Pandora hearts oz and alice relationship advice

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pandora hearts oz and alice relationship advice

Keep in mind that this is a recommendation from you to all of r/manga, so tell us why we should Didn't change Alice and Oz relationship, or bring it up again. Oh and the many crushed relationships like Xerxes and Sharon. Relationships Oz In the Manga she appears to be developing romantic feelings for Oz and in the anime She often gives Alice romance advice for her and Oz. Cheerful Oz meets cynical Alice in a typical classroom setting, but she has a secret. a strange relationship where will the world of the Abyss take this couple? This is the typical disclaimer: I don't own Pandora Hearts or any of the couldn't touch my shoulder even if she stood on the tips of her toes.

In a later entry in Jack Vessalius 's diary, he wrote: Please do not call me a hero. He also shows true anger when Lottie suggested that he killed Glen to gain fame and glory.

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Jack reveals, through his speech when he first possesses Oz, that Glen is still living. Despite this, he says to the Baskervilles that if they wish to repeat the past, he will once again turn his body into a blade that will destroy the Death Gods. It seems that all of the things he has said were all lies. During Jack's flashback he was told by Lacie to become a prostitute to which he remarked, 'It is a great sin!

When Jack learned that Lacie had given birth to a daughter Alice while in the Abyss, who was now a 'prisoner' of the Baskervilles, he swore to protect her. However, Jack only cared and protected Alice because she served as a conduit for Jack to communicate with the Will of the Abyss. Jack is not trying to possess Oz's body; the body has always been Jacks. This has always been Jack's true intention, to bring the world that Lacie loved to the Abyss, even though she was more or less destroyed by the darkness already, because he loved her.

Later on he hated her, for meeting him and giving him hope, but realised after faking so many emotions after many years, he loved the fact he knew he could actually feel an emotion, even if it was hate. After meeting the Will of the Ayss he confessed his true intentions and White Alice was able to see that he had Black and White Jack after making a deal with Oz realized that he was wrong and after this discovered that he was a lonely person.

He also discovered the true form of the Abyss realizing that it was Lacie's true wish eventuality got over his hatred of her and giving up his body to the core after he passed away. He is easy-going and very caring. Oscar was the one who found Gilbert and brought him to the Vessalius Dukedom. Both Oz and Gilbert treat him as a father figure. He gets along well with Break.

Pandora Hearts - Oz & Alice

When he received a letter from Ada in which she stated that she had found someone who she likeshe took Oz, Gilbert and Alice to Lutwidge. He is later shot and killed by his brother, Xai Vessalius, when he lets Oz and the others escape from the Baskervilles. He was said to be married to a sickly woman named Sara and had hopes of bearing a child. It is assumed she died without the chance to bear a child, as the camera he was going to use to take a picture of his son with was never used.

She keeps in contact with Oscar via letter and causes Oz and his friends to sneak into Lutwidge as she wrote that she has found a person she likes.

It is revealed that she was the one who gave Gilbert his precious hat, that made Oz and Oscar think that Gilbert is the one that Ada likes. Then she asked Oz to let her be the one to return Elliot's bag, but when Oz said that he will return Elliot's bag by himself, Ada was slightly disappointed. He appeared only in flashback, until he is depicted with a cold attitude toward his son and explicitly rejected him. It was revealed that he was who planned sending Oz to the Abyss, along with the other Baskervilles.

He knows where the Baskerville's final door was. He sent Oz to the abyss with the power of his Griffin. He was protected by Gilbert from being slashed by Oz. When protecting Ada from a chain, he received a fatal wound on his back. Although he never ceased to hate Oz, Oz said that he had wanted to know Zai better. Not much is known beyond the suspicion that the Nightrays caused her death.

It is also said that Jack Vessalius might have poisoned her. They are in possession of the black-winged Chain Raven. Once a prestigious family, they were seen as dark and traitorous after the tragedy of Sablier, having sided with the villains - the Baskervilles - at the time.

The Nightrays and Vessalius are seen as opposites, and the Nightrays have a deep dislike of the Vessalius. It is revealed that their name was purposefully tarnished by Jack Vessalius. He is Oz's best friend and loyal servant. Oz is his most important person, for whom he is willing to sacrifice anything; this protectiveness is compounded by the fact that he was brainwashed by Miranda Barma to protect Jack Vessalius and therefore Oz, who is his medium even if it means killing.

