Rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

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rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

Luffy and Nami have not only an adorable relationship but also a true friendship. but they get along well when they both had the same opinion/goal about something. . Besides, It's not like there's anyone else to ship Rayleigh/Shakky with. What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami in One Piece? . moments in the manga as romantic and that pretty much kills the purpose of shounen manga. He will often state that if he reaches his goal, that's fine, but if he dies on the way, . Some encouragement from Jinbe and Rayleigh gave Luffy some renewed.

At the beginning of the series, he said that he wanted at least 10 crew members with abilities he felt necessary for his goal.

rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

Despite his carefree personality, each crew member respects him in their own way. He uses his elasticity to accelerate part or all of his body to deliver punches, kicks, head butts and body checks or for propulsion. Like others exposed to Devil Fruit, Luffy cannot swim; when he is submerged in water or contacts the Sea-Prism Stone, he loses his strength and cannot move on his own.

In addition to his Devil Fruit powers, he has immense strength and endurance. Luffy's signature attack is the Gum-Gum Pistol, a punch which he learned during years of training. This ability has two main types: As a result of his encounter with Magellanhe has also developed an immunity to poison although it is shown that a strong poison may affect him, albeit very slowly. During his fight against Charlotte Katakuri, Luffy's Observation Haki gains the ability of seeing several seconds into the future.

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Before the series begins, he accidentally eats the Gum-Gum fruit and acquires rubber powers. Luffy is later saved by Shanks from being devoured by a Sea King, a large sea beast, and Shanks loses an arm. Ten years later, Luffy leaves the village in search of the One Piece treasure and to become King of the Pirates. He meets swordsman Roronoa Zoroocean navigator and thief Namicowardly marksman and liar Usoppand chivalrous chef Sanjiand invites them to join his crew.

Luffy also encounters and defeats the East Blue pirate Buggy the Clown and the fishman Arlongbecoming known to the general populace and the pirate-hating Marines. He later accepts an offer to return Princess Nefertari Vivi of Alabasta to her homeland to stop a rebellion incited by Seven Warlords of the Sea member and Baroque Works crime-syndicate leader Sir Crocodile.

While visiting Skypiea, the crew is drawn into a war. Luffy defeats the god Eneruending the war. He meets Admiral Aokijiwho easily defeats him.

Luffy learns about Robin's background and faces enemies connected to her, such as Franky a cyborg who becomes Luffy's ally and the intelligence agency Cipher Pol No.

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Edit Luffy's two dominant traits are his apparent lack of intelligence and his utter fearlessness. He likes monsters and will ask weird creatures to join his crew as seen in the Thriller Bark arcasking a talking tree to join his crew. He also has no knowledge of medicine, when Nami had a high fever he told her to eat cold food and later tried to make Zoro better after battling Kuma by pouring sake onto him because Zoro likes sake.

When attempting to think up a plan to get off of Amazon Lilywhile he managed to make some logical sense of where to look, he is seen to strain himself and notes that he is going to feel sick from too much thinking.

rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

One of Luffy's running gags is asking "non-humans" such as Keimi and Brook if they can poop, in which case the answer is usually a yes. Another running gag is Luffy's slow reaction time, especially to snow and freezing temperatures. The same can't be said when he's on the field of battle, though; he has been known to dodge bullets with ease. It has been stated more than once that Luffy's instinct and behavior is similar to that of a wild animals, like when he knows who he has to fight before he even gets to the battle.

Even how he fights shows this, when he relies on his instincts and countering attacks. This compliments the way he views the world. He is most often seen smiling, except in a fight where he is forced to use all his power and sometimes even then. Luffy also seems to rarely change personality wise. Because he views the world in a straightforward and simple manner, he occasionally is the only person who can see past events that have taken place and realize the true goal, yet at other times he can fall into the simplest of traps.

He is, however, a genius when it comes to fighting, such as when he figured out how to defeat Crocodile's Devil Fruit power on the verge of death, how to use Soru from sight, developed a number of effective counters to Enel 's " Mantra " ability and, most recently, learning everything Rayleigh had to teach him about Haki in a year and a half even though Rayleigh mentioned that two years were too short a time to learn about Haki.

