Nikki bella and dolph ziggler relationship

Old Flames: 15 Fascinating Facts About Dolph Ziggler And Nikki Bella's Relationship

nikki bella and dolph ziggler relationship

Fans are wondering if Nikki Bella and her ex-boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler, are Those of us who were unsure about Bella and Cena's relationship. Does Dolph Ziggler Have a Chance with Newly Single Nikki Bella? to find out more about Dolph and Nikki's complicated relationship history. While Cena was married, Nikki Bella was involved in a relationship with Dolph Ziggler. The couple met soon after Bella made her Smackdown.

Not the reaction Nikki was hoping for, but she still remained with Cena regardless.

nikki bella and dolph ziggler relationship

This actually made Cena come across rather cold than comforting. Following the break-up of his relationship with Nikki Bella inthere have been a lot of rumours about Ziggler and who he has been dating since.

It is known that he dated Dana Brooke for a while last year, but it seems that relationship has since ended. There were also rumours that he was dating Summer Rae for a short amount of time and then AJ Lee when the duo were put into an on-screen storyline together although this is unconfirmed.

WWE is the kind of place where there are always other women to help a man get over a breakup.

Dolph Ziggler admits he still has feelings for Nikki Bella: Total Divas, September 29, 2015

Luckily for Dolph, he seemingly always had support. Their parts in both Total Divas and Total Bellas have guaranteed a cult fan following of them as a duo that continues to grow. While Cena and Nikki currently live together in Tampa, Florida, Cena has told the younger Bella twin that he has no current plans to marry her or to have children with her, even though she has expressed a desire for both.

The couple seems to have come to an agreement after Nikki attempted to freeze her eggs so that she could still have children later in life. Nikki was also forced to sign a page agreement when she moved in with Cena because he still remains weary about women after the divorce he went through with his ex-wife. Nikki married her high school sweetheart when she was just years-old.

Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella Dating Story - Photos

It seems that it was a rushed wedding that none of her family attended and it didn't last very long either. She stated that she had the marriage annulled just three years later. She told Cena about this back in and he seemed to be more annoyed about the fact that she had kept it a secret for so long.

Dolph Ziggler was unaware of the marriage when he dated the former Divas Champion as well. Somehow Nikki managed to keep the secret for three years whilse being married and for another decade afterwards. Dolph dated Schumer after his relationship with Nikki Bella and it is said that the duo actually met on Social Media.

Amy had a lot to say about Dolph after the couple split up and even revealed that she broke up with him via text message. Although no confirmation of her injury was ever released, she did have an unfortunate fall in the ring around the same time.

Nikki was thrown into her sister, Brie, during a team fight and landed awkwardly, exacerbating an old soccer injury. Bella Meets Cena Clan Although the couple kept their relationship pretty casual for the first year or so, by SeptemberJohn decided it was time to introduce his new girlfriend to his family. John and Nikki travelled to Massachusetts to meet up with the Cena clan for a family meal. Nikki seemed to fit right in with his rowdy brothers and chatted companionably with his father, John Sr.

nikki bella and dolph ziggler relationship

The meeting seemed to be positive for the pair and gave John the nudge he needed to move the relationship to the next level. They were regularly spotted out together, training with one another and enjoying leisurely activities like a long lunch at The Firehouse in Venice, California. Although Cena was upfront about not wanting to marry again, it seemed that their love was strong enough without a ring and the couple laughed and joked together like a pair of lovestruck teenagers.

Behind the scenes, however, not everything was quite as perfect as it appeared.

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Stepped Up, Smacked Down Whether it was jealousy that provoked the unpleasant remarks or honesty, many accused Nikki Bella of using her newfound relationship to improve her ranking within the WWE. While some said Bella would sacrifice motherhood for the love of her life, others believed Cena would change his tune as their union intensified. Nightmare on Camp Indianhead Road Cena and Bella had some very happy times together over the years and clearly enjoyed laughing and joking together.

A couple of years ago, the pair decided to dress up for Halloween and surprise the children visiting their home while trick-or-treating. As Cena donned a pair of tight shorts and a wig and started flouncing around doing a terrible impression of his girlfriend, the lighter side of the champion wrestler was clearly in evidence.

nikki bella and dolph ziggler relationship

But had it always been there or did Bella bring out his sunnier self? These events unfold at a family dinner but, after hearing the news, John wants to leave, but Nikki convinces him to stay. Cena also admitted to having an orgy with six sexy ladies and enjoying regular sex with his fans.

Nearly a Trainwreck Like many WWE stars, Cena was pursued an acting career alongside his wrestling and, inhad a small role in the romantic comedy, Trainwreck. Playing the part of a bodybuilder who the main character has a fling with, Cena had to ab-lib a sexy scene in which he tries to talk dirty.

Fortunately, Cena had already submitted his tests and they had come back clean. Nevertheless, McMahon still had his doubts, even though Cena denied ever taking any performance-enhancing drugs.

Keep reading for the most surprising revelations and relationship rumors. As soon as John slipped the 4.

Cena Strips Off The couple certainly know how to celebrate and, when Nikki securedsubscribers on her YouTube channel, the couple publicly stripped off to mark the occasion.

Sorry it took a few days. But, as in every relationship, there were going to be hard times ahead.