When Gil is drunk, he reverts to his fourteen-year-old self, an insecure crybaby. He cares deeply about the hat that Ada gave him. He is a great cook, terrified of cats, unable to quit smoking in eight attempts, and constantly afraid that as Oz grows, he will be left behind.

Gil is shown to have become close to Alice, despite his constant arguing with her. Though at first wanting to kill her. Gil was Glen's servant years ago in order to fulfill his duty of being the next Glen after Oswald, and he is also a Baskerville, due to his ability to be greatly wounded, but not killed. He was nearly killed by Jack and in order to save him, his brother Vincent opened a path to the Abyss. He was taken in as a servant by the current Vessalius family fifteen years ago, after he was discovered injured and amnesiac in the Vessalius gardens.

He came to be Oz's closest friend, and was invited to be a part of the boy's coming-of-age ceremony. During the ceremony, Zwei uses her chain Doldum to control his body and forces him to attack Oz. After he regains consciousness, he recognizes one of the Baskervilles as Oz's father and when Oz attacks the man with a sword, Gilbert takes the wound and falls unconscious.

Gil remains loyal to Oz during his time in the Abyss. Shortly after the ceremony, he is approached by Xerxes Break who arranges his adoption into the Nightray family in exchange for inside information on the family's doings.

He views this as a betrayal, since the Nightrays are the prime suspects in the assassination of Oz's mother, but he agrees to join the family when he learns that contracting their chain 'Raven' might give him the power to rescue Oz.

He trains in gunmanship and eventually kills the Nightray family before the chain deems him worthy to contract with it. Once he obtains the chain, he takes the name Raven and goes to work for Break as a member of Pandora. When Oz returns from the Abyss, Gil is the first one at his side. Initially, Oz is unaware that 'Raven' is Gil, but during the second battle with Zwei his true identity is revealed.

Gilbert uses his chain's power to bind B-Rabbit, keeping Alice in her human form and preventing Oz's seal from moving when they are not in battle.

It is shown in Retrace 45 that he has always had the right to make the contract with Raven, which leads him to gaining the chain. It is also said that Gilbert had been poisoned on a targeted attack against the Nightrays by a mysterious headhunter.

Xerxes Break/Relationships

Gil has gotten all of his memories back of Sablier and the Tragedy from years ago, his true master is Glen, whose soul lies within Leo, [16] and Gilbert shot Oz by Glen's commands, however he broke free and burn down his own arm.

As the Vessalius family found Gilbert, the Nightray family similarly adopted Vincent. His left eye is golden like Gilbert's, but his right eye is wine-red, his long hair is golden in color and he is the only left-handed person. He loves his brother Gilbert to the point of slight obsession. He has an easy-going personality on the outside and is often seen smiling.

However, it is shown that Vincent also has a dark, unstable side. He has a habit of carrying around scissors and cutting up stuffed animals with them. Break is often at odds with him, referring to Vincent as a dirty 'rat', which is fueled by Vincent sending Echo to attack Sharon.

Vincent is from years ago. In Alice's memory, a young Vincent is seen walking among corpses, gouging out eyes and intestines with a pair of scissors saying that "It's not my fault, it's that person's fault, it's all because of that person," he was doing this to save his brother. He is also shown to be in alliance with the Baskervilles.

It was he who called Zwei out from Echo, telling Echo that she is not required anymore in order to release her other personality. He is seen going on a date with Ada Vessalius shortly after those events. Meanwhile, his true thoughts show that he may be planning to harm Ada in order to draw Gilbert's attention, believing that she is an important person to Gil. This continues until Gil and he are selected as Baskervilles. Vincent was fond of Jack Vessalius, who didn't care about his eye and even cut Vincent's hair which was used to hide his red eye, stating that Jack "loves" it.

It was also shown that Jack tried to introduce the two to Alice since they were in closer age to her. Unfortunately, Alice immediately made fun of Vincent's red eye which caused Gilbert to pull her hair. This incident fueled Vincent's hatred towards Alice since she had made Gil "showed that kind of expression again" and Jack sighs in worry and began his habit of tearing up dolls often rabbits out of frustration and hatred.

