Prince of egypt moses and rameses relationship trust

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prince of egypt moses and rameses relationship trust

The relationship between them is actually very good and you can tell Moses says when he returns to Egypt that Rameses is still in his heart. ramses and Moses the prince of Egypt Prince Of Egypt, Egyptians, Joseph .. kriscynical: “ skmn-m: “ Moses & Pharaoh Rameses I love the relationship between. See more ideas about Dreamworks animation, Prince and Prince of Egypt. by on @deviantART - Rameses and Moses from.

prince of egypt moses and rameses relationship trust

When the child grew up, she brought him to Pharaoh's daughter, and she took him as her son. These days mothers typically nurse infants for a year or so. But in ancient times, two or three years was common. A three year nursing period is mentioned in 2 Maccabees 7: It is likely, then, that Moses had some memory of his Hebrew birth family from when he was a toddler.

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Further, it is unlikely that Pharaoh's court would have no idea where a 2 or 3 year old non-Egyptian child suddenly showing up in the court came from. And Moses would have heard the talk about him in the court. She named him Moses, "because," she said, "I drew him out of the water. Moses, according to the Bible story, was named for his being drawn out of the water. It is highly unlikely that he would have grown up without knowing the meaning of his name and the story behind it.

One day, after Moses had grown up, he went out to his people and saw their forced labor. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his kinsfolk. There is no mention of his discovering who he was and who his people were. It simply says that he went out to see his people, the Hebrews, as if he already knew who his people were.

prince of egypt moses and rameses relationship trust

All of this suggests that Moses knew that he was of Hebrew birth right from the start--that he grew up knowing this fact about his identity. Question 2 Since, as mentioned above, Moses may have lived with his birth family up to age three, there is a good chance that he knew his older sister Miriam from the time of his early childhood.

Moses’ Relationships with Rameses and God

Miriam's age is not given in the Bible. Traditional sources vary on how old she was compared to Moses. Most commonly she is believed to have been five to seven years older, though some sources say she was as much as eleven or even fourteen years older than Moses.

See, for example, the entry on Miriam in the Judaism article, " Moses, Aaron and Miriam "; and the entry for Exodus 7: Aaron was was three years older than Moses see Exodus 7: All of this suggests that Moses may very well have had early memories of his two older siblings from the time he was a toddler living with his birth family. The sister of Moses who watched him from a distance after he was put into the Nile in the ark, and who made the offer to Pharaoh's daughter to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby, is not named in the story of Moses' birth and infancy in Exodus 2: However, it was almost certainly his sister Miriam, since the only siblings of Moses mentioned in the Bible are Miriam and Aaron.

Kohath was the forefather of Amram; the name of Amram's wife was Jochebed, a descendant of Levi, who was born to the Levites in Egypt. To Amram she bore Aaron, Moses, and their sister Miriam. The children of Amram: Aaron, Moses, and Miriam. And a part of that is understandable. You might have an easier time connecting to this film if you are familiar with the story and know what it absolutely means.

But I would argue that the story of Moses does have themes and is compelling enough of a story that you can watch it even though you don't have that background and still enjoy it.

And i think that is done incredibly well in The Prince of Egypt. I think probably the strongest part of this movie is the relationship between Moses and Rameses. What makes this relationship so strong is the fact that its not because of Rameses that Moses leaves Egypt. He leaves because of something their father did. Moses says when he returns to Egypt that Rameses is still in his heart and is still his brother, but they are separated by what is expected of them and what their destinies are.

And this is developed really well.

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If you don't have a connection of the religious manner of this story, you might find a connection in the brotherly turmoil that happens in this story. Like I said before, Rameses has all this responsibility laid on him.

He's got a legacy to live up to. On a second watch, I identified a lot more with Rameses and his struggles than I ever had. I'd love to watch his movie from his perspective. Even though he's in the wrong, because you know You have to empathize with him.

prince of egypt moses and rameses relationship trust

And then you have Moses who comes in, tasked by a burning bush to free his people. That's a strong motivation. Again, kind of going back to Rameses's point of view, his brother who he thought was dead shows up preaching about a god he's never heard of.

What is he suppose to do? And that really is one of the strengths of the movie. This duality between Moses and Rameses, the shift from brothers to enemies in this film is done really well and that's why the film doesn't go beyond the last time Moses sees Rameses.

This could have been an animated version of The 10 Commandments, but there's only a slight mention to events after the Hebrew's flight from Egypt because that's not the main focus. And that's what I kind of like about this film. Again, you can totally get your religious fill from this film. It definitely has those tones. On top of that, knowing the story from the Bible, I do know that the movie takes direct lines from the Bible and puts it in the film.

Answers to the Biblical Questions about Moses

The song playing during the part where the 10 plagues are hitting Egypt are definitely quoting scripture and kind of assume the wrath of God is coming down on Egypt. I mean its God himself coming down and tasking Moses. But being a story from the Old Testament, it actually kind lends itself to being more of a story rather than a lesson or proof that Judaism or Christianity is the absolute correct faith.

prince of egypt moses and rameses relationship trust

You could interpret it that way, but I do think it lends itself to being accessible to people outside of the faith by the way its set up more like a story. And the relationship between Moses and Rameses really is the final mark of that narrative.

In the end, The Prince of Egypt is a pretty darn good interpretation of the story from Exodus. Whether or not your Jewish or Christian, its going to be a fun ride and I think anybody can enjoy it. I don't consider it overly preachy, especially with other movies that I have seen that have gone out of their way to be preachy. Its just a good in run of the story of Moses as told in the Bible. A couple other things worth mentioning about this movie is the cast. Its an all star cast. Patrick Stewart played their father.

Now as a kid, I wasn't so into who did the voices for what and who played what. Unfortunately, on a second watch, its a little bit more obvious in certain places. Fans of Jeff Goldblum or Patrick Stewart might pick up on their characters right away. I know Steve Martin and Martin Short might be pretty obvious as well. So it kind of depends on how much that takes you out of the experience. Though I watched it this time around with an easier time picking out Steve Martin's voice, when I thought of his tone and how he and all the other actors were giving it their all, it kind of only took me out for a moment and then I was back in.

That might be something to watch out for. The other thing worth mentioning is the music.