Nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

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nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

Whether she likes it or not, actress Nagma is always in the news. Back South.. there were rumours about a relationship with the Jyothika stepped into her high heels in the south movies, Nagma joined politics, . Lebanon, New Jersey Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleEverQuote Insurance Quotes. Rare photo of Jyothika and her sister Nagma Indian Jewellery Design, Indian Jewelry . Surya Actor, Ji Chang Wook, Favorite Movie Quotes, In My Feelings, Lyric Surya Actor, Forever Love, Loving U, Actors & Actresses, Relationship Goals. Nagma Family and Personal Life Nandita Morarji or Narmatha At her peak in the s, she "dominated Tamil cinema," to quote The Hindu.

Early life[ edit ] Nagma's biological father was Arvind Pratapsinh Morarji whose forefathers hailed from a royal Hindu Rajput background from Jaisalmerlater migrating to PorbandarGujarat and finally Mumbai.

Her great-grandfather Gokuldas Morarji was a reputed businessman in the shipping, textile, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. Her mother is a Muslim and hailed from the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

She belonged to the Kazi freedom fighter family and her original name was Shama Kazi, but she is now known as Seema. In her father's obituary printed by the family, she is referred to by her original name, Nandita. After divorcing Morarji in AugustNagma's mother married Chander Sadanah, a film producer in March with whom she had three children: Through her biological father, who had remarried earlier, Nagma has two half-brothers, Dhanraj, and Yuvraj.

She explained to a Mumbai reporter that "I am proud of the fact that I belong to a respectable family. Following these films, she moved south to star in Telugu and Tamil movies at the behest of her friend Divya Bharti. Well, that was never proved. The police never called me for questioning. I was dragged into maybe because I have a Muslim sounding name, maybe because I had this mysterious image and no one knew much about me.

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I was an easy target. You need guts to deal with controversies. Where do you see yourself in Bhojpuri cinema today. I have six Bhojpuri films lined up for release. But there will be some relief for me.

You need guts to deal with controversies: Nagma

Look, I will never ever deny that they gave me a fresh lease of life. I could reach out to the masses through films which do outstanding business, especially in the small towns.

I also got strong roles and I was on the top. The perception of Bhojpuri films is that they can be quite crude in technique and at times, vulgar in dialogue. I never looked at them as crude or vulgar. For that matter, in Bombay, I worked with everyone.

nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

Which other heroine can brag of having such a track record? The fact is that I did go through very rough times. I will always survive. He has always been helpful and caring.

I tied the knot when I was There was no thought of returning to films for at least five years. It was all planned. That was entirely my call. Marriage was the first priority. Luckily, those films came during the wait.

Jyothika gives a truly inspiring speech, credits mom for success

As an artiste it took me to a high but I was not going to postpone the wedding. I had my first child before our first anniversary. So was it all worth giving up?

nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

To be frank every bit of motherhood is worth it. I was very comfortable being away from cinema. I like to take them to all the classes and their outdoor activities. Has parenthood made you calm and composed?

nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

I want to do everything for them myself. I have become very composed. Your priorities become the last. Your mother pulled you out of school and put you in cinema which is strange.

nagma and jyothika relationship quotes

You only hear of parental opposition to joining cinema. Opportunities come to everybody at some point of time. In my case it was early. I was being offered work when I was in high school. She said it was my choice but wanted me to get out and work.