He was the prime suspect of Alice's death because of his hatred and his placement in Alice's memories until it is revealed later in the series that Alice committed suicide because of Jack. In one flash-back, Vincent is shown threatening Alice and even giving her the corpse of her cat, Cheshire, after he'd gouged the cat's eyes out. When Vincent found out about Gil's death and how he will be Glen's next body through a ritual from Alice, he was visited by a mysterious lady later revealed as Miranda Barma who told him how to prevent the ritual by opening the Abyss's door.

It is revealed later in the series that Jack and she had used Vincent as a tool to open the Gates of the Abyss by using his abilities as a "child of misfortune". Believing in them, young Vincent opens the door, playing a major role in causing the Tragedy. He is engulfed by the Abyss with the whole city and his brother, and is returned to the world after years had passed in the world.

Vincent has a legal contract with the Dormouse. It is revealed in Retrace 61 that he was the real headhunter all along and had formed an illegal contract with a chain called Demios.

He also forms a pact with Leo asking him to either kill him or erase his existence from the world so that his brother, Gilbert, can "stay in the sunshine forever. It was revealed that, all along, despite not being afraid of death, Vincent had wished for forgiveness. He later dies of age but not before bringing a reincarnated Oz and Alice to Gilbert. She is somehow emotionless, like a puppet and she treats Vincent's words as law. Oz calls her "Echo-chan".

Echo fights with blades that come out of her long sleeves. It may seem that Vincent treasures her, but he actually does not care that much. He goes as far as to poison her to prove that the antidote for the poison that he poisoned Sharon with works.

She admits that she finds Vincent annoying. He also gives her a hair ornament which he was supposed to give to the girl he likes, although he didn't know that. She is known to have another personality called Noise, who is actually Zwei.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship advice

Zwei loves Vincent deeply and is the original personality inside Echo's body. Zwei controls a chain called Doldee that can control other people or immobilize them using strings. Zwei used her chain to immobilize Gilbert, and also used it within Echo to capture Sharon. With Zwei in possession of the body, she rejoins the Baskerville group and goes to Sablier along with Lottie, where she meets Elliot and Leo.

She immobilizes Leo using her chain, Doldee, but is only able to control his body, not his mind. Meanwhile, Lottie stops Elliot. It is shown that Break thinks it is unfair for him stabbing her through the hand and stomach after she had saved the antidote that saved Sharon Rainworth's life. Noise was an aberration within the Baskervilles, which caused her to have a fragile mind. In order to prevent her from breaking apart, her chain Doldee kept creating disposable personalities called "Doldum", one of which is Echo.

Noise had wanted Vincent to be hers, but since he couldn't return her feelings, she decided it would be better he died instead of belong to anyone else. Upon entering the Abyss, Doldee tried to take over Noise's body as she was already crumbling from her complicated feelings for Vincent, but was stopped by Echo.

It seemed that Doldee already knew that Noise's body was at its limit, and wanted to help Noise achieve her goal, which was actually protecting Vincent like a little brother instead of killing him. He first meets Oz in the Latowidge library where they get into a fight over a character in the novel series "Holy Knight" Elliot spoils the ending for Oz's favorite character, Edgar.

He also doesn't like Ada calling his name and despises how the Vessalius seem to get away with anything just because they were heroes years ago. Ada, however, thinks he is a nice and dependable person deep down. He is the legitimate heir of the Nightray Dukedom and consequently the brother of the adopted Vincent and Gilbert. He is adept with the sword and keeps a blade with his family crest in a violin case. Elliot has a strong sense of right and wrong and tends to say things without consideration to the other party.

It is through this straightforwardness, however, that Oz finally overcomes the shadows of his past. He has said that the tune he and Leo were playing was composed by him and is called "Lacie", implying a strong connection between him and Glen Baskerville.

He is also shown to suffer from nightmares, which is implied that Eliot possesses some of Glen's memories. He takes them into the Nightray's orphanage at Sablier, where Oz meets Phillipe. Elliot sticks up for Oz when Zai shows up. After these events, Elliot hears about a mysterious killer known as the head hunter who in the past was targeting members of his family, also killing his brothers.

Upon hearing that there was another murder committed by the same person, he attempts to find the killer himself.

