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Karisma Kapoor as Aarti in Raja Hindustani. pooja thali and aarti thali at home and use them during festivals or engagement and marriage ceremonies. And one cannot but has to mention the love-hate relationship that is brewing spree with Karishma where he tells her that he wants to write a poem on her Karishma Kotak cries in front of ex-flame Niketan Madhok in Bigg Boss season 6. We have no feelings for each other now Karishma Kotak, reports Debasmita Ghosh. affair with co-contestant and model Niketan Madhok coming out in the The day begins with Rajeev writing a poem for Aashka and Rohit.

She wants to become a doctor as the job brings satisfaction.

Remembering 'Gurudev' Rabindranath Tagore with 9 famous works by him

She loves writing poetry as she has inherited the art from her father who is a writer. Arshdeep from Sacred Heart gets She wants to join her family profession of doctors and wants to become a surgeon. Model School, Sector has scored Sidharth Chhibbar of St.

He is all really to pursue his career in electronics and communication. Sachin Kaushik of Bhavan Vidyalaya gets The girls outshone the boys completely with as many as 17 placed among the first 25 in the township. Most students attribute their success to a blend of classwork and homework and limit their choices of further study to the two science streams. Beyond school hours, all it took was four hours of study to take on my boards.

All credit for my success goes to my school and teachers who worked equally hard. Advocating self-study for success, she is quick to add that being regular in class is also a must after which each student must set his own routine three to four months before the exam.

From the same school, Tarun Mittal has All of them share a common goal-to make it to IIT as computer engineers. Narinder and Vikas contend that their families worked very hard with them, boosting their morale when they felt low and were always by their side right through the examination season. Bhawna Pahwa of Manav Mangal gets Megha Rungta of Hansraj Public School secured 91 per cent and says she owes her success to her parents and teachers who made it possible to give the examinations her best shot.

Varun Uppal and Sucharu Aggarwal of DC Model are ecstatic about their success and are staunch supporters of self-study in the few months before the examination. There daily schedule revolved around their books till the examination season got over and secured Bracketed with her is Deepak Gupta, a student of Blue Bird Public school, Sector 16, who has also secured the same marks. They both want to pursue separate branches of the science stream.

They are of the unanimous opinion that classroom study followed by its revision at home suffices for success in the examination. Life has not been a bed of roses for Neha, a student of Gyan Jyoti Public School in Phase 2 here, who lost her father and was prepared by her mother, Veena Garg a housewife to face the competitive world.

Neha even earned while taking classes. About her future plans, Neha says: For a change, Vivek Gupta wants to be a cardio-surgeon. He says to pursue a career in medicine has been his dream. Sumeet Kaur, who also secured 87 per cent marks, is not satisfied with her performance in the 10th class results. She wants to become a software engineer and is all set to prepare for the IIT entrance test. But it took a war to jolt the services out of their lethargy, taking stock of the situation and working out appropriate measures.

About a year after ill-equipped and unprepared army formations were inducted hurriedly to evict intruders along the Line of Control in the Kargil sector, troops can now look up to better medical care and significantly improved facilities. A major development is greater stress on training of para-medics as well as an increase in their authorised strength.

As far as improving facilities at forward hospitals is concerned, more hi-tech gadgets such as x-ray, ECG and ultra-sound equipment has been made available.

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Special stretchers for lifting casualties with spinal injuries have also been acquired. These stretchers can be disjoined and slipped under the casualty, thereby allowing him to be lifted and transported without the posture of his spine being disturbed or changed. Besides, state-of-the-art user friendly pneumatic splints have also been introduced in forward areas.

These can be used by any lay person. The pneumatic splint, which comes in various sizes for different limbs, is wrapped around the injured limb and inflated, thereby securing the affected part. HAPO chambers, meant for treating casualties suffering from high altitude pulmonary edema HAPO a condition when prolonged deployment at high altitude results in fluids entering the lungs, have also been made available. The only treatment for HAPO is immediate descent to lower altitude, which at many times is not possible.

The HAPO chamber, working on the oxygen therapy concept, simulates low altitude climatic conditions. Several new types of intravenous IV fluids with different applications, specially those related to high altitude sickness, have also been made available in forward hospitals.

Automation of various hospitals is under way and the Western Command Hospital is in the process of being linked through data communication lines with several field hospitals in the northern sector.

This will reduce the need of evacuating casualties to bigger hospitals, thereby saving costs and manhours.

