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I found this post on a site called /r/OCD/, by a guy calling himself “We've all been jealous of our partner's sexual / relationship history at some. In terms of relationships, one of your values may be fidelity; you won't cheat on one or both parties talk about their sexual past and/or relationship history), find that you're dealing with both conflicting values, and retroactive jealousy OCD. On the other end of the spectrum, others are still hung up on a relationship their . so it's really up to you how much you want to beat retroactive jealousy OCD. Retroactive Jealousy Help For Those Thinking Of Cheating To Gain Experience.

So, I just trusted her to understand I had changed, and she did. I think your GF is doing something like I did with my wife, with you, as it turns out. Perhaps she wants to know she is loved despite her past. Alcoholism gives people a past they would never have when sober Alcoholics I have known are like a completely different person when they drink Bro, just trust your instincts about her as far as what kind of person she is and if she has moral instincts now.

Both security expert Gavin de Becker and also Dr. Phil have both pointed out that it is very important to trust your intuition about people because you are most often right. If you think something is wrong, it probably is, but if she seems right, she probably is, OK? I always imagine she will fall off the wagon or revert to her old habits. And, in that, you are wise, my friend.

Let me give you a different view of trust. My wife and I had to decide who to trust after our divorces. My wife didn't even let any man into her life for the three plus years after her divorce until I met her, and I knew I needed to earn her trust, so I set about doing everything right, and decided to give her all the time she needed to decide to trust me. Not on your life. Not after what happened to me, not after her ex husband lied to her and cheated on her for 30 years.

Or maybe it doesn't matter at all.

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I admitted in my first post of also being slightly aroused by what my partner has done with strangers. Not the acts themselves, but her arousal and enjoyment that she has had in her life.

The free sexual spirit which I myself have had, and would have explored deeper if given the chance. What does matter to me is that I love this girl in the here and now, and I don't want to judge her or be jealous about things that happened before she knew I existed. We've both been in love, been in lust, enjoyed ourselves, made mistakes, have had broken hearts. We're in each others lives and have a great relationship.


I want to continue to make progress on this. It's my problem at the end of the day, I don't want it in our relationship. Intrusive Thought returns — back to step 1. Intrusive Thoughts return — back to Step 1. Exposure and Response Prevention works by short-circuiting the above Cycle. You resist performing your Compulsion, and force your brain to develop a tolerance to the anxiety you are experiencing. Like a phrase to do with something they have done in the past, or a picture of her with her ex.

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Do not respond in any way… simply continue what you were going to do, e. Believe it for a second.

Retroactive jealousy: Obsessed with my partner’s past

After about 15 mins the anxiety will subside. So, if the [Response] is to think through the sexual scene, visualise it, and give yourself reassurance, then what is Response Prevention, in this case? Your mind will be screaming for you to visualise what happened… but you must not. When any of these thoughts pop in, simply feel the anxiety and keep on doing what you were doing without following the thought up.

Becoming comfortable with uncertainty is the stake in the heart of the OCD Vampire. That means being OK with not knowing: This probably seems like a terrifying proposition at the moment. The thing is, this fear is an illusion produced by the malfunction in your brain. But the more you do it, the more the fear just… disappears!