Piolo pascual and mark bautista relationship

Mark Bautista Details Intimate Relationship With Guy Bestfriend - Inside Showbiz

piolo pascual and mark bautista relationship

It can be recalled that Piolo was rumored have broken up with then girlfriend KC the male friend Mark became intimate with is not Piolo Pascual. . in connection with unsolicited marketing correspondence also may. Piolo Pascual’s Name Dragged into Speculations over Mark Bautista’s Revelation. PIOLO PASCUAL – Singer-actor Piolo Pascual’s name was dragged into speculations over the revelation of singer Mark Bautista that he had experienced being intimate with a ‘male friend’. Beyond the Mark opens up about Mark Bautista's sexuality. never confirmed nor denied, rumors point to Piolo Pascual as the said celebrity.

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piolo pascual and mark bautista relationship

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