite Ricks and Mortys have formed a society in the wake of C annihilating the council of Ricks. A key plot-line was the political campaign of 'Candidate Morty' who unexpectedly beats his rival Ricks with an impassioned speech about social division between Ricks and Mortys.

rick and morty season 1 episode ending relationship

Once in office Candidate Morty goes even more Machiavellian than Frank Underwood, and in the final shot it is revealed that he is the same Morty from Season 1, episode 10 'Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind', affectionately known by fans as "Evil Morty". Adult Swim The reappearance of Evil Morty does not bode well, but so long as Rick and Morty C stay away from the citadel they should be safe A fan theory uploaded on reddit thinks otherwise.

rick and morty season 1 episode ending relationship

The theory hones in on a few subtle inconsistencies in the show's plot. As a rule Rick and Morty is extremely conscientious to remain consistent, even when it comes to really minor details.

Rick Potion No. 9 - Wikipedia

A pretty appropriate reaction to being in Rick's vicinity. Adult swim Seeing as Morty is only fourteen, how is this possible? We already know that Rick and Morty can move between infinite realities, having ditched their 'original' reality in season 1 episode 6 after a scientific slip-up mutated all humans on Earth into horrific Cronenberg monsters.

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They bailed on trying to save their home-reality and took the place of a Rick and Morty who died in a lab accident in a different dimension. With this in mind, is it possible that our Rick is not actually with his original Morty, might his original Morty actually be The theory goes that C was brought up by Rick sans Jerry and is therefore far more intelligent than his Morty brethren.

rick and morty season 1 episode ending relationship

Trivia This is the first holiday-themed episode of the series. Summer has apparently moved on from her previous crush Frank Palicky 's death as she was seen with a boyfriend named Ethan who she has apparently been dating for some time.

Although episodes produced before and after this one feature Morty's central crush and love interest being Jessicahe develops an interest in Annie during this episode. As Rick shrinks her down again and sends her inside Ethan, Morty protests. Cultural References The entire concept of this episode is a parody of Jurassic Park. There is a potential reference to James Joyce's famous novel Ulysses in this episode. Joyce's relationship with Jacob is a cuckolding relationship with respect to Leonard, paralleling Molly Bloom's adulterous relationship with Blaze Boylan which is the main conflict in the novel for Molly's husband Leopold Bloom.

This connection is further evidenced by the fact that many of the characters introduced in this episode feature names correlated to the novel: Xenon Bloom shares a last name with the protagonist of the novel, Leopold Bloom; Joyce Smith shares a name with author James Joyce; and Jacob and Leonard have names remarkably similar to these two individuals, Leonard, and Leopold and Jacob or Jake and James.

The major plot of the episode is a parody of Richard Fleischer's novel Fantastic Voyage, in which a Soviet scientist lives through an assassination attempt with a blood clot, and a miniaturized crew aboard the nanobot-sized Proteus submarine sail through his blood vessels to find and remove the clot.

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While Fantastic Voyage is relatively worry-free, Anatomy Park presents the audience with the alternate side of the story in which the adventure inside of the human body becomes dangerous and brutal. A ride at Anatomy Park features robotic little creatures singing a song called It's a Small, Small Intestineas the riders sit in a little boat that takes them down the intestinal tube. Alexander being dressed as a dog is a reference to the Disney character, Goofy.