Nba players height and wingspan relationship

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nba players height and wingspan relationship

By contrast, Epstein reports that the average NBA player has an arms-to-height ratio of to-1, “greater than the diagnostic criteria for. basketball, a player's height, wingspan and standing reach certainly Whiteside and Dexter Pittman with the biggest length to height ratio. The average man has a wingspan about 2 inches more than his height. But several NBA players pop off the chart because of their long arms.

The following two graphs show wingspan and height vs. DWS for all centers. This result was also statistically significant, as it's p-value was 0.

Not only was the wingspan correlation coefficient high and significant, but also the height correlation coefficient was So, height had almost no correlation essentially had a very minimal negative correlation with DWS.

[OC] Is wingspan or height a better predictor of NBA defense? (a statistical analysis) : nba

The exponential trendline further demonstrates the importance of wingspan over height in this age of switching. The wingspan trendline consistently rises, while the height trendline stays level. However, as the height approaches 7-footers, the trendline drops drastically. This is probably because at that point, the player is probably not very mobile, and therefore not as useful in today's NBA on defense. All NBA Teams On a player-by-player basis, wingspan and height are clearly not the only factors influencing defense; effort, defensive ability, quickness, etc.

On a team-by-team basis, these external factors are even larger.

nba players height and wingspan relationship

The factors considered include not only the individual player factors mentioned above, but also coaching, tanking, and coasting through the regular season Because of these various external factors, the full team regressions are not as telling as the player regressions.

Nevertheless, they do support the idea that wingspan is more important than height. A lower defensive rating is better, so a more positive correlation is worse.

nba players height and wingspan relationship

Also, 3 of the top 5 defensive teams have above-average heights, while only 2 of the top 5 defensive teams have above-average wingspans. So, even though the wingspan r-value is better, there isn't a firm conclusion to be reached from the linear trendline. Though the r-values and p-values stay the same in the exponential trendline so it's still not significantthe trendline can give us some more context.

Even though the large rise in DRTG at the left-most end of the wingspan trendline is solely due to the Dallas Mavericks' wingspan being much shorter, we can assume that teams with very short wingspans don't have much defensive potential. The sharp drop at the right-most end indicates that teams with long wingspans probably have a lot of defensive potential.

Study shows wingspan has a correlation to athletic prowess in the NBA, MMA

Below is a list of the top 60 prospects for the upcoming NBA Draft. This list is obtained from Draft Express and is as of June 18th slightly outdated. I have listed their height, wingspan, and wingspan to height ratio. I did not include weight because weight is something that can be controlled and improved. It is natural that guards have shorter wingspan and shorter height.

nba players height and wingspan relationship

However, it is the wingspan to height ratio that matters. The mean wingspan to height ratio for the draft class is 1. Brooks is a physical scoring small forward but has limited body frame may give him a hard time to defend faster wing players in the NBA.

I have plotted the height against wingspan both in decimals for easier manipulationwhich yields a regression line that gives me a good R-Square of 0.

How to measue height and wingspan

Players who are located at the top left have the desirable body frames while those who deviate the most from the trendline have the best wingspan to height ratio. I also highlighted the top 3 projected picks Fultz, Ball, and Jo. Jackson to see how their bodies are compared to the rest of the prospects.

Note that Fultz is the only player out of the three to have an above average wingspan to height ratio.

nba players height and wingspan relationship

Also note that Malik Monk, a projected top 10 pick, not only is short but he also has a low ratio. He is one of the four players to have a wingspan that is shorter than his height, or a wingspan to height ratio that is below 1. This does not mean he is a long shot to succeed in the league, it shows that he needs to work harder to earn a niche.

nba players height and wingspan relationship

The dashed lines are the standard deviations. Fultz is one of the few guards to be one standard deviation away from the mean.