Relationship and a questions tumblr

relationship questions on Tumblr

relationship and a questions tumblr

Jun 10, Do you need help with your relationship? Do you need an answer to a tough question? Need help figuring out what to do? ASK ME! You may. Jul 12, Are you in an open, regular or committed relationship? 9. Do you live together? Are you engaged? If yes, describe your proposal. If no, what. I'm bored, ask away! Ask here! 1. Are looks important in a relationship? 2. Are relationships ever worth it? 3. Are you a virgin? 4. Are you in a relationship? 5.

Which of my hobbies do you find the least interesting? Who usually wins our arguments?

relationship and a questions tumblr

What do we usually argue about? How long do I need in the morning to get ready? Am I a morning or an evening person? If you could change anything about me, what would it be? I am at the zoo. Where will I spend all of my day? Have I ever practiced an instrument? What was my first job? Where am I on a Friday night? How do I spend my vacations?

relationship and a questions tumblr

What is my weirdest interest? What will I order? What did you learn from me? What TV show do I like that you hate?

Who is the organized one in the relationship? Who is more jealous? What will I spend it on? What celebrity would I love to meet the most? If I was an animal, which one would I be? However, the most important thing is that you have fun. So just pick questions that seem fun to you. This boyfriend tag video by Zoella was almost 25 minutes long: If you have more ideas for questions, please put them in the comments! Looking forward to reading about your ideas.

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Relationships are what comes after the fight

She has worked as a composer, actress, director, writer and online marketer. Innocently or not, where do you like your partner to touch you? How does your partner impress you? How do you impress them? What outfit would you like to see your partner in? What would they like to see you wear? Do you have cute pet names for each other? Describe your favourite date so far?

Do either of you get jealous? Is one of you protective of the other? How do you both like to kiss? How do you both like to cuddle? Are you an openly mushy couple or a reserved couple? Does one of you like to cook for the other? Have you ever had your initials written on a tree or in the sand? Do you own any items that are a special symbol of your relationship? Do you express your love lavishly or discreetly?

Does thinking about your partner still give you butterflies? Fav things to do together on a rainy day? Fav things to do together on a sunny day? Got any plans together for next week? What did they do for yours? Where would you like to go on holiday together? You have a whole weekend to yourselves and in cash- what do you do?

How would you comfort your partner on a bad day? How would they comfort you? Where would you both get takeout together? What things remind you of your partner? What things remind them of you? Has your relationship changed at all since it first started? Have you ever worked on a project together?

Have you both influenced each other in any way? Have either of you made sacrifices for this relationship?

I Need Relationship Advice

Has you discovered anything surprising about your partner? What do you both mutually agree is the most important part of your relationship? What are the everyday things you both do to show you care about each other? Is there a favourite place that you both frequently go to together? What TV shows do you like to watch together? How do you relax together? What sleep positions do you tend to sleep together in?

Do you ever share the bathroom together? Do you share secrets between each other? Do you rotate house chores or do you each have assigned chore duties?

What does your partner think of your Tumblr? What characters do you play as together when playing multiplayer games? What are some major differences between you both? Who would win in an arm-wrestling contest? What are each of your zodiac signs and how do they compare?

What are each of your MBTI types and how do they compare? What are each of your Hogwarts houses and how do they compare? If you were both in a dating sim, what character tropes would each of you be? If you were both animals what would you be? Would you be the same animal? Have you ever both said something at the exact same time? Rate your relationship on a scale of basic vanilla 1 to extremely kinky 10 If you were both ingredients, what would each of you be and what would be the resulting recipe?

Which of you would win in a Pokemon battle? Assign yourself and your partner a fitting Pokemon type e. Are either of you super effective against the other? What happens when you argue with each other?