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Elliot is worried about Leo, since he has not talked to him much lately, [24] and seems to be feeling unwell at Oz's second coming of age ceremony. Elliot is also shocked when he sees Leo talking to Isla Yura, and wonders what their connection may be. He seems to be upset that Leo didn't tell him anything, ending up in a heavy fight with him.

In Retrace 52, Elliot faints with a vision of his nightmare where he kills everyone with his sword and after waking up and finding Vanessa dead, Break accuses Elliot of being the Headhunter. In Retrace 57, it is found that he is the Headhunter. In Retrace 58 it is revealed that during a past trip to the orphanage in Sablier he and Leo went looking for several missing children that had wandered into the hole that connected to the Abyss.

They found two of the children killed and upon Leo finding a third child, they were attacked by one of the orphans that had lost control of Humpty Dumpty. Attempting to protect Leo, Elliot was skewered by Humpty Dumpty and almost died.

Leo stopped Humpty Dumpty and made Elliot drink its blood and pronounce its name in order for Elliot to form a contract and be saved. Elliot forgot everything afterwards, believing that he had only 'slipped, hit his head, and was knocked out on the ground'.

He later overhears his older brothers Claude and Ernest talking about murdering Gilbert and Vincent. They had planned to set fire to their house while their mother, Elliot, and the rest of the household escape, leaving Gilbert and Vincent to burn to death. Elliot, enraged, attempts to come out of hiding to confront them when Ernest adds that they will also kill Leo. Overcome with shock, Elliot unconsciously summoned Humpty Dumpty and killed his brothers. Humpty Dumpty causes him to once more forget what he had done and he has been living in denial since.

However, since he remembered everything in Retrace 58, the wounds from before he contracted with Humpty Dumpty return. As it turns out, the supposed implications of Elliot being the next container of Glen Baskerville is false. The memories from Retrace 39 are actually from when he killed his brothers, not from the Tragedy of Sablier. It is in fact Leo who had written the revised version of 'Lacie' and Elliot claimed credit because of his anger at Oz.

In Retrace 59, Elliot is asked by his chain Humpty Dumpty to forget all that he has just remembered.

Elliot wants to remember however it is against his chain's wishes.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship advice

Vincent tells him that by rejecting his chain, he could perform a double suicide with his chain. Realizing that if he were to stay alive, other people would have to carry the burden of his life as well as the fact that he was soon going to die anyway due to the injuries that reappeared and his seal's revolution he decided to reject his chain; both he and Humpty Dumpty died.

In Retrace 61 in a flashback during when Vincent was with Elliot nearing death Elliot whispered something to Vincent that need to be delivered to Leo. Vincent told Leo that the message was "I'm sorry, Leo.

He is a student at Lutwidge and serves Elliot.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship advice

He has a calm and collected demeanor and is hardly rattled by anything. Leo is very observant and discovered Oz's identity as an intruder. Despite being Elliot's servant, he doesn't always take his side and will make him apologize if needed.

Also, Leo could hit Elliot if he's doing or saying something wrong to his eyes. He is rarely seen without Elliot. Leo carries a gun and is apparently hopeless with it and swords, according to Elliot. Elliot witnesses a friendly little chat between Leo and Isla Yura, wondering how they are related.

In retrace 50 Leo tells Oz the way he and Elliot met two years ago, revealing that they indeed disliked each other at first but with the mutual love for piano they developed a bond through music. Elliot says Leo always beat the people who tried to cut his hair. When Elliot asks why he wants to hide his eyes since they are such a "beautiful color," according to Elliot's thoughts Leo answers that he doesn't want to hide his eyes but he doesn't want to see.

Elliot doesn't get it and Leo responds that he doesn't want to see the world. Leo asks him to buy him a pair of glasses to cover his eyes so that everything would be fine it means he doesn't really need them. Leo rejected Elliot when the second asked him to be his servant, but at the end he accepted because "he was interested in the Nightray Household's books collection".

Leo tells Oz he reveres Elliot and that he'd kill any of Elliot's enemies even if it is Oz or himself and also asks Oz to kill him with his own hands if he ends up being the main suspect of danger. In Retrace 58 it is revealed that he is the one who made Elliot become a contractor. He is also the one who composed 'Lacie'. While panicking for Elliot who had been fatally wounded by Humpty Dumpty, mysterious figures appeared in his mind and told him the only way to save Elliot would be to make him for a contract with Humpty Dumpty.

