Parks and rec meet greet review journal las vegas

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parks and rec meet greet review journal las vegas

Meeting Location: Moapa Valley Community Center Janice Ridondo, Liaison, John Stastny, Parks & Recreation, Sgt. Empey, . She also has an article from the Review Journal that says there are over , residents paying for services in Las Vegas and are not receiving them in the rural area, she. It is part of the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department. Las Vegas Review/Journal, Southeast View, Jan. 9, . David offered a top notch performance, then remained to greet the audience after the show, warmly hugging many and posing for I am glad I had the good fortune of meeting you. MU has offered a Bachelor of Science in Parks, Recreation and Tourism (B.S., PRT) since . Dr. Vaught has also been on three accreditation review teams.

KVGT services a lot of air tour operations along with other forms of general aviation. It's the second busiest airport in Vegas, and the third busiest airport in the state of Nevada. Metropolitan Police Department, scenic tour companies, and a handful of charter helicopters.

City bus service is available on the zero level of both Terminal 1 T1 and Terminal 3 T3.

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The bus stop as well as the zero level are very difficult to find in T1 as there is little signage pointing out the correct route. In the middle of the baggage claim there are two banks of escalators and elevators, but only the escalators and elevators on one side go to the zero level. When you go outside on the zero level, it is not immediately obvious where to go next, especially at night. You have to proceed straight across the open parking lot towards the huge parking garage in the distance, then halfway there, turn right and walk towards the bus stop shelter in the distance with the sign on top saying "The Bus Stops Here.

All routes except the Deuce and SDX explained further below are residential routes, and fare for those routes must be bought on board the bus.

The airport bus lines are as follows: The total travel time to the New York, New York stop is around minutes. The Centennial Express CX runs about every hour from around 6: Use this stop to transfer to the Deuce for central and north strip hotels. The CX then goes downtown and terminates in a suburban area. Route runs north to Downtown along Maryland Parkway, bypassing the entire Strip. The also runs south from the airport to the South Strip Transfer Center where one can transfer to the Deuce.

The runs 24 hours a day. Follow the signs in the baggage claim area on level 1. Many hotels but not all - be sure to ask also have free shuttles for guests, and sometimes non guests too if there's room just get on the bus, casinos are happy to get people in the door. Hotel shuttles pick up on the zero level. If you use a shuttle service, be sure to confirm how to arrange a return trip. Some services require hour advance booking. While hotel concierge services should help with this, this is not guaranteed.

Limo rentals are 90 minutes to 2 hour minimums though, so make use of the car and go to the grocery store, liquor store, ATM, taco stand, etc, off the strip where prices are reasonable. The taxi line is well organized and the city taxi dispatcher will directs passengers to a numbered space along the curb. You need not tip the taxi dispatcher. There is some debate on whether the taxi driver should or should not be taking any Strip-destination passengers through the Paradise Road airport connector tunnel when exiting the airport and then going the long way around on I and I to the Strip.

Most taxi drivers prefer to take the Paradise Road tunnel because it produces a higher bill. Some people prefer to save the money as the time savings isn't that huge. You have the right to tell the driver if you do not want to take the tunnel. And do not let them tell you they need to take the tunnel to avoid the "big accident" if that is not your preference.

If you feel you have been taken advantage of by the taxi driver, take down the driver's license number and call the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority. The below are the nearest train routes with an Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach shuttling passengers between Las Vegas and the nearest Amtrak station: By foot[ edit ] The hotel-casinos are close enough to each other to make walking a reasonable means of travel.

The most straightforward option is to walk along Las Vegas Boulevard; however, be aware that during the summer the heat during the daylight hours may make walking uncomfortable for long periods. For this and other reasons, many hotels are connected to each other either by bridge, by underground, or by complimentary rail shuttle, allowing one to travel between them often without stepping outside at all. Keep in mind that the grand scale of most Strip buildings and attractions can easily give the impression that destinations are closer than they actually are.

