Okabe and kurisu relationship quotes

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okabe and kurisu relationship quotes

Like Okabe, Kurisu appeared to be interested in lab coats. While both focus on her relationship with Rintarou, only one of them will lead to the true Quotes. " Something must be wrong for you to use my actual name."-Kurisu to Okabe; "I am . Steins Gate, Quotes, Kurisu, Makise, Okabe, Anime, Einstein, Time, İzafiyet Teorisi. As a way for Makise Kurisu to understand that Okabe time-leaped back a few hours prior to Mayuri's death, she tells Okabe that she needs a.

Once again, he sends a D-mail to cancel her D-mail, but still nothing happens as the Moeka from the past seemed to ignore the mail and still searched for the IBN He then confronted Moeka, had another fight with her and was forced to kiss Moeka to silence her. After hearing the story from Rintaro about Amane Suzuha, Mr.

Braun uses his gun to commit suicide. Rintaro then grabs his phone and runs out of the house. Rintaro is noticed by Kurisu who has been watching outside the house that after she heard the gun shot, someone in the house jumped out of the window and ran away.

Shocked by the new revelation, Rintaro postpones sending his D-mail to time leap again to learn the reason why Nae did it this is optional, the player can choose to send the D-mail instead of time leaping, the outcome won't be any different, just that Rintaro won't know anything about why Nae kill Moeka. This time, Rintaro waits outside of the house FB will definitely die due to world line convergence. After the gun shot, Nae leaps through the window, Rintaro chases her and eventually catches up to her.

He now learns that this is not the Nae he knows, but in fact the Nae from 15 years in the future, who'll actually become a Rounder. She is the one who captures Rintaro and tortures him to death, and then takes the time leap machine to travel to the past to exact revenge against Moeka and Rintaro though she cannot kill Rintaro because doing so would result in a paradox. Upon learning the truth, Okabe finally decides to send his D-mail and returns to the world line which he obtained the IBN He struggles to find a way to save both Mayuri and Kurisu, but all is in vain.

When Kurisu asks him why he didn't crack the first D-mail, he tells her the truth about her death. Kurisu doesn't care if she dies and urges him to save Mayuri. Rintaro then confesses his love for her. She kisses Rintaro and he demands another one from her after the first kiss.

Rintaro finally decides to sacrifice Kurisu and return to the original Attractor Field he was in. Finale Edit Now in the original world line, still reeling in devastation after Kurisu's loss, Rintaro receives a phone call from Amane Suzuha, who offers to meet him on the roof of Radio Kaikan. When Rintaro gets there Suzuha tells him that they needed to prevent Kurisu's death because it somehow stirred up WW3.

However, when they attempt to do this, the operation ends in disaster when Rintaro tries to stab the culprit with a knife, but stabbed Kurisu instead. The force was so strong that the knife pierced the skin and penetrated the flesh, all the way to the bone. He was then left with a dying Kurisu in his hands. Kurisu then apologizes for letting Okabe get involved in her murder, saying "I'm sorry for dragging a stranger like you into this.

After returning to their time, Rintaro was devastated, repeatedly saying that "I killed Kurisu" and wanted to take an eternal slumber before Mayuri slaps his face. He then awaken from his delusions and receives a message from himself in the future, telling him that the way to save Kurisu without altering the events that led to him developing a time machine is to fool his past self into believing Kurisu had been killed and allowing Mayuri's Metal Upa to not be detected by the Metal detector in the airport and let the files that was stolen by Shouichi Makise burn down in the accident, thus achieving the final divergence value that's larger than 1 1.

His Future self dubs this mission as 'Operation Skuld'. Rintaro planned on doing this by knocking her out with a taser and using the fake blood in Future Gadget 6 the lightsaber from Spark Wars.

This could be a reference to Star Wars-the famous American space opera. When Rintaro returns to the past, he obtained the Metal Upa first before his past self does. Mayuri will then instead receive an ordinary green Upa, lose it, and have it picked up by Kurisu Makise. Rintaro soon realizes that the fake blood he brought dried up. Without much choice, Rintaro risks his own life by letting himself get stabbed by Shouichi Makiseand then using his own blood to recreate the scene where he saw Kurisu lying unconscious on a pool of blood, in order to save her.

Kurisu witnessed it and called for help. But Okabe then taser her and leave her lying in the pool of blood, before saying "farewell" to Kurisu and talk about his past self the next 3 weeks will only be a mere 3 weeks to others, but, for you, it was the time you spent with Kurisu.

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Suzuha calls Okarin stupid for doing that, because he risked dying of his injuries and exposing himself to his past self but Okabe retorts stating that the mission was successful, and he fullfilled all of the objectives: He was hospitalized for about a month due to his wound and around Septemberhe got out of the hospital, consequently obtaining 8 LabMem badges which were just finished.