He does have a habit of holding a grudge even in dire situations such as calling Franky a "bastard" in the middle of his fight with Rob Lucci causing Franky to retort "Now's not the time to be mad at me" and refusing to let Crocodile help him escape Impel Down even when there was no alternative.

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However he tries not to hurt civilians and people he likes, even if they intend to do harm to him, preferring to run from them than fight. When drawing him, Oda has said he tries to make Luffy very straightforward about what he wants to be and how he feels, which is why out of all the main characters, he has the least number of thought bubbles, since he acts and says what he wants to do rather than think it.

Due to this fact many of his opponents lose their cool and charge at him in anger. While he is goofy and reckless, he gets quite serious when anyone is in serious danger, notably his crew, whom he considers his nakama. Luffy also has the tendency to unwittingly poke fun at an opponent's most sensitive trait, like calling Buggy "big nose", Alvida "the fat lady", and Kureha "old hag".

rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

In many cases, the opponents fail to understand whether Luffy is serious or just playing during fights due to his bizarre actions like drinking too much water in his fight with Crocodile or punching out Arlong 's teeth and using it as a weapon to bite him. Luffy, however, has maintained that he is always serious during fights.

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In most cases, once he starts to fight he maintains a serious attitude and is only seen laughing once he defeats the enemy or is certain the enemy will be defeated, like in Buggy's case when he laughed before sending Buggy flying in the air.

Every time Luffy defeats an antagonist or an enemy, within one or two chapters, whether it is because something entertaining or comical happened, Luffy smiles. There has been only one exception: In battle, Luffy has shown signs of intelligence, high tactical and innovative skills.

rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

He can easily adapt to hindering situations such as Mr. He also used a mirror to reflect Foxy's Noro Noro Beam attack. During the Marineford ArcMihawk mentions that Luffy seems unusually clear-headed by avoiding Mihawk's attacks.

Additionally, during his battle against Mihawk, he uses Buggy as a scapegoat shield to help protect him and move forward towards Ace. Luffy also has a habit of saying things with a lot more weight and occasionally wisdom than he realizes without even thinking or meaning to.

The one thing that Luffy does not allow is when someone or something gets involved in another person's fight. At these times Luffy shows both remarkable restraint during the battles, and rage when something or someone outside the battle is involved, especially if it's a person he considers a friend.

Luffy showed this early in the series when Zoro fought Mihawk, and managed to hold himself and Johnny and Yosaku back till Zoro was defeated. Since then he has shown it several times, like when Baroque Works sabotaged the giants' duel on Little Garden; when Crocodile attacked Yuba with a sandstorm in the middle of their fight; when he challenged Aokiji to a 1-on-1 fight; when he fought Lucci and insisted that Franky doesn't get involved in their battle; when the Boa sisters threatened to break the petrified form of his saviours; and when he was visibly enraged with Hody who attacked some civillians who tried to halt Noah.

Garp reasoned that the Marines should not confront two legends, Whitebeard and Rayleigh at the same time.

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Admiral Kizaru even admitted that if the Marines were to make an honest attempt at capturing Rayleigh, they would need to do serious preparation, further explaining his great strength. However, Rayleigh himself has admitted that he is not as young as he used to be, and can tire in battle. Jinbea former Shichibukai who was used to seeing Whitebeard, was later shocked to see Rayleigh in person.

Eustass Kid himself even states that Rayleigh was "a legend". Another glimpse of his strength is seen when he seemingly snatches off Camie's exploding slave collar and tosses it into the air before it could self destruct.

rayleigh and luffy relationship goals

Rayleigh is well known for his crafty and cunning mentality: Calm and level-headed at virtually all times, he was the individual to break up arguments and disputes aboard the "Oro Jackson", as first mate and the right-hand man to Gol D. Rayleigh knows the "True History" of the world from his time with Roger. However, he has also stated that, as a pirate crew lacking the archaeological knowledge of scholars of Ohara's caliber, they could have interpreted that information differently than the Ohara scholars.

This is shown when he was within a matter of moments easily able to deduce what had happened after ending up at the slave auction stage on the Sabaody Archipelago.