Niketan and karishma relationship help

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niketan and karishma relationship help

I would never spoil my relationship with Delnaaz because of anybody Ekta has shown a lot of support for you while you were inside the Bigg. Karishma is just a good friend and she is helping me out with my Karishma has a string of earlier relationships with Niketan Madhok and. Karishma told Niketan that she wants to sort out everything with him after they go out of the 'Bigg Boss' house.

She had a huge crush on the hottie of the house Aryan Vaid, who but, proposed to model Anupama Verma. Unfortunately none of them could get together.

Bigg Boss 6: Meet the ex-lovers inside the house

The duo entered the house with a spark and their actions made it evident specially their swimming-pool-time. Rahul was suddenly seen flirting with Monica Bedi and almost proposed her leading Payal to break up with him.

niketan and karishma relationship help

Bakhtiyaar went on a different level in the Bigg Boss house by flirting with the German beauty Claudia. Bakhtiyaar tried flirting and getting close with Claudia even when his wife Tanaaz was also in the house. Their famous pool incident made everyone raise eyebrows.

niketan and karishma relationship help

Soon after the scene, Bakhtiyaar had to face his wife Tanaaz and cleverly enough he mend his ways. Their case was a complicated one in the Bigg Boss house.

Sara and Ashmit were inseparable in the Bigg Boss house. They did everything together and were together just all the time.

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Vishal and Sapna are seen discussing about how much fun the luxury budget task was. After a fun filled conversation, Vishal started talking about how he wants to stand for captaincy in the upcoming elections.

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Karishma is seen requesting Vishal not to nominate her this coming week as she wants to be captain as well. The housemates are seen giving luxury budget shopping tips to Vishal as he had messed up last time. Urvashi continues to make fun of his math skills. After sometime, Urvashi and Niketan are seen bitching about Vishal and his high hopes of becoming a captain in the coming week. Niketan stands firm and says that Vishal does not deserve to be a captain so soon.

Karishma then approaches Niketan to discuss her desire to become captain in the coming week. After sometime, Bigg Boss assembles all the housemates in the living area and asks them to choose one person mutually who according to them contributed the least to the luxury budget task.

Vishal Karwal and Karishma Kotak too are said to be ready to formalise their relationship by the end of the year. Tanishaa Mukerjee - Armaan KohliThough they knew each other before they entered Bigg Boss 7, sparks flew between the two inside the house.

Love triangles in ‘Bigg Boss’ house

It was simmering for a while before the viewers caught on to their romance. All the screen time was being taken by Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan's sizzling love story. To add to it, Armaan with his boorish attitude and abusive language became an anethama to the inmates except Tanishaa who much to the viewers and host Salman Khan's surprise stuck with him. A firebrand otherwise, she was coy with Armaan and constantly at the receiving end of his volatile temper. It took a few close whispers and cosy moments between the two for viewers to realise the couple was in love!

Salman even cautioned Tanishaa saying 'log dekh rahe hain' apparently at the behest of Tanishaa's family, which was unhappy with their growing closeness on national television. A controversial footage of the two sharing the bed even went viral! Undaunted, Tanishaa, towards the end of the show, openly expressed her feelings for Armaan and shared intimate kisses.

Many wondered if the couple will take their relationship to the next level post the show considering the opposition from Tanishaa's family. However, that was put to rest when Tanishaa celebrated the New Year with Armaan, holidayed in Goa together and flew to Dubai to be with her beau during the Celebrity Cricket League.

Karishma Kapoor to make her RELATIONSHIP OFFICIAL with Sandeep Toshniwal - FilmiBeat

Now the latest is that the year-old Tanishaa and year-old Armaan with the blessings of their parents will tie the knot in December. About time, we say. Gauahar Khan - Kushal TandonNobody gave this relationship a chance. Yes, it had all the ingredients of a classic love story.