He then gives her the LabMem badge and appoints her as LabMem In the Visual Novel it continues and shows Rintaro heading into the Lab and finds Mayuri and Itaru inside, and gives them their respective LabMem Badges, while in the Anime, Mayuri was not around since she was looking for Rintaro who was released from the hospital. He then puts another LabMem Badge in a box and tells Itaru that the 8th Member will appear 7 years later, and for Itaru it was an inescapable fate.

Rintaro goes back out to the streets of Akihabara, carrying 2 LabMem badges. Okabe reflects that it will never reach it's owner since Kurisu in this worldline has no memories of the 3 weeks she spent with Rintaro in the Alpha worldline. A bit saddened by the realization, he walks through a crowd of Akihabara, when someone familiar passes by him. He stops and turns around, not really believing what he'd seen. The person turns out to be Kurisu. She smiled thankfully and remarks that she was afraid of never being able to see him again and would forever been unable to thank him for saving her life.

Rintaro who becomes too emotional, puts up his Chuunibyou act and pulls out his phone. He tells the phone that he's unsure of why he was able to meet her again and states that he would accept the task of protecting her in the name of Steins;Gate. In a slip of tongue, he calls Kurisu by the nickname he used in other worldline, Christina. Kurisu replies him by stating that she isn't Christina, nor his Assistant.

Both were surprised, and Kurisu reveals that she had just acted on instinct. Okabe reflects that the Kurisu in this worldline should not have known about the nicknames he gave her in other worldline. But then he come to a realization, that Reading Steiner, exists in every single human. All they need is a little push and they would remember. Rintaro then welcomes her, and appoints her as his Assistant once more before giving her the LabMem badge he had.

okabe and kurisu relationship quotes

Rintaro continued living in this Steins;Gate worldline happily with both Kurisu and Mayuri safe and sound. Quotes Edit "Consider, can the universe be justifiably called infinite? It may not have a discernible end, but it had a beginning and its component parts definitely have a limited cosmological shelf-life. Splitting hairs or not, if history tells us anything, it's that scientists often make very poor poets.

Kurisu Makise

We're all just a ship of fools chasing phantoms, heedless of what really underwrites natural law. The stars, too, have a beginning, but their own power leads to their destruction. History dictates that it is the wise who are most foolish.

One could call this a final warning from God, to those who can still resist. Accept what you have seen! I won't let anyone take you. You're my hostage now. There is no escaping me! Hey mister, I am mad scientist. The 'son' of this shrine's chief priest.

No matter how you look at him, he looks like a lovely girl, but His voice and behavior makes him look like a female. Or more like, more feminine than a female.

But he's a guy. Taller than Mayuri, yet oh so slender Looks stunning in shrine maiden clothing. He's holding a broom, so I'm guessing that he was in the middle of cleaning. It's so hot, even though it's almost evening.

Rintaro Okabe

Can't You Read the Sign? Okabe repeatedly uses his cellphone in a cafe while sitting in front of a "No Cellphones" sign. Faris of courseMayuri and Suzuha. There's an early running gag about how Luka is incredibly feminine despite being a guy.

About two thirds of the way through the story, it's not funny anymore when not only was Luka finally given a chance to be a girl, but then she has to return. A clearly depressed Okabe repeats the lines in his head. Cerebus strikes in the middle of nowhere during the 13th when Moeka breaks in and kills Mayuri, sending the second half of the story into action.

Most of the cast wind up as lab members once the time travel experiments begin. Invokedeven, when it's explained later on that at first, Okabe started the lab specifically to meet new people—mission accomplished there. Even when in the Steins;Gate timeline where time travel doesn't exist, therefore there being no reason for the lab members to come together the lab members still become friends, partially because Okabe deliberately seeks them out to reestablish his connections with them, and seemingly partially because their latent Reading Steiner abilities makes them aware of their relationship to each other and Okabe on a subconscious level.

Averted during Faris' arc. She loses a Rainet match because her opponents used distraction techniques from the audience. Faris is debatably cheating herself, though, given that she genuinely has the ability to read people's emotions or tell when they're lying. Nakabachi from boarding the plane that was fated to crash.

As a result, Kurisu's research data and documents were not destroyed in the crash, setting off the events that led to World War III. It's actually a mail from his future self, telling him how to solve the unsolvable situation and save Kurisu.

Those wacky inventions Okabe and Daru made end up saving their lives. Subverted with the Cyalume Saber; everyone thought it would be useful at a critical moment near the end, but it ends up being worthless.

When the plot gets going, Okabe quickly forgets the important fact that in the world where Kurisu was killed, the 'satellite' time machine was on the roof but otherwise the same. Meaning Suzuha was in that world too.

And who is Suzuha? What did John Titor say would happen in the future? An apocalyptic world that leaves a radioactive wasteland. Not a bit of this is addressed until the true ending starts up, which doesn't start until after the credits roll after getting the ending that takes the longest to get.

In the anime, when uncovered, he shoots himself and Moeka to keep Nae safe. Okabe, depending if you view Mayuri's, Luka's and Faris' feelings towards him as romantic.

