Rachel and ivy relationship test

Ivy and Rachel: Heating up the Hollows' Journal

rachel and ivy relationship test

The expert counselors at IvyWise have compiled the following tips to help you develop teacher relationships and leave a positive, lasting impression that will. Ivy Global. SAT Online Practice Test 1. Edition PDF downloads are for Rachel Schloss, Yolanda Song, and Nathan Tebokkel relationship with Lucy. But it also seems suggestive. Furthermore, while we see an endless cycle of men moving in and out of Rachel's life, her relationship with Ivy is incredibly stable.

rachel and ivy relationship test

There is literally no other way for him to save his people. As the books progress we learn more and more about his character - not someone breaking the law and controlling people for his own power, but forced into this very dark life by an overwhelming sense of duty.

As he comes to know Rachel - and Jenks - he develops real friendship perhaps for the first time in his life. As the books progress and he needs them more and more and is pushed by Quen he is forced to work with Rachel as an equal, to show her grudging respect and, in doing so, learn a whole new way of living and thinking.

Rachel shows him a new way of living and a new way of relating to people and an option beyond the eternal pressures of duty that crush him.

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But despite that, his actions especially towards Rachel have not been addressed. Trent has a history of being abusive towards Rachel and while his feelings and motivations in that regard have changed, this does not eliminate or erase his past harm.

He would have left her to die had she not managed her own escape. Pierce has to hold Rachael down until the hounds run past their position.

All of this is bad enough but Trent is also guilty of trying to manipulate Rachel repeatedly.

rachel and ivy relationship test

He attempts on several occasions to get Rachel to agree to work for him, often trying to exploit her low income and desperation something Quen also adds to - with the addition of attacking her as well.

The ending was nowhere near satisfying. Now, as for the characters, in this one my disappointment in Rachel skyrocketed. I hate how she can't control her sexual attract If I'm being honest then this did not live up to my expectations.

rachel and ivy relationship test

I hate how she can't control her sexual attraction, and yes, sometimes it's good to keep that thing in check instead of sleeping with whomever makes her blood run high because for her, that means T-R-O-U-B-L-E. This book also has a returning character. Won't mention his name, but I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. I also didn't like how judgmental Rachel was of him. She's done some pretty bad things for the sake of her friends, she's taken lots of smut and she keeps on getting more and more tangled up in her mess.

Meanwhile, she just won't let the guy forget what he's done, and I'll admit he's not a saint, but has she ever stopped to think about what made HIM do the things he does?

rachel and ivy relationship test

The only part in this book that made me feel some thrill was something that has to do with an important loss in Jenks life. I won't delve into that one because the wound is fresh for me and Jenks both. I just hope that the next novel in the series works out some of the malfunctions this one had for me. They probably aren't doing anything different than they were doing a month ago, but one morning you wake up and think to yourself, "Man, the way she baby-talks to the dog is annoying" or "Oh my God, if he clips his toenails in the living room one more time I'm going to scream.

Black Magic Sanction

I woke up this morning and realized Rachel Morgan and Kim Harrison have begun to really annoy me. Now, to be fair, I came to Black Magic Sanction pre-annoyed at having to wait an additional month for the Kindle edition.

Yes, I realize that Ms Harrison had no control over that, but I was never-the-less annoyed. I also understand that this is the eighth book in the Hollows series, and that any review of something this far along is more to vent than anything else. My secret fantasy is that Ms Harrison reads all of these reviews and takes them to heart.

rachel and ivy relationship test

If White Witch, Black Curse already had you questioning Ms Harrison's abilities, then I would borrow her latest from a friend or the library. If you've been enjoying the series up until now, then a bunch of negative reviews aren't going to mean a whole lot.

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I truly believe that they fit a lot better than Trent and Rachel. I mean has Rachel forgot what Trent did? For example murder that one employee of his, keep her in a cage, Rachel even admited to love Ivy, so what happend? Do you think Kim Harrison was afraid of losing readers when not going with the traditional choice? They had SO much chemestriy between them, I found Ivy's and Nina's relationship too implausible and like a quick and easy way to a forced happy end.

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So what is your opinion on this: Cassie last edited Feb 09, And I think that Ivy and Rachel were perfect for each other. I know everyones big complaint was the Ivy was needy. I mean honestly compared to Rachel who is the more needy of them, really?