If time is a factor, be sure you know how far away your destination is before you decide whether to walk. Know also that unless you are willing to put in the distance which involves passing through some sketchy parts of townit is a very long walk from the "main" Strip and the "old" Strip, i. The monorail does not provide access to downtown Las Vegas or the airport and, technically, doesn't actually run within Las Vegas at all.

Do the math before boarding, it could be cheaper for a small group to take a taxi. Because the monorail stops at the back entrance of the hotels, it takes a long time to wind through the maze of casinos, often taking 30 minutes to an hour to get from one point to another on the Strip - if you're in a hurry, take a taxi.

The monorail's carrying capacity of 4, people per hour is woefully insufficient to handle the evening exodus from the larger conventions which have as many asattendees. The discounted fare can be purchased from the customer service booths located at each station.

parks and rec meet greet review journal las vegas

Due to high prices, inconvenient station locations, low passenger ridership, and the fact that it does not connect to downtown or the airport, the Monorail is widely regarded as a failure.

It has been operating under the supervision of a federal bankruptcy court since January while it tries to reorganize its finances under the protection of Chapter 11 of the U.

Tram[ edit ] On the west side of the Strip, no less than three trams operate short routes between the major hotels. There is no charge for use, though hours of operation vary.

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Although they might appear to be redundant - given their short routes between buildings that are generally physically connected to begin with - they can save time and are particularly of use for those with mobility issues.

The three trams currently in operation are: The Mandalay Bay Tram which runs two tracks between the Mandalay Bay Hotel and the Excalibur, with a stop at the Luxor in-between though one of the tracks bypasses the Luxor station. The Aria Express aka. Mirage-Treasure Island Tram is the shortest of the routes and runs from the Mirage in the south to Treasure Island in the north. It has been closed for much of for refurbishment.

By bus[ edit ] Buses can be an inexpensive and convenient option, especially if just traveling up-and-down the Strip, or to-and-from downtown. A bus ride is a good way to recuperate during those hot summer months after a long and tiring walk on the Strip since the buses are air-conditioned.

Most routes operate 5: Deuce and SDX buses stop only at marked bus stops on the Strip which all have ticket vending machines where passes must be purchased in advance before boarding. The SDX operates on a pure proof-of-payment system, meaning that passengers can board and disembark SDX buses on the Strip through any bus door, but risk a substantial fine if caught riding without a valid pass.

Indeed, SDX bus drivers sit inside a secure compartment, with a sign telling passengers to not bother them. However, Deuce buses have a more traditional layout. You must board through the front door and show your pass to the driver.

Valid Deuce and SDX passes can also be used on all residential routes prior to the expiration date and time printed by the vending machine on the pass.

This service operates only in the afternoon from the convention center to the Strip, and the bus travels southbound and services all regular stops from Circus Circus onward. Bus drivers do not give change. Transfers require payment of an additional fare. If you will be staying for a long period of time at least 8 days for adults or 4 for children and seniors and plan to buy an all access pass, a more economic option is to purchase a day bus pass. These can be purchased from either of the two bus terminals both can be reached by riding the Deuce to Downtown terminal, or to the South Strip Terminalor from any ticket vending machine.

It is important to note however, that if you would like to purchase a child or senior fare pass, you will need to do so from the customer service agent at the terminals. These passes are valid for 30 days following the first use and can be used on all routes. If the Strip buses are crowded and the Strip is jammed with traffic as is often the casea good way to avoid waiting for the next bus is to use buses running on parallel routes.

Taxi[ edit ] One of the easiest ways to get around is by taxi. It is relatively cheap to go from hotel to hotel, but be aware that since traffic is often so congested on the strip, taking a taxi often isn't much faster than walking. Many taxis will cut off the strip to use a parallel road--this is often faster but can double your taxi fare.