Overtly the case in the game where each of the aforementioned characters has a romantic ending. Suzuha's ending's more ambiguous but leaves the option open as well. The drama CD even adds Moeka to the mix. Lampshaded in Chapter 8, where Faris first guesses Okabe's date is Mayuri and then Kurisu rather than Luka before making light of his improbable attractiveness. Then some other girl, nya? Kyouma, you tomcat, you're making moves on too many girls, nya.

In 0, the sequel, It's confirmed that Mayuri has always loved Okabe ever since he helped her cope with her grandmother's death. Rintarou is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and villain, and will often partake in strange mannerisms such as talking to himself via cell phone and laughing maniacally in order to keep up this persona.

okabe and kurisu relationship quotes

However, he does not truly believe himself to be a mad scientist, but rather he acts like this in order to entertain his childhood friend Mayuri Shiina. The Faris ending results in a world line where Okabe knows none of his friends besides Faris and the Future Gadget Lab and thus time machine never came into being.

However, after he confirms that Mayuri does not die in this worldline, he decides that he's willing to accept this.

First came the lab coat. Pepper and 2chan memes. By the halfway mark, Okabe and Kurisu are practically Birds of a Feather who don't get along only because they also share the trait of major tsundere-ness. It's seriously moe invoked. There is a reason no one has ever developed time travel.

An organization will exploit it for their own evil ends and kill anyone involved. Steins;Gate is officially a sequel to Chaos;Headbut the stories are almost completely unconnected. However, references are made to the ugly frog straps and even Takumi himself through his online avatar.

Mayuri and Faris both work at a maid cafe, which Faris has really embraced. Covert Group with Mundane Front: Well, besides Okabewe mean. There's a lot of junk lying around both literally and metaphorically. For example, the eight Future Gadgets aren't all used and are generally kind of useless and the plot overviews for RaiNet never amount to anything either.

There are some things you need to pay attention to and a lot that you don't. Daru, who, for whatever reason, keeps a tub of apricot puree in the Future Gadget Lab's fridge just in case he gets a girlfriend who visits the lab and wants to cook. Kurisu then briefly lampshades how unlikely this scenario would occur. Luka is a girl?!

Kurisu in episode 5 of the anime. One more word and I'll make your neocortex into a flowerpot! What kind of threat is that?! It deals with cyberpunk themes Cyberpunk Is Techno: The game's soundtrack are mostly techno. Whenever Mayuri dies, Okabe time leaps back to several hours or days ago before her death. Lampshaded and deconstructed when Okabe wants to keep time-leaping to try and Take a Third Option to avoid having to let Kurisu be killed; when she says that seeing Mayuri die so many times will destroy him, he notes that he's already gone numb to the experience.

Possibly subvertedthough, since Kurisu at least doesn't believe he could still have a heart and not feel anything at all at the sight; thus, she calls him out on it.

Okabe's Ripple Effect-Proof Memory lets him accomplish things with time travel no one else can, but can also prove to be a huge liabilitysince he has very limited means to figure out how things are different. Even worse, altering the present too significantly starts to seriously alienate him as his surroundings and even his friends shift from what he knew in ways he can't comprehend.

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Mayuri even states such a fate without realizing its this way for Okabe —slowly and constantly separating from your friends as you know them—sounds horrible. The latter half of the series deconstructs Set Right What Once Was Wrong by showing that undoing the alterations caused by time travel may reverse the bad things they caused, but it also negates all the good things, forcing you to let go of the gifts you got from time travel.

And even if you go through all the trouble of reversing one disaster, that doesn't mean that others can't happen The anime's opening credits sequence. Suzuha upon failing her mission to retrieve the IBN after losing her memory by using her fixed time-machine.

Witnessing Mayuri's death multiple times is not enough to shatter Okabe's hope to save her. Because Destiny Says SoMayuri will always die, no matter how unrealistic the circumstances are. Died in Your Arms Tonight: Mayuri, in Okabe's arms, every time her death isn't instantaneous. Mayuri's later description of her recollection of these deaths implies that from her perspective this is how her death always plays out.

Faris's father, who died in a plane crash. This makes her use D-mail to save her father and causes Akihabara to become well-known for electrical appliances instead of otaku culture. Also, the fate that befalls Nae after her father's suicide. Mayuri, who can suddenly stop at a place doing Stardust Handshake, much to the dismay of Okabe.

Does This Remind You of Anything? In episode 19, taken out of context, the brawl Okabe has with Moeka looks very much like a rape in progress. In the Visual Novel, Kurisu's ending is the same as Mayuri's, except now Okabe is going to be a miserable wreck since he sacrificed the woman he loved. Furthermore, this timeline has the worse of the two potential bad futures: Fortunately, the True Ending follows up on this and makes it better.

The Dog Was the Mastermind: The identity of FB turns out to be none other than Okabe's beleaguered landlord Mr. Dreaming of Times Gone By: