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Justified Pop Quiz. What are the reasons for Raylan and Boyd's Option B, They were close growing up and Boyd actually saved Raylan's life once in the coal. After six seasons of watching U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) But her most complicated relationship is with Boyd -- her dead. Raylan and Boyd's antagonistic relationship has been years in the making. The two men were friends when they worked in the mines as young.

You're an executive producer on "Justified," and I feel like it varies from show to show in terms of how much input actors who are also executive producers actually have.

Can you talk a little about your experience in that capacity? They make me feel like I have a lot -- whether I do or not is probably up for debate. A couple of months before we started shooting, Graham and I started talking immediately after the last season, as we always have done.

It seems like a very collaborative process and obviously, you have a very different perspective as an actor than the writers in terms of how a scene might work in practice and how you can add depth in unexpected ways. This show has afforded me that experience. I ask a lot of questions. We can do it. Well, it starts with a very basic idea for me which is, "How do I still enjoy going to work? If a movie is a marathon, television is a race to the death.

Everybody wants to be liked, and everybody therefore just does what works. How do you keep that character interesting? I read an interview that you and Walton did where you described Raylan and Boyd's relationship as the crux of the show. They're not really together for the first four episodes, but then their stories start to overlap.

While Raylan did not admit it, the viewer was also given the impression that the lead character liked him, as well. Part of this impression was formed after Raylan shot him, but did not kill him. Boyd Crowder At the end of the season premiere, Boyd realized he could not trust Dewey. So, he shot him. Since Dewey was the witness that had been in Mexico with Boyd, that was one less avenue for Raylan to make a case against Boyd.

Why wasn't Ava released? A prison guard framed her for assaulting him. The prison guard was angry that Ava did not want him and he was humiliated when a female guard bullied him, so he stabbed himself and framed Ava. So, on the day she was supposed to be released, Ava was transferred to the state prison.

The high school Raylan went to the high school. Boyd figured out he would go there, since an astronaut had landed a helicopter there when they were in high school.

Raylan left briefly to get Bob, who was badly beaten by Yolo who Raylan called Yahoo. When Boyd showed up with Picker, Raylan told them they would need more men. By the time Boyd and Picker came back with several other men, Rachel and Drew were already out of Harlan, on a train.

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The marshals had won the race to get Drew. How did it get there? He did so by taking a bullet out of his gun and dropping it on Wynn's body, and then telling him that the next bullet would be "coming a little faster. When questioned about this in "Watching the Detectives", Raylan told the homicide detectives that he had heard about someone doing that on Johnny Carson years go. We need to sell tickets. Art Art said this to Raylan after a very funny exchange during which he tried to guess who Ralan was seeing.

Art started asking whether he should be concerned about Tim after Tim shot someone and since "he's a little off and you're always a little off".

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Raylan slipped up and revealed he had been out with someone and Art amused himself by trying to guess who Raylan was seeing and keeping a secret. He guessed Rachel first, then dismissed the idea of Ava, then asked if Raylan had roofied him, and finally realized it was Raylan's ex-wife, the still-married Winona. In between his laughter, this quote was his response.

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When Raylan caught up with him, he had been working as a dentist. During his last exchange with Raylan at the Mexican border, he explained that the Christmas special was on the television in the hotel room before he ran and it reminded him that as a child he related to Hermey, the elf that ran away because he wanted to be a dentist. The girl was also betting on the legalization of marijuana, and selling marijuana was what she and her father had done when she was a child.

Of course, Markham and his hired guns soon sought her out, wanting to buy the land from her. In the meantime, Boyd put the word out, telling other landowners not to sell to Markham. What was the very first job the Crowders and the Crowes took on together? Realizing that he was outnumbered, Boyd hired the Crowes to beat up Gunner and hold off his gang, ensuring Ava's safety in prison.

The uneasy alliance continued with Boyd's battle against his cousin Johnny and drug smuggling, but did not last long. Who had committed that murder? Theo Tonin The marshals interviewed Drew's wife. She confirmed that he had faked his own death thirty years before, and told them it was because he had witnessed the murder of the government informant by the crime boss, Theo Tonin.

Later, the marshals found out that Drew had also shot Tonin, giving the mob boss another reason to want Drew dead. How is Harlan roulette different from Russian roulette? Keep pulling the trigger until you die Russian roulette is when you hold a gun with one bullet in the gun against your head and fire once, taking the chance that the bullet will not be in the chamber. Harlan roulette requires you keep firing. The pawn shop owner Glen Fogle forced JT to hold the gun to his head and pull the trigger.

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When he was not shot, he told him to do it again. The oxy addict complained that that was not how Russian roulette worked. Fogle responded that he wasn't playing Russian roulette, but was playing Harlan roulette. JT pulled the trigger again. JT then tried to shoot Fogle, but Fogle took the gun away, loaded a bullet, and fired until the round came up and he killed JT. Boyd Boyd and Ava were living together from the beginning of season 2. It appeared to be a platonic relationship at first and she appeared to be keeping him on the straight and narrow for part of that time.

She told Raylan that her arrangement with Boyd was no liquor in the house and no trouble with the law. As the season progressed, though, it became clear she had no delusions about his activities, and by the end of the season she was romantically involved with him.

Arlo In this episode, Raylan's father Arlo went to war with a drug dealer.