New zealand and asia relationship

SouthEast Asia and New Zealand: A History of Regional and Bilateral Relations

new zealand and asia relationship

This history is an account of Southeast Asia-New Zealand relations as they have emerged since the end of World War II. Drawing together the most prominent. Early contacts with Asia. From the s, with the beginning of sealing, New Zealand formed links to Asia through trade and commerce. China and New Zealand have an excellent relationship which continues to improve. The bilateral relationship has grown to become one of.

By the s, many New Zealanders began to feel uncomfortable with their country's support for the US, particularly in Vietnam and regarding the visits of nuclear-powered and armed American warships.

The Third Labour government — pulled New Zealand troops out of the Vietnam War and protested against French nuclear testing in the Pacific, at one stage sending a warship to act as disapproving witness to the tests.

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Britain's entry into the European Economic Community in forced New Zealand into a more independent role. The election of the Fourth Labour Government in marked a new period of independent foreign policy. Immigration laws were liberalised, leading to a massive increase in immigration from Asia. The Fourth National Government — liberalised trade by removing most tariffs and import restrictions.

New Zealand Prime Minister Peter Fraser felt that in order for New Zealand to be secure in the South Pacific, it need to align itself with major world powers like the United States through some kind of organisation that could guarantee small powers a say in world affairs.

new zealand and asia relationship

Since the defeat of the Royal Navy during World War II it became clear that Britain was no longer able to protect New Zealand so the government decided that a policy of independent relations with a group of strong powers was the best way to defend New Zealand. New Zealand also actively participates as a member of the Commonwealth.

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Despite the rupture in the ANZUS military alliance, New Zealand has maintained good working relations with the United States and Australia on a broad array of international issues. In the past, New Zealand's geographic isolation and its agricultural economy's general prosperity minimised public interest in international affairs. New Zealand's economic involvement with Asia has become increasingly important.

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As a charter member of the Colombo PlanNew Zealand has provided Asian countries with technical assistance and capital. Summary of international organisation participation[ edit ] Overseas territories[ edit ] New Zealand administers Tokelau formerly known as the Tokelau Islands as a non self-governing colonial territory. In February a UN-sponsored referendum was held in Tokelau on whether to become a self-governing state, but this failed to achieve the two-thirds majority required to pass.

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Samoa was a New Zealand protectorate from to full independence in However New Zealand retains some responsibilities for former colonies Niue and the Cook Islands which are in free association with New Zealand. Citizens of all three countries hold New Zealand citizenship and the associated rights to healthcare and education in New Zealand.

New Zealand has also claimed part of Antarctica known as the Ross Dependency since Trade[ edit ] McGraw argues that, "Probably the greatest foreign policy achievement of [Helen] Clark's [—] term was the conclusion of a free trade agreement with China.

New Zealand is a signatory of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Tourism is also an extremely important component of international trade: The largest destinations for exports are, in order, Australia, China, the U.

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Delivery of New Zealand education services in China through joint programme arrangements is increasing. The appointment of a New Zealand education counsellor in Beijingregular high-level meetings, are all playing a role in this effort to broaden and raise the level of education engagement with China.

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new zealand and asia relationship

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message New Zealand's contact with China started in the mid 19th century. New Zealand formally recognised the People's Republic of China in Then, surprisingly the new Prime Minister, Norman Kirkhesitated: After barely two weeks in office he suggested that it might be better to delay recognition until his second term. However he was talked out of this by the Foreign Ministry now under Frank Corner and the recognition formalities were completed just before Christmas.

new zealand and asia relationship

The crackdown by the Chinese Government on the Tiananmen Square demonstrations of June was strongly condemned in New Zealand and official ministerial contact was suspended for more than a year. Since then bilateral communication between New Zealand and China officials has expanded over the years since the protests.

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Foreign policy talks, and economic and trade talks, are held regularly. There are formal bilateral dialogues on agriculturedairy and forestry.

new zealand and asia relationship

New Zealand and China launched negotiations towards a free trade agreement in Novemberwith an agreement being signed in April There is regular contact on a wide range of issues including defencelaw and governancehuman rightsmultilateral traderegional security, international fisheries management, and developmental assistance.