It is later on shown that one of the figures is Glen Baskerville, making Leo the next 'container' for his soul. In Retrace 61 Vincent goes to ask Leo a favour saying that he will serve him in return also letting him know that he is the head of the Baskervilles. Leo agrees but only if he would cut his own hair which we know from Retrace 50 that he almost killed a man trying to do so due to him being "tired of hiding. According to the text around the previous page, his eyes are black with pools of reflected light; like the abyss.

It is revealed that recent events have driven him insane. After that fails he went back into time with Vincent to kill Lacie to prevent the tragedy of Sablier from happening but Cheshire places them into the tragedy instead and later Leo tried to resist Oswald but failed. The brothers appear to have disliked Vincent and Gilbert, warning Elliot to stay away from them as they did not consider them a part of the Nightray family. Elliot himself they seemed to have dotted on. Claude was upset with their father for allowing Gilbert to form a contract with Raven as he was not a descendant of the Nightray family.

Ernest is the one who tells Eliot that as he's already fourteen, he needs a servant in a fashion wayand then takes him to Sablier to choose between the orphans. Claude and Ernest ended up getting scolded for taking him to Sablier before he matured like his father wanted before telling him about Sablier. It is known that Vanessa and Elliot were very close and that she taught him of things like the language of flowers. In Retrace 52, Vanessa becomes another victim to the head hunter Elliot thus being beheaded just like Fred, Claude and Ernest before her.

It is said that her sanity began to crumble when her eldest sons were murdered by the headhunter. She was then manipulated by Isla Yura, and became part of his cult. In Retrace 56, she is shown greeting Elliot in a room where Leo lies on an altar, ready to be sacrificed for the purpose of Yura's ritual, much to Elliot's horror. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she is clearly insane.

She is killed in Retrace 57 by Elliot when she attempted to sacrifice Leo. The Rainsworths are the only of the Four Great Dukedoms uninvolved in the tragedy of Sablier, and were recruited as an 'impartial party' - likely due to their royal lineage. In truth, Jack wanted an 'impartial party' which would side with him and the Vessalius Dukedom whenever the Four Great Dukedoms were in conflict. She is also the mother of Shelly Rainsworth and the grandmother of Sharon Rainsworth. She appears as a wheelchair-bound elderly woman which makes her get underestimated by many who see her, though she is exactly the opposite of what people may think.

Sheryl herself is generally a very happy and cheerful person, even in the most serious circumstances, though she can be very dangerous when she needs. Somewhere along the line Sheryl was apparently crippled and has since been in a wheel chair. She obtained the chain Owl to lead the family within Pandora, though she did so long after her close friend Rufus Barma had contracted with Dodo.

Sheryl Rainsworth was meant to appear at Oz Vessalius' coming of Age Ceremony but she became ill and had to have her daughter, Shelly take care of her, so she sent Sharon in her place.

She possesses a sharp-bladed fan, like Rufus Barma and Sharon Rainsworth, and uses it as her weapon. Once she stopped the fight breaking out between Oz and Rufus, who was about to attack Oz with his metal fan. Sheryl threw her own fan directly between those two and it got in a pillar behind them, shocking all in the room. She was one of the first who noticed that Break had become blind. Duchess Rainsworth is very close with Rufus Barma, who she calls "Ruf", since they are childhood friends.

To protect him, she often lets him to play her valet when they are in public, while Rufus creates an illusion of himself to occupy his position within Pandora. They are often seen discussing new information and future plans. It is believed that Rufus has love feelings for Sheryl, but she doesn't return them.

Also it is suggested that Duke Barma is the one who attacked her in manga Ch. Sheryl didn't use her true power yet, but she is considered to be the most powerful and scariest of the four dukes. Her chain "Owl" has the power to cast a soundless darkness, which she used to help Break defeat the Baskervilles, as he couldn't see anyway.

Owl also has the ability to become huge and serve for transport needs. She is looks like an older version of Sharon. She is only seen with a blue flower dress and a dark purple choker with a green jade on it.

