Osama bin laden and bush relationship

Bush & Bin Laden - George W. Bush Had Ties to Billionaire bin Laden Brood

osama bin laden and bush relationship

Why was Poppy Bush's meeting with Osama bin Laden's brother Shafiq The bin Laden – Bush Carlyle Group meeting was also confirmed by. In , Bush and Osama bin Laden's brother, Salem bin Laden, founded After news of the bin Laden-Bush connection became public, the. If the U.S. boosts defense spending in its quest to stop Osama bin Laden 's " President Bush does not have a relationship with the bin Laden family," says Ms.

Becker confirmed that there was a second meeting in Januaryafter being read the ex-president's subsequent thank-you note. Baker visited the bin Laden family in both andaccording to people close to the family. In the second trip, he traveled on a family plane.

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Baker declined comment, as did Mr. Carlucci, a past chairman of Nortel Networks Corp. Former President Carter met with 10 of Osama's brothers early in on a fund-raising trip for the Carter Center in Atlanta. According to John Hardman, executive director of the center, the brothers told Mr. Carter that Osama was completely removed from the family.

osama bin laden and bush relationship

During the past several years, the family's close ties to the Saudi royal family prompted executives and staff from closely held New York publisher Forbes Inc. Weinberger said no trips to Saudi Arabia were planned.

“The Bush Family Has More Links To The Bin Laden Family” Than Saddam Hussein

I don't think the sins of the son should be visited on the father or the brother and the cousins and the aunts. Bush has met any of the bin Ladens, but he was indirectly linked to one of them two decades ago. His longtime friend James W. Bath, who met Mr.

osama bin laden and bush relationship

Bush when they were both pilots in the Air National Guard, acted as a Texas business representative for Osama's older brother, Salem bin Ladenfrom towhen Salem died in a plane crash. Bath brought real-estate acquisitions and other deals to Salem bin Ladenan ebullient man who headed the family construction business.

Bush but said that stake was unrelated to his dealings with Mr. Among the properties that Salem bin Laden bought on Mr. As we shall see later, this money was essentially being funneled to Osama bin Laden. There were also similar connections between another group the Bush and bin Laden families were involved with, which was directly involved with the BCCI, and it is the next entry on our list.

David Valdez In the book House of Bush, House of Saud, researcher and writer Craig Unger explored accusations of secret political agendas between the Bush family and, in turn, the Bush administrationsseveral rich Saudi businessmen including Saudi royals and bin Ladensand a gathering of specific people known as the Carlyle Group. To say the content of the publication was explosive would be an understatement, with some publishing houses suddenly pulling the book from their available titles due to increasing risks of libel.

osama bin laden and bush relationship

Needless to say, many people viewed this as an attempt to threaten such publishers and writers in order to suppress information. In short, the Carlyle Group, while being a fully transparent private equity company, had many of the same Saudi businessmen and Bush Jr.

Perhaps because of this, they are viewed by some with suspicion.

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Our next entry does nothing to temper that suspicion. While both families insist the relationship between the Bushes and the bin Ladens is purely down to business interests, others believe it to have a covert political agenda.

Perhaps most notably, CIA field commander Gary Berntsen claimed there was a distinct lack of foot soldiers and effort to hunt down and capture bin Laden, despite his location apparently being known in the immediate months following the attacks. While interesting, it is not one that we will look into here.

Hamid Mir Of course, in the s and predominantly in the s, Osama bin Laden was not only considered friendly to the United States; he was considered to be a CIA asset.

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His group was essentially armed, trained, and backed by the CIA. Once that conflict was over is where things begin to get murky. Prior to this year, President George W.

Bush is a failed oilman. Three times, friends and investors have bailed him out to keep his business from going bankrupt. However, inthe same year his father becomes president, some Saudis buy a portion of his small company, Harken, which has never performed work outside of Texas.

George Bush Sr. Had Breakfast with Bin Laden's Brother on 9/11

Later in the year, Harken wins a contract in the Persian Gulf and starts doing well financially. Salem bin Laden dies in a plane crash in Texas in Bush, according to published reports. Bush denies any connections to Saudi money. What becomes of this investigation is unclear, but no charges are ever filed.