Phineas and ferb excaliferb ending relationship

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phineas and ferb excaliferb ending relationship

Phineas is one of the main fictional characters in the book Excaliferb. are not of the same species as he is, but they seem to share the same relationship. Anyway Ferbalot, you and Phineas must find the legendary sword Excaliferb . And, to make it sound more medieval, you throw a major chord in right at the end. . undertake to maintain peaceful and friendly relations between them, in the. Doofenshmirtz doesn recognize Agent P if he is not phineas and ferb excaliferb wearing his secret hat. Retrieved July. Guest star Edi Gathegi as Ignatius.

When he comes back, Major Monogram asks him what he was doing. Carl explains that Monogram's wife had made two sandwiches in the kitchen, and that they were delicious. When Monogram asks Carl if he ate his sandwich, Carl quickly gets back to the story. With the help of the other water spritesIsabel creates a slide out of the river water to cushion the fall for Phineas, Ferbalot, and the others.

They then arrive at the swamp. Isabel explains that to cross it, one must have a positive attitude. Phineas confidently proclaims that the swamp was made for him, crossing it with ease. However, Bufavulous says that he will not go. Baljeetolas tries to use logic to get Bufavulous to cross, but when that fails he tells him that Phineas has pie, causing Bufavulous to sprint after the others. Malifishmertz spies on the questers with his magic mirror. The gang make their way to the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters, where the sword Excaliferb can be found.

Malifishmertz creates an avalanche, causing the questers to run inside the cave for cover. Parable uses his fire breath to break out of the cage and attacks Malifishmertz; but Malifishmertz zaps him with his magic staff, and he falls out the window.

As he pulls the sword from the stone, monsters creep out from the shadows. As Malifishmertz is about to finish him off, Phineas and Ferbalot appear with their monster army.

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As Ferbalot holds up Excaliferb, the blade falls off the handle. Due to the potions, Candavere arrives as a giant monster that Malifishmertz dubs a "uni-whale-scorpio-pega-squid-icorn girl". There's a lot of mercenaries and thugs to choose from. Plus, they make a great taco salad.

Who's that creepy guy? He's been staring at us since we got here. I wonder what he wants.

Phineas and Ferb Season 03 143 - Excaliferb

I would recommend a little more caution from you, wizardling. Malifishmertz's spies are everywhere. Look at that guy over there. He doesn't look like a spy. He looks more like a shepherd. He's a shepherd spy. Are you a mercenary thug? Actually, I'm here for the taco salad. But you guys look like you could do with a little muscle. The name's Bufavulous, the Wind Lord. I can help you on your quest. You should also know that I travel with a companion by the name of Baljeetolas, of the Nerdling Realm.

If by my bow, or my vast store of useless knowledge I may aid you Hey, where is my bow? You left it in the booth.

phineas and ferb excaliferb ending relationship

Well, there it is. Has anyone seen my arrows? Now that we're all congregated, we must away! Let everyone now task his thought! That this fair quest may on foot be brought! Hey, whoa, hold it. What's with the banjo? Where are they going, Alabama? What do you mean, sir? Well, uh Questing music should have an element of foreboding and mystery, you know.

Lots of minor chords and stuff. And, to make it sound more medieval, you throw a major chord in right at the end. I'll see what I can do. Little less sarcasm would be nice. Questing Song A-questing we will go Into this cursed rain We're ill-prepared and under-trained With no practical knowledge of this terrain A brute, a girl, two brothers, and a brain Hiking up this inclined plain What do you know, my shepherd spy tells me that a team of erstwhile heroes bent on defeating me are on their way here right now.

I-It's just down that way, past the Sally-port on your right. You can't miss it!

phineas and ferb excaliferb ending relationship

Are not these things guarded in these types of stories? Yeah, like by a troll? Do I look like a troll to you? Do not answer truthfully. It will only enrage her. In order to cross my Bridge of Comprehension, you must first answer three questions. The questions will fall into three categories. Arts and sciences, social studies, and what's hot and what's not. It is not really that deep down here. Wow, good thing she wasn't "Lady of the Hot Coffee. Ferb and I are going on a quest.

The goose flaps into the yard, honking angrily. This must be the sprite, Isabel! What art thou doin'? Apparently you're going to guide us on a quest. Then you must brave the Swamp of Spit-Poor Attitudes; then it's snack time, I brought along some apples.

phineas and ferb excaliferb ending relationship

After that, you will enter the Cave of Ten Thousand Monsters, where the sword Excaliferb can be found. Phineas glances at Ferbalot Ferbalot: Scene shows Parable walking through the forest then puts on his hat and runs to the tower where he climbs what looks like hair.

When he reaches the top it turns out to be a king with a long mustache. Good morning Sir P. I really like that character; is there going to be more about him? I'm sorry, sir, he just comes in at the beginning. Major Monogram mumbles under his breath Huh?

Meanwhile, back at the cottage of the humble antique dealer Scene changes to inside the cottage with Candavere and Linderella Candavere: Mom, I'm telling you; they're gallivanting around out there conjuring things with magical elixirs. Candavere, I've never see them gallivant. What if I got you some proof?

phineas and ferb excaliferb ending relationship

I'd rather you got me some more grulewood. Candavere, rake the roof-thatch.

Phineas and Ferb Excaliferb

Candavere, go accuse the neighbors of witchcraft. If only I had some sees the potions proof! What is this stuff? I know, maybe this will get rid of it. I'm going to go tell Mom. Oh, great a tail! Phineas and Ferbalot, you are so bu.

What will Jeremiad think? I'm just gonna have to find Phineas and Ferb and make them tell me which one of these elixirs will change me back. Oh this is not, oh no. Parable the Dragonpus, welcome to your doom! Hey-Hey Gnorme, can you come out here and give me a hand? Do you like him, Parable the Dragonpus? I call him a Lawn Gnorme. He protects my garden from witches' spells and wood trolls. I'm going to make small versions of him and sell them all over Anyway, let me tell you about my plan for seizing control of the Tri-Kingdom Area.

It was the size of a cucumber! And now, I know exactly how to do it! You see, I found this ancient text, more of a-- a pamphlet really, and decided to use it to conjure up the most evil multitude to ever tread the Earth! But to do that, I needed to start with the most hideous substance known to man: Tripe-Henge Brand, only the best! So, earlier today, I placed thousands of cans of canned meat into the largest of my three cauldrons, cast my evil reanimation spell, and ta-da!

Gnorme dumps them out of the cauldron, and the small meatlings begin chattering "meat" Yeah, don't say it, I know, they're—they're a little small, but that's why the rain, see?