The taxi driver is required to use the meter and to take the shortest route to your destination. There is a surcharge for rides originating at the airport, but not for extra passengers.

Taxi lines queues are typically found at the front of hotels. You would be unwise to attempt to hail one on the street, especially on the Strip, as it is illegal for a taxi to stop traffic to pick up or drop off a passenger.

The best way to hail a taxi outside of a cabstand is to use the following method: The taxi you want to wave over will have the yellow lights off. Standing like this allows the taxi to turn off the road and pick you up. If you are traveling with a large group, consider hiring a limousine, as you will often forgo a wait and the price per person may even be lower than that using a taxicab.

Limousines usually queue in front of the taxicab line and can be approached directly. By car[ edit ] Driving Las Vegas Boulevard the "Strip"especially on weekends, is an exercise in frustration. Due to extremely severe gridlock at all hours, you could easily spend an hour or more sitting in traffic on the Strip just to travel a couple of miles. The Strip's most critically congested section is the 1. These are the first non-stop international flights from McCarran in more than 10 years.

This year's third jackpot of more than a million dollars was hit at the Cosmopolitan on Christmas Eve. Last January a million-dollar jackpot was hit on a Simpsons machine. We don't usually report on the results of contests they're easy to find on your ownbut this one is a little different.

Today's First Responder Bowl, being held in Dallas, was canceled after less than one quarter of play, due to inclement weather that included lightning strikes. After a lengthy delay, during which there was no weather improvement, and facing a forecast that indicated more of the same, the game was called with Boston College leading Boise State The rare cancelation, and this is thought to be the first to have been canceled for weather, renders the game a no contest, which means all bets in legal sports books will be refunded.

Esther's Kitchen, the downtown Italian restaurant that's been receiving accolades from foodies, locals, and the press, has a new honor: It's been named number two on the list of the top ten best new restaurants in the U.

parks and rec meet greet review journal las vegas

Esther's is named after owner Las Vegas native James Trees' great-aunt, who helped make his culinary career possible; it serves, in Eating Las Vegas author John Curtas' words, "Italian comfort food for the 21st century. John Curtas, who added it to this year's list of Las Vegas' Essential 52 Restaurants, likes the fish of the day, brick chicken, and all the pizzas, particularly the salty bacon with caramelized onions and Greek sausage and fennel.

Wynn is also seeking "any profits resulting from the use of the colors and architectural style and seeks exemplary and punitive damages" for copying "registered copyrighted architectural work. Our Christmas greeting is in today's Question of the Daybut here's the link for the list of coupons in our new Member Rewards Book. We focused on gambling coupons this year, so check out the slew of free-play, matchplay, wheel-spin, and VP, BJ, and slot bonuses that LVA subscribers can use all year long.

Caesars Entertainment's Total Rewards players club is being rebranded. Starting February 1, new players club cards with the new name, Caesars Rewards, will be available at any Caesars Rewards Center.

In the letter sent to members, Caesars writes, "All the current benefits will remain the same. In order to minimize the risk of missing your flight due to traffic and long security lines, airport officials advise arriving at least 90 minutes before departure, two hours if you're parking. Wrapped gifts aren't prohibited, but TSA agents might have to unwrap a gift they determine needs further inspection. The shutdown of the U. The World Series of Poker will celebrate its 50th anniversary inrunning from May 28 through July 16 at the Rio.

The main event will feature three starting flights on July 3, 4, and 5. The full event-by-event schedule for the Series is expected to be released by March. Though the first year that the poker tournament was played at Binion's Horseshoe wasan invitational event called the Texas Gambling Reunion was held at the Holiday Hotel-Casino in Reno in ; apparently, that's the year that Caesars Entertainment is recognizing as the inaugural World Series of Poker.

The bigger college football bowls featuring the nation's top teams begin today. The partial shutdown of the federal government that went into effect at midnight will impact access and services at Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and Lake Mead.