It appears that she was a loving mother and that she cared greatly for her daughter, Sharon. She has only appeared in flashbacks as the one whose kindness managed to get through to Xerxes Break during his long depression after returning from the abyss. Break also mentions her as the reason he gave up Cheshire's Bell to save Sharon, saying Shelly would kill him, if anything happened to her daughter.

She looks like a thirteen-year-old girl, but she is actually 23 years old. Her appearance does not change from her first meeting with Oz to after he came out of the Abyss because she has a legal contract with a chain, the black unicorn Eques. Sharon and Break have a close relationship. She was the one that discovered Break in a fatal condition after he came out of the Abyss.

When she was young, she used to call Break 'Xerx-nii', as he was like a big brother to her. She wants to be of use to him. She also looks a lot like her mother, Shelly Rainsworth.


While Oz and co. Despite Sharon protesting to Break to not destroy the memories, which took the form of the bell Cheshire wore around his neck, Break destroyed the memories in exchange for the poison's antidote. Sharon develops a queen complex when she drinks, which Oz strangely finds cool.

She likes the concept of "love" and tries to teach Alice about it. In episode 20, she wanted Alice to call her "big sister. After Oz and co. She then makes a resolution to be of more use to Break, and joins Oz, Gil, and Alice when they go to locate a seal encasing one of Jack's body parts. While at the location of the seal, the group is attacked and Sharon realizes she takes the power of her chain for granted. Since then she has decided that she is powerless but is determined to get stronger.

Break's appearance does not change from the ten-year gap between Oz entering and leaving the Abyss. He has a contract with the Mad Hatter.

Break is often seen with a doll on his shoulder, which he calls Emily. He adores sweets and cakes. From the outside, Break seems like a carefree character, never serious and always smiling. When needs be, however, Break shows his dangerous and evil side. Reim tells Oz that Break has not always been the way he is now. Before, after losing his eye, he was a bitter and angry person, never smiling. However, through the kindness of Shelly, Sharon's mother, he began to open up.

He has sworn absolute loyalty to Shelly. Break has no left eye. He reveals that the Intention of the Abyss [28] took it from him and that the Cheshire has it.

Break's true motive is to find the truth behind what happened years ago. A group of four girls that were conveniently arranged in a square were busy talking their lives away and hair-flipping every two seconds. A kid with these huge glasses was holding a huge book and only looked at me for one second before he lost interest and got sucked back into the pages. Besides him, I didn't get any attention.

The teacher was an old, nice lady that probably couldn't touch my shoulder even if she stood on the tips of her toes. I had to crane my neck downward to see her, which made me feel pretty rude. The whispering immediately began.

As in Vessalius Resorts? I had to say something…anything…All I really wanted to do was tell them to please, just leave me alone, I don't want this, not again… Instead, with a huge eye smile, I said: I'm Oz, and I look forward to attending school with all of you!

The girls swooned after I spoke, like I was releasing pheromones just by greeting the class. Everyone clapped politely, almost carefully. I knew that no matter how outgoing I was, there was no way they were going to overlook the fact that I was the son of one of the richest people in Japan. They would treat me more like a servant treats their master than they would treat me as a friend.

I always remembered moving around Japan. When I was five, I had walked straight into a van of a couple of kidnappers after they held out some candy to me.

Yup, in other words, I did exactly what they tell kindergartners not to do: Father hired a complete police force in order to get me back home. He knew that it would happen again if necessary precautions weren't taken. He suggested bodyguards to me, but I didn't want them. Considering that I was five when he told me this, I imagined a bunch of giants wearing black suits and pointing guns everywhere.

It took him five hours to coax me back out from hiding under the bed. But later I realized it was just that I didn't want to be followed around my whole life.

Instead, I agreed on one thing: I would attend public schools, where it was always so crowded a kidnapping couldn't be missed. And if anything was attempted, I would move.

It was a little better than having bodyguards. This was probably my fifth school, which wasn't too bad considering it was ten years since I was successfully kidnapped. You would've thought that people would come daily to carry me away, but they didn't. Luis, don't you think that if Oz sits next to her, he'll lose all of his happiness? After all, she sucks your soul. Luis responded coolly, and I could guess that this kind of thing was nothing more than typical inside this classroom.