Bigg Boss 6: Niketan and I have moved on, says Karishma Kotak

Meanwhile, the Base Hospital at Siachen is yet to become fully operational. This hospital, which will be centrally heated, will be fully equipped to tackle high altitude sickness and frostbite.

The prime reason for frostbite, as in several high altitude sicknesses, is inadequate protection. Soldiers posted in Siachen or in areas along the LoC where temperatures are extreme, are issued with a item kit, most of which is procured from Europe. The kit includes extreme climate clothing, protection gear and other operational equipment such as pick-axes and special ropes.

Though Kargil was a recent episode, Indian troops have been deployed in Siachen for about 14 years. The bodies were airlifted from Thoise and Leh today. Lance Naik Shyam Singh, who was deployed at the Chandan post in Siachen Glacier, was part of a three-member link patrol carrying supplies to be handed over to another party but were buried in an avalanche on January While the bodies of his team mates were retrieved earlier his body could only be recovered now.

He is survived by his wife, Santra Devi, a son, Vikas, and a daughter, Anuj. After the release of the book, Mr Khushwant Singh said that he was impressed by the contents of the book. He made it clear that he had not come to release the book under any influence but decided to release it, as after reading it he found valuable material in it. He said that Mr Virdi had a deep knowledge of the Sikh history as was apparent from the text of the book. He advised Mr Virdi and other Sikh historians to carefully read the books of non-Sikh writers of Sikh history.

Mr Khushwant Singh was of the view that most of the material for writing historical accounts was available from the writings of Mughal writers. But as they had a bias, it was required to analyse such material carefully and also look at other sources to write an exact version of history.

There were certain doubts and question marks about the period of Guru Gobind Singh which required to be cleared by making a collective effort by all historians concerned making a deep research in this connection. Zafarnama authored by Guru Gobind Singh was a rare document but he said that he was doubtful whether it was delivered to Aurangzeb before he breathed his last by representatives of Guru Gobind Singh. In fact, Mr Khushwant Singh said that history should be based on hard evidence whether the facts be liked or disliked by anyone concerned.

He said that earlier also journalists had fought unitedly against such Bills and other anti-Press measures initiated by various governments. Journalists would not allow to take such Bill the shape of Act. Khushwant Singh was of the view that it was a right of the journalist to maintain strict secrecy about the source of news and such right should be protected at every cost by all concerned. If draconian measures were translated into the Act, these would be got abrogated, he added.

It had been reported in a section of the draft of Terrorism Bill imposes an obligation to inform the police as soon as reasonably practicable any information he has. In case of failure, he can be convicted up to one year.

More over, the police can seek any sort of information from journalists regarding terrorism. He said he was yet to come across a writer or a poet who had been trained to become one. Mr Gurdial Singh has nine novels, 10 collections of stories, plays and translations to his credit.

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Addressing a gathering of writers and others in the Punjab Kala Bhavan, at a face-to-face programme, he said that it was his quest for knowledge which prompted him to write. Talking about his journey as a writer, Gurdial Singh attributed his success to his mentor Master Madan Mohan. It was he who guided me like a guru and later even helped me to get a job as a primary school teacher.

He said the Punjabi literature was just year old but Gurdial Singh can be called as the writer of the century. He said the writer had been able to assimilate the rural and social Punjab with all its contradictions and present them as such in his novels. He said the writer has always highlighted the rural poor and the downtrodden. In a public interest litigation taken up by Mr, Justice R. August 7, Tagore's famous works A prolific writer whose works ranged from poetry and songs to short stories and plays, Rabindranath Tagore passed away on August 7, His love for humanity was depicted in his works as he believed in universal humanity.

A multifaceted personality, Tagore began writing poetry when he was only eight years old and he was only 16 when he released his first collection of poems under the pseudonym 'Bhanusimha'.

Also, Rabindranath Tagore is the only known person who has written the national anthems for three different countries. He also stressed on the concept of compassion and living in the way for the benefit of others. He also created an educational setup called Shanti Niketan based on practical activities. He won the Nobel Prize for literature in Following is a short description of the famous works of Rabindranath Tagore: Devotion to God Genre: Poem Also known as 'Song Offerings', Rabindranath's Gitanjali is a collection of poems, originally written in Bengali and later translated into English.

It made him win him the Nobel Prize in Literature. His unfathomable pain and unshaken devotion to God are captured in the moving prose verses of Gitanjali. Novel A Bengali novel written by Tagore, 'Chokher Bali' or 'A grain of sand' is a story which revolves around an extra-marital affair.