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area remains open, though the visitor center and restrooms will be closed and trash won't be picked up. What's happening at Red Rock Canyon hasn't been officially announced at this time, but we expect it will close; it did during the last government shutdown in As they are every year, southbound and northbound I on- and off-ramps will close at 5 p.

Sahara Avenue will remain open, though you won't be permitted to turn onto the Strip. Traffic restrictions will be lifted sometime between 3 and 6 a. January 1 at the discretion of authorities. Upwards of 80, pyrotechnic devices controlled by 10, electrical circuits will explode just after midnight on Tuesday January 1 from the roofs of seven Strip casinos: New York-based Fireworks by Grucci will run the show for 12th consecutive year; Grucci's app will play the synchronized soundtrack, as will radio stations KOMP Employees of the Hard Rock Hotel-Casino learned yesterday that the hotel will undergo an eight-month transformation into Virgin Hotel-Casino Las Vegas starting next September and that the entire hotel will have to close from around February to May to complete the renovations.

All 1, rooms will be remodeled, the casino and events spaces will be expanded, new restaurants will be introduced, and the Joint and five-acre pool deck will be upgraded. And speaking of the Neon Museum, large artwork by Tim Burton, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, animator, and artist, will be on display at the museum's indoor and outdoor spaces next year.

The famous Blue Angel statue, which for more than 60 years presided over the eponymous motel from her perch atop a three-story pedestal, can now be seen at street level at the Neon Museum. Charleston and Fremont and remained for a few years even after the motel was closed and razed. She was finally removed and donated to the museum for restoration.

Hours are Thursday-Saturday p. And in keeping with the Angel's long tradition, admission is free. It's Christmas Weekend and there are plenty of holiday activities to enjoy this weekend.

Here are some of the highlights: For the first time in its year history, Nevada's population has exceeded three million. Census figures put the total state population at 3. It took years to break a millionthen another 13 to break two million Nevada was the second fastest-growing state in the union in andand tied with Idaho for the fastest between July 1,and July 1,growing by 62, people nearly people every day.

Still, Nevada is only 32nd out of the 50 states in population, though it's now ahead of Arkansas and Mississippi. Census figures also put the total U. All riders can simply board any fixed-route vehicle without purchasing a fare or presenting a pass.

The free rides include express services between all park-and-ride facilities and downtown Las Vegas. Once again, Las Vegas can claim the distinction of the fastest rising rents on single-family homes in the nation.

parks and rec meet greet review journal las vegas

CoreLogic, which measures real-estate metrics in 20 major U. Reasons include a low vacancy rate, a strong economy, and investors enjoying record profits on rentals purchased during the last recession. The nine-screen luxury Regal movie theater opens today. All nine theaters offer the Regal Premium Experience RPXwith foot screens, state-of-the-art digital projectors, and a super-duper sound system with upwards of speakers.

This Regal theater also introduces the Cinnebarre to Nevada, Regal's 10th in the nation, a dining and drinking experience both in the lobby and inside the theaters themselves. The pilot program was launched in October in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities caused by impaired drivers around the holidays, the deadliest time of the year on Las Vegas roads. In an unusual multi-agency effort, four city Metro officers are teamed up with three state troopers to patrol the roads on Wednesday through Saturday nights.

In the first two months of the operation, the Strike Team has arrested nearly drunk and drugged drivers. A word to the wise. According to David Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV and feature writer for Forbes, the following are the five biggest headline generators in the gambling industry for the outgoing year: The original premiere date for illusionist Criss Angel's new Mindfreak production at Planet Hollywood has been postponed.

The show was scheduled to open on Wednesday December 19but the new date is a week from Wednesday December As reported in the Las Vegas Sun: To commemorate Fogerty's five decades as a rock star, he and his band will revisit CCR's set at Woodstock, which will celebrate its own 50th anniversary next August. The popular History Channel show "Pawn Stars," filmed at a pawn shop in downtown Las Vegas, will double its program time starting with the first show of the 14th season.

There's no limit on how many times you can enter and the deadline is 6 p. The Los Angeles Rams are Running its traditional holiday promotion again this year, almost everything is half price at South Point when you pay with club points today through December This includes all restaurants and bars, rooms, shows, bingo, bowling, movies, and the gift shop. The poll ends on Tuesday. Now that the National Finals Rodeo is over, the next seven days are known as "Golden Week" in Las Vegas, signifying the least expensive accommodations of the year.

Better yet, the weather is expected to be sunny and warmer than usual, with temperatures peaking at 68 on Wednesday, a full 12 degrees higher than normal. They'll be 60 or above through Christmas, then they're predicted to drop into the mids, more typical for this time of year, leading up to New Year's Eve.

Kitchen will open in April at the Palms in the space that was originally slated for Tao Group's Vandal restaurant, club, and pool party. Greene Street itself has a checkered year history, though it got going in earnest in the s as a red-light district, which was replaced by big garment factories, which were abandoned, then revitalized by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Jasper Johns in the s and '80s as studios and galleries.

Kitchen will celebrate the Warhol era, with more of the Palms' extensive artworks, a modern American menu, and yet another "secret" room, this one a "video-arcade speakeasy" behind a vending machine that doubles as a door into a tunnel that leads to Greene St. It's scheduled to open in April. In the other featured match, Dan Hooker is over Edson Barboza. The first games of the college football bowl season kick off today. We'll be putting up lines on the biggest games in this space through the National Championship game.

The inventory of single-family houses for sale in Las Vegas is rising and fast. Houses for sale hit a low of 3, last February. Speaking at XLIVE, a music-industry conference at Mandalay Bay, one of the principal organizers of the Route 91 Harvest Festival indicated that the three-day country-music event, the site of the October 1,mass shooting, might return to Las Vegas in the fall of Only three years after taking New York City by storm with its single location way down in lower Manhattan near Broadway and Houston Street, Sadelle's sorta Jewish-style deli and bakery is getting ready to open at Bellagio, taking over the Cafe Bellagio space, which closed in August.

Watch yer hot bagels! Smoked salmon and whitefish, blintzes, babkas, chopped salads, and other imports from Woody Allenville round out the menu. The weekend brunch is one of the toughest tickets in New York; we'll see how it fares in the Land of the Breakfast Buffet, when it opens in a couple of weeks.

The Raiders stadium won't be ready until the beginning of the season, but they need to get out of Oakland at the end of this season. So where will they play their games next year? The Westgate has posted some odds on the question. The odds are for entertainment purposes only; you can't actually bet on them. It's the first time Las Vegas has hosted the draft; draft-related events will take place in various venues on and near the Strip.

Chalk up another Strip casino backtracking on parking fees. The Cosmopolitan has announced that starting January 1, it will no longer charge hotel guests separately for self-parking and valet service. Of course, hotel guests without cars will be subsidizing those with them, but overall, it's a plus -- and perhaps a response to pushback on paid parking.

For more on Holiday happenings around town check out our blog! The VGK prevailed by a score of in a game that seemed out of sync for a number of reasons. Still, it was the Knights' first win against the Islanders and the last team in the league that they hadn't beaten. To read all about it, and view the post-game videos, click the link above. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, 79, has announced that she'll run for reelection to a third and final term in the general election that takes place on June 11, If reelected, for which she's a huge favorite, Carolyn and her husband Oscar Goodman will have been Las Vegas mayors for nearly a quarter-century.

Oscar served three terms from to ; Las Vegas mayors are limited to three four-year terms. The city of Oakland, which has long threatened a civil lawsuit over the relocation of the Raiders to Las Vegas, has sued the team and the league in federal court. The city is seeking compensation for "hundreds of millions of dollars in losses," though it didn't mention anything about the Raiders